Kitty’s Kibbles ~ Unwrapping Sicily / Italy

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Kitty’s  Kibbles ~ Unwraping Sicily / Italy

The 2016 Il Volo Tour has come to an end, and as much as you, me, and much of the world will be missing them, I’m almost positive that they are taking a deep breath and looking forward to, maybe, a little bit more free time with friends, family, and even themselves.  Yes, they will still honor the commitments and projects already scheduled, but hopefully at a far less frantic pace than what they have just gone through.  That’s not to say that they don’t love what they have obviously been gifted to do, but they do need some rest in order to do it.  I pray that God will continue to watch over them, renew their strength, and continue to bless and guide them. They are a beacon of light amidst our troubled world today, and a ray of hope for our tomorrow.

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Now seems to be a good time to honor them, by paying homage to the country they love, Sicily / Italy.  Seems like the least I can do for them, after all they have done for us.  If you’ve been following them for the last six or so years, you’ve probably learned a lot about the place they call home, but within this past year or so, they have charmed many many more followers as a result of the 2016 tour; actually ever since winning Sanremo in 2015.  We have welcomed new members to our Il Volo family here, but there are thousands of others around the world who have just met our guys, and have fallen in love just as we did.  Humm, funny how that goes.  Newly devoted Ilvolovers are now trying to catch up on what they have missed.  Many of us, on the other hand, have had the privilege of watching them grow into the fantastic young men that they are. It’s been a wild, and at times grueling ride for them to say the least, but they can’t wait to see what lies ahead, and neither can we!  There are many things, besides their fans of course,  that are of great importance to them within their journey, not the least of which is expressing the love they hold for their homeland; and why shouldn’t they?  The Mainland of Italy, and the offshore Island of Sicily/Italy, are among the most beautiful places on earth.  To honor Piero and Ignazio, and for the benefit of their new followers, and us as well, let’s revisit their beloved island.  Ancient, historic, fought over, ruled, war torn, and parts destroyed by volcanic eruptions, Sicily remains.  Many many centuries have passed, and each civilization to have inhabited this land has left it’s mark;  like various influences on speech, indications of different customs, etc. and are still discernible.  The beautiful art and architecture left behind still fills us with awe and wonderment. The incredible, natural beauty of the land itself?  It has not faltered, and cannot be denied.   SICILY – LAND OF MYSTERY AND MYTH , and the land where two very special young men call home.

VIEWS OF NARO:  Where lies Piero’s heart:

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Naro is an Italian comune in the Province of Agrigento.  Latest population estimate was 7,817 in Dec. 2015.  A Greek town,  probably named after the river flowing by, (Naron means river).    Mostly an agricultural center, with a lively cattle sector, it is also known for a renowned woodworking trade of artists – craftsmen.  The town rose in the 12th century around an Arab hamlet, then in 1233, FREDERICK II of Swabia granted the town the privilege of a regal city, that is, (independent from feudal lords).  In the 13th century it was surrounded by walls, and became a strategically important stronghold dominating a wide territory.  Later on, it came under the control of the CHIARAMONTE family, and the imposing castle was built.  In 1398, Naro returned under the direct control of the monarchy.  In the Second World War, Naro suffered heavy Allied aerial bombings, the evidence of which, of course, remains.  NARO,… still known as Queen of the Baroque.

These next two videos just warm my heart.  Strictly homegrown, and filmed in the one and only barbershop in Naro; but they could not have expressed more clearly how they feel about their favorite son and the boys of IL VOLOMade me cry, …again!  😿


Something else that our guys demonstrate, is their attention to ordinary everyday things; all of which play a part toward what we call living. Sometimes we don’t really pay much attention to the things we “see”, but then do we really” see them?  Sometimes we take things for granted. I know I’m guilty of that; but the guys, they seem quick to notice, and not afraid to appropriately respond, They are keenly sensitive to what is needed; be it a smile, a hug, or at times the sharing of tears. So much goes into the living of life, and as I looked through pages and pages of photos, I set aside ones to use as examples, no reminders, of just some of the beautiful things that life holds. I was looking at life, but life was looking back at me as well.  Here are just a few snipets, have you seen them?

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NEXT TIME:  IGNAZIO’S MARSALA, and more snipets of living.  In the meantime……..a smile.

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  1. I spent a week in Sicily last October. It is truly beautiful , especially Taomina where Ignazio and Piero recently spent some vacation time!

      1. You will love it. The weather is beautiful there in October. If you get to Taormina have a granita at the Bam Bar. The boys go there when in Taormina. They are friends with the owner. It is down the street from the Greek theater where they performed.

      1. Marie instead a good girl and go to sleep otherwise you get here tired and not you will enjoy anything.
        The PIZZERIA DEI DESIDERI waiting for you !!!!
        And even I feel you and Jane , I want to know you , and in a couple of months you will be here . Wonderful!!

  2. What a wonderful story Kitty. Can hardly wait for Marie and Jane to go there. I will live vicariously through them. Joanie G

    1. Awww Joanie, I would smuggle you in my suitcase, but Jane is only allowing me to take a carry-on and a backpack.

      I did a dry-run with that little suitcase. Turns out I found another reason to wish I was a size 2.

  3. Wonderful video selection Kitty! I bet you had a lot of fun choosing which ones to include. I loved the one with the travel guide.

    1. Beautiful Kitty! Love all these gorgeous videos of Italy! Thank you for sharing with us!!! Marie, you have got to start sleeping or you will not have enough strength to visit Nina’s Pizzeria Dei Desideri!

      1. Oh yes I will! In fact, we’re driving there. If I don’t have the strength to drive I’ll crawl. Jane will be right behind me, too.

  4. Thanks for the photos and videos. Sicily is beautiful as is most of Italy. I’m hoping to some day visit Sicily as well as going back to Italy. Taormina and the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento would be at the top of my list.

  5. Wow, Kitty!!! Thank you so much for this post. It is absolutely wonderful. The videos of the land are amazing. The interview with Wendy Hennessy is so very interesting! Hearing her say how the Sicilian’s are such generous people who want to bring you into their homes and lives…it just fits the picture of all THREE guys in how warm, loving and caring they are…and they invite us into their lives on a daily basis! I can’t wait to get there! 🙂

    1. Lidka , this video is very nice . The boys are always ironic , but in my opinion the presenter did not understand the exchange of names ( at least judging by her smile blankly )

      1. Not everyone has a sense of humor. I noticed that sometimes people don’t understand certain kind of jokes by boys . In my family we have sense for irony, so I understand them. Sometimes it also depends on the level of intelligence how person understands a joke or not and thinks that it’s seriously spoken. 🙂

  6. Kitty nice comments and good videos you put , you made me want even ame to return to Sicily ( so I guess to Marie and Jane ) , I am 38 years that I was there and I really want to see again . Very nice interview Mrs. Hennessy , he feels that really loves Sicily and Sicilians .

  7. The picture of Piero & the woman at the window in Naro is wonderful ! I was thinking that Marie & Jane & most everyone here might enjoy seeing “Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund – Weiner Dog Extraordinaire” in his highly enjoyable & very well – done videos (by his ‘Dad’) cooking some Italian, easy dishes with Italian Chef Gino D’Acampo doing Crusoe’s voice !! On Crusoe’s Blog is “Chef Crusoe’s Italian Series” under “Cooking With Crusoe”. They make Tagliata Di Manzo and Bruschetta . Crusoe also makes an Italian dessert over-looking Lake Como in Italy, and he tours Cinque Terre, Lake Como & other European countries with his” Mum “& “Dad” in a 9 minute video with fun music of the regions, also. If you like dogs, Italian food, sight-seeing. etc., I think you would love these. They’ll also make you laugh! (I’m in love with this now-famous, little, Canadian dog & his adventures ! ).

      1. Gee, that’s swell, Marie ! I don’t know how you & others know how to that, so Thank You ! Crusoe is so much fun & so darned cute! Your site & Crusoe’s are very lovely & lift people up in many ways; truly wonderful. Thank You so much.

  8. As someone with very good historical knowledge, some of Wendy Hennessey’s comments are not entirely accurate (re/ the comments about the Sicilians and mainland Italians, and re/ her generalized overview of the historical origins of the Sicilian people). Thank You, though, for the nice pictures to enjoy !

  9. As someone with very good historical knowledge, I’d like to add that in the little video here, some of Wendy Hennessey’s comments are not entirely accurate (re/ the Sicilians and the mainland Italians and re/ her generalized overview of the historical origins of the Sicilian people. Nice pictures. etc. Thanks!

  10. That was beautiful!!!!!thank you for the time you put into that!!!! I love hearing more about their beautiful homeland!!!

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