A Collection of Crew Commentaries

From Laura (et al) on 8/26:

We all could benefit from a smile today, so I thought that you all might enjoy something fun & very well-done on my other Favorite site, namely:  “Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund – Weiner Dog Extraordinaire” where you can learn how to cook some easy & delicious Italian dishes with Crusoe & Italian Chef Gino D’campo – who provides Crusoe’s voice (in English).


For more Crusoe fun ⇒ http://www.celebritydachshund.com/


From Daniela:

Today I came across this old video of Ignatius who is likeable.  At one point he says, “but you’re telling me all the names of the phone book? and everyone laughs.

Also from Daniela:

On this day of national mourning I wanted to post this in the comments wrote very beautiful and meaningful done by fans of the flight as us.



By italiana I thank you for the affection and prayers that you send us from the bottom of my heart.
A hug: Daniela


From Lydka and Ann:


From Lydka:

(Unfortunately, for me it is not available, too expensive for me and in addition with note “May not ship to Slovakia”, but maybe someone from IVFC will be interested. )


 Autographed & Framed “ Il Volo” Poster  (on eBay)

Enter US $620.00 or more
 Ships to:
United States

Here ⇒   http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/182265562085



13 thoughts on “A Collection of Crew Commentaries”

  1. What a great post! That little dog is just adorable, especially the way he talked with his hands (paws) and tasted the food! 🙂 Ignazio’s video is so sweet. He is adorable as usual! The ribbon dancer is exquisite! Thanks Marie for making it a good Monday!

  2. Enjoyed the bits & pieces so much! Had seen the dancer before, beautiful!! Dancing to Grande Amore makes it even lovelier!! Sweet dog Chef!! We all wept with the death & destruction of the earthquake!! Thank you, Marie! I am going to buy one of Lavina’s pictures of the guys!!!

  3. But that cute chef dog.
    Also I like the bruschetta but mine are the simplest .
    Cut the bread , and throw him ( without oil) to toast on the grill .
    Take a large clove of garlic and rub well and press it on toasted bread .
    Prepare a bowl of olive oil with black pepper and then stir dip the slice of bread only on the side where you spent the garlic .
    Are simple and delicious , careful because for a day your breath feel of garlic but it’s worth it .
    Serve with a good red wine .

    Talented girl with tape , his performance has been enhanced with the music .

    Also for me the autographed poster is over budget . I hope we manage to get Lorna .

    But what of our beautiful Ignazio ? I can imagine that when he says Daniela says it to me !!!! MAYBE .

    1. Will try your bruschetta recipe, too, Daniela ! Grazie ! ( Have you seen ” Chef Crusoe” make Tagliata Di Manzo ? That’s a good one & fun to watch, too). Ciao !

  4. Very cute little video of Ignazio, Daniela! Was that in his sister’s pizzeria in Marsala? It seems to be. (Almost wish he could be cloned, but the personality of the clone would not be Ignazio’s, of course ! 🙂 Thank You, Lydka, for sharing here interesting things & information for everyone. I also enjoyed seeing a little of your home-town recently here. Thanks to Marie, too, for this special Monday idea & for darlin’ Crusoe : a really sweet surprise !).

    1. Hi, deecatmomma ! He’s a little doll and his videos and pictures are so clever and fun, etc. 💘🐶😇. I have fallen so far behind: check out the date of my reply to you! 🙂

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