You Know You’re STILL Obsessed with Il Volo When…






              the state of being obsessed with someone or something:

  1. “she cared for him with a devotion bordering on obsession”
    • an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind:

      “he was in the grip of an obsession he was powerless to resist”

      synonyms: fixation · ruling/consuming passion · passion ·



      Funny how the sentence used to define this word uses love as an example… 


    We all know of something…someone…someone-s …..       <3

That we all could possibly be obsessed with…      😉

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You Know You’re Obcessed with Il Volo When…


61 thoughts on “You Know You’re STILL Obsessed with Il Volo When…”

  1. When I sit down to check my e-mail and 2 hours later I’m still listening to Il Volo on Youtube and I don’t remember how I got there.

  2. I have always known that I am obsessed with our precious trio since I first saw them!!! I, too have to know what they are doing all the time!!! They are generous in sharing their lives with us & I thank them for that!!! Il Volo music carries me thru each day with joy & love!!! Grande Amore a tutti!!!

  3. When I have to listen to the same songs over and over and over…and someone says, “don’t you get tired of hearing the same thing?”…and I say, “Nope, haven’t yet and it’s been over seven years!” 🙂 My family says I’m obsessed and I say, “Yep, and it feels wonderful!”

  4. When you can watch whole concerts on youtube more than once. More than once? More than two, three times! I must have watched the Taormina concert at least four times, several ones from this year’s Italian tour at least twice! And then there are the ones I have watched once…and you don’t get tired of them, or find them repetitive! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  5. I know I am “obsessed” or “crazy” or “nuts”. Descriptions given to me by family and friends. One think about being an old lady “I DO NOT CARE” is an earned statement for being “sane” for all these years.

  6. When I check this site every morning because I know that youall know what’s happening with the BIG THREE! ,!♡♡♡

  7. Yesterday, as every Sunday for lunch from us my mother-in-law , 90 years old, loves FLIGHT . Immediately after lunch always ask me : ” news about the boys ” ( this means you put the video) and so from 02.00 pm until 06.30 pm we looked at the Taormina concert of 2014. Beautiful !!! …. and my husband says nothing because the desire is to her mom !!!
    Tomorrow the kids will be in Modena for the memory of Pavarotti , admission is free and Modena is only 180 km away from our house and I ‘m trying to convince my husband to go but he told me : ” just Daniela , just sing a song this is an ‘ obsession. ”
    I do not think I can convince him … damn .

    1. Daniela, how did you get the video of the Taomania conert? It’s one of my favorites, but I only have it in individual songs! I am in Texas, USA! Thanks for any help! Grazie!

      1. There are a couple of videos of the Taormina concert on youtube. Type in Il Volo
        Taormina 2014 and they should come up.You can save it to your computer and make a DVD if you know how.

      2. Dorothy if you do not own program to download from youtube /as recommended Penina/,I can concert to send or even upload it to DVD -it is not a problem.Z.

      3. Hello Dorothy , I saw that Lidka has already come to your aid , the video that we looked at us is the first who tagged you , it is very nice , good quality .
        It made me laugh a lot when during the song ” Maria ” Gianluca has boosted the Mariagrazia Baron stage and at the end of the song Piero shouts ” do not you dare , that’s my sister …. ” too cute .
        Also you’ll see in the first row over Torpedine also guests Antonella Clerici , Bruno Vespa and Giletti ( TV presenter ) .
        Enjoy watching .
        A hug.

  8. I have you check Intagram, Twitter, and Facebook every minute to see what they are doing!!! Also, when my whole room in covered in Il Volo posters!!! When I have an Il volo blanket!!! Lastly, when I listen to the same Il Volo songs over and over again and I don’t get tired to them!! My brother always tells me OMG Mia do something else the only thing you do all day is talk about IL VOLO!!!!😂❤️ Well sorry but I love them so he is going to have to get used to hearings about them every day!!!❤️😊😍

  9. Here’s mine….
    When you have over 200 songs in your I-tunes library, set it to to play on shuffle, and the next 8 songs in a row are all from Il Volo!

    1. Ha! I knew you were taking the fall for Ignazio! Just in case you do get arrested in Italy,you might be in there longer than I previously thought. It’s taking longer to build up a bail fund due to the fact we are all saving up for the next concert, but just imagine having wonderful food, delivered by gorgeous Italian police officers!
      Anyway, as well as being addicted to our Guy’s, I am addicted to this website!

      1. Jill, now I will worry that she will TRY to get arrested JUST TO GET THOSE GORGEOUS ITALIAN POLICE OFFICERS waiting on her three times a day!

    2. Ooooo Marie, I know ye had it in ye, I did, vengeful woman you are when another woman makes a move for that Ignazio fella

  10. When you pretty much never listen to any other music because no one else sounds nearly as good or is as personable. And of course checking in here and other Il Volo sites as often as possible for the latest in everything.

  11. When you get up in the morning with one of their songs running through your head, and go to bed with another of their songs still in your head. And in between those times, you have one of their CD’s playing constantly. My family thinks I have lost my mind, but Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio are as much a part of me as breathing!

  12. You know you are addicted when your friends and family refer to IL VOLO as “Connie’s Boys” as if I have sole ownership of them.
    Which of course I am certain I do.

    1. I do not mind at all that others tell me ” boys Daniela ” , amazing ….. maybe !!! and I also like to think they are a little too mine.
      Connie , I just answered you in a video of You tube , but you should use the translator .
      Kisses !!


        Connie , last night scrolling through the various videos on you tube I saw that three months ago you asked a question in the video I placed over you .
        I answered your question in Italian , and that’s why you have to use the translator . In you tube my name is Stefy Brides .
        I hope that you will understand the meaning of Piero’s laughter and the public.
        Kisses .

  13. I know I am obsessed with our 3 special guys because like you Margaret I only listen to their music; everyone else pales in comparison. I watch as much Il Volo as I can on You Tube, their concerts, their interaction with their fans at their concerts, and their special closeness they share with each other. Whenever it involves Il Volo, I have the biggest smile on my face. This special Flight Crew fan club feed me both body and soul with what they guys are up to. They are pure joy to me and I accept my obsession – guilty as charged!

  14. When all the members of your family have rolled their eyes at you more than a few times and your cat is your “Belissima Ragazza”.

  15. If there is such a thing as a healthful obsession, I think that this love of Il Volo qualifies. Have you all ever seen the video on You Tube : “Il Volo At The Chicago PBS Broadcast” ? It was put there in Jan. 2014, At that event, the were behaving the way many of us greatly miss in most of their interviews nowadays. I think it actually took place in 2013, so they were a bit younger and so still being less restrained in their behavior there in the studio. They were ( and still are, of course) absolutely precious there, for sure !

  16. If there is such a thing as a healthful obsession, I think that loving & enjoying Il Volo qualifies. Just listening to their music probably releases healthful endorphins. (Tell that to family members who just don’t get it !). By the way, here’s another example of why so many love them : The video of them on You Tube entitled, ” Il Volo At The Chicago PBS Broadcast” (published there Jan. 2014). Precious!!!

    1. I love that one too Laura. I called the station and asked to talk to Gianluca and he came to the phone!!! Can’t remember what I said of course but it was great that he talked to me.

      1. What an experience & memory for you, Ann! It’s amazing to me that someone actually put him on the phone with you! That is very special. Don’t you also love how the three of them used to be a bit fidgety when doing such interviews when they were younger? (Piero often adjusting his shirt, their visual – focusing kind of all over the place, Ignazio’s restlessness… all so endearing!).

      2. Oh yes, I have talked to my sweet Gianluca three times. Once when he was at Barnes & Noble store in Chicago – I told him he was Frank Sinatra and he just looked at me and at the Faire in Las Vegas and on the phone. I finally got my hug in Vegas. Piero was so sweet to me in Chicago and I told Ignacio I loved him too. Gianluca even told me the pidture I have with them was taken in Elgin (Chicago suburb)! What a memory!!!

      3. I’m happy for you , you’ve been really lucky .
        The fact that they remember us there was very happy , it ‘s true ?

  17. My family had given up trying to shame me, that at my age , 70, I am obsessed with 3 teenagers. So now they just listen to my talking about the boys and all thank me for all the UTUBE videos they get daily. They even gave me a bday party with all “IL VOLO” theme. I loved it. They said that if I love the boys , then so be it. THEY’RE IN”. They are so good to me. My daughter buys all my CDS and DVDS.

  18. What great comments, I agree with them all! My mother, who is NOT a fan 🙁 tries to tolerate my obsession, but then tells me to “get a life!” Well, I have a wonderful life with Il Volo in it and I can’t imagine a life now without them! or all these wonderful people on this site! 🙂 She said she especially doesn’t like my ringback tone… I’m so sorry… Nice thoughts, Kelly!

  19. You Know You’re Obsessed with Il Volo When…

    You are up at 4:05 in the morning obsessively reading and posting obsessive comments about obsessions…..

    1. Ma questa è quasi una malattia, la Volomania.
      Dimmi John sei riuscito a leggere tutto il loro libro? magari in italiano?

      1. Mi ci vorranno anni per finire. Devo tradurre e analizzare ogni frase per ottenere il pieno significato. Devo consultare il mio dizionario per quasi ogni parola! Ma finirò nella mia vita!

      2. John devo farti i miei complimenti, il tuo italiano è ottimo, ci metterai tanto tempo a leggere il libro ma sarai molto orgoglioso di averlo fatto e quando vedrai Piero Ignazio e Gianluca avrai tanto da raccontare in italiano. BRAVO.

  20. You know you are obsessed when…The distances to your office, the store, the library or the mall are measured by how many times “Aspettero”, “Ancora” or “Non Farimi Aspettare” are played on your car’s sound system. For example: There are 3 Aspetteros to get to Walgreens!
    Also, you are obsessed when you cannot stand listening to other singers! I am sorry, but for me, no one can sing as they do! No one! (There you go!)

    1. Emilia know for me so, if I put the CD as soon as I enter the car when I arrive at work I can never hear the last 3 tracks and then do not like to turn off the engine when a track is not finished , and then I stop in the parking lot until at the end of the song !!!

    2. Amen to that! I only have Il Volo on my devices. And I can’t listen to other current singers. That is not to say I don’t occasionally listen to the classics, like Ella Fitzgerald for instance–but only on youtube!

  21. I was asked to write an article about Il Volo by the newspaper I collaborate with. I didn’t know much about them so I started watching their concerts and interviews on You tube. At a certain point, I don’t know how, I got hooked, the more I listened to them the more I felt like listening to their wondrous voices, I just couldn’t stop, I felt as if I was mesmerized. I ended my article like this: “They have only one flaw: they can cause addiction”. And I mean it.

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