N.Y.C. 2011

Chubby Cheeks, Curly Hair and Red Glasses.

I miss the Beatles.
I miss my 1965 Mustang.
I miss Taco Tuesday’s.
But more..I miss these babies.
Remembering another time they were in New York City, I chose this for a Flashback Today:

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  1. Awww. Thanks, what a great flashback. So many wonderful memories from our first moments of falling in love with these guys. Continues to get better each year. Love at first sight and sound of their voices.

  2. How wonderful , every time I see these videos where Piero Ignazio and Gianluca were little more than children, I think that I have not followed them from the beginning, a bit of jealousy but of happiness for all of you who know them already then.
    It’s good to hear that they hoped to do a concert at Radio City Music Hall, a desire that has largely come true !!
    Their spell had already started at that time.

  3. Awesome! I don’t think I’d seen this one before. The age of innocence. I miss this time and un amore cosi grande! I swear ignazio’s english was better when he was younger?

  4. Thanks Marie for posting this lovely video. I haven’t seen it in a long time. They have been on, and taken us on a tremendous journey! Just hearing their hopes and dreams and then realizing so much has come true, beyond their expectations. They will once again be singing at Radio City Hall. They have brought their music and their beloved Italy to people of all ages. I agree Jana that Ignazio’s English sounded better then but I sometimes feel he does it intentionally.

    1. I was thinking the same thiing–he does it intentionally as it is part of his “clown” personna. But when he throws the clown aside, he can be very articulate.

  5. Jana,The second video I ever saw of their’s, after O Sole Mio, was at the Arena de Verona where they sang Un Amore Cost Grande. It will always be my favorite.

    1. Marie, was that when Piero had his ear operation and wore like a headband? Boy, their voices were so strong even then. My Gianluca was just a mere child. Sigh. Look at him now. His English accent then was so good. However, I hope they never lose their Italian accents. That would be tragic. Merry Christmas everyone.

      1. Yes, Prese, that was the time. I remember being expressed that Piero sang without his ear piece. It was then when Ignazio took that really deep breath in preparation for an amazing note to hold that my life changed. I will never forget that moment.

        Look at that Gianluca face!


  6. What a wonderful flashback! I loved hearing bits of the songs that first mesmerized us. I remember when they were first being interviewed and they would look over at their interpreter and then answer the question in very broken English. They all spoke very well here! I’d love to go to a concert of theirs where they sing all of the old favorites they did way back when they started except now with more mature voices. That would be WOW! Thanks Marie for starting out my Friday on such a high note! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. You’re welcome, Jane. I would like front row for that concert! What fun it would be.

    I feel so nostalgic today. Must be the season or the fact that our Boys are finally home with their families. I hope they get to stay there for a while to rest and have fun and be surrounded by folks who love them in a whole different way than we do.

  8. I watched this before but loved seeing it again. They were so adorable. It’s like kittens and puppies, so cute and hate to see them grow up, but love them anyway.

  9. Oh Marie!!! This made me cry! It must be the season! They are so adorable in this video, love it!!! Ignazio is still the Court Jester & does love to fracture his Italian & English at times!!! It is wonderful that so many of their dreams have become a reality! I love all the music from Il Volo Takes Flight since that was the first time I saw them. Have a great Friday IlVolovers! Buon Natale a tutti. ๐ŸŽ„ ๐ŸŽ„ ๐ŸŽ„

  10. Unfortunately I came late to the game, and missed the first years. I saw them on PBS from Detroit then lost track of them. Thank goodness to modern technology I have been able to fill in the blanks. Thank you Marie for the clip. I have watch it soooo many times but never tire of it.
    In my heart, they will be forever young.

  11. You gals say it all so well. I first saw and heard them on PBS in Detroit a long time ago. I have been with them every step of the way since then. Now on to the U.S. tour next year. Joanie G

  12. I remember when I first saw this video and the earlier ones from Italy. They were so sweet and innocent, so full of dreams for the future. They have matured so much and their dreams have become reality. They have grown to guard their feelings a little more than they did then but they remain the kind and gentle souls they were then. Thanks for taking us back a few years.

    1. All of the comments are so true and spoken so beautifully, there’s nothing new to add, just thanks Marie for the lovely walk down memory lane. I feel so blessed to have been aware of them from the beginning thanks to a friend who said, “You’ve got to see this..” and like the rest of you it was love at first sight, and love that has continued to grow along with their growing up and maturing so beautifully in every way.

  13. I remember this video and so enjoyed watching their enthusiasm at being in NYC and that maybe some day they would perform at Radio City Music Hall. And of course, they did. I was at that performance . What a thrill it was to see the marque say Il Volo SOLD OUT! My love for them & their music has grown ever stronger. Thanks Marie.

    1. Annette, I have the picture of that sold out marquee forever in my memory. I was not in attendance. Good for you! It was a monumental evening in Il Volo history.

      1. Marie you probably know that Ignazio showed a video that evening as a tribute to Gianluca & Piero expressing his love for them and for all the people supporting him. At the time I really didn’t understand its meaning. After their book came out, the incident in Miami was revealed where Ignazio was drugged & robbed and their appearance at Radio City was in jeopardy! All I can say is Thanks to God that they made it.

      2. Annette, I believe that no one until the exit of the book, he really understood the message Ignazio that evening. Watching after reading the book, I think we all had a profound emotion for what had happened and also for the more than brotherly relationship between Ignatius, Piero and Gianluca.
        adorable boys

      3. Annette, yes I remember. Ignazio sat on the stage floor during the video. It was so heartwarming. Even more so after we knew about the insolent.

  14. Marie long ago someone posted a video shot in Taormina where Ignatius (referring to the film Malena) looks at a woman from a half-open door. I tried this video but I have not found, someone tells me the exact title to look it up on You tube. Thank you

      1. Lydka, thanks so much for this video. I had only seen pieces of it before, never the complete video. They all looked so young and “innocent” I must say I prefer Gianluca and Piero without the facial hair , but it really suits Ignazio.Thanks again

      2. Oh Lydka, thank you so much for sharing this precious video. I have seen the one where all they do is sing but I don’t recall the other parts. I just love it. Now I will keep watching it. They were just babies then but we’re already dreaming big. We all share one common thing on this site and that is our undying admiration and love for these incredible YOUNGMEN.

      3. I saw a much earlier one–one that was all in Italian with various big names in the Italian music business describing what they felt (in Italian) when they first heard the boys sing. Humberto Gatica and Tony Renus and Michele Torpedine and a few others I don’t remember saying they didn’t believe it was them, that they were lip synching, etc. Interspersed with these comments were clips of the boys singing O Sole Mio. Then I saw a video of just the boys singing O Sole Mio. This was way before Detroit. But I was hooked and kept up an internet search for them periodically. Then I saw the videos when they went to LA where they sang to a group of what was probably potential backers in someone’s house.
        Soon after that they came to NY and did the other videos we all have seen.
        I would love to see that originial video again but I really haven’t spent any time looking for it.

      4. Thanks Lydka, that’s what I was looking for.
        That they were small and of course to make Ignatius make the mischievous peeking young ladies !!!
        Thanks a lot, kiss.

      5. Yes Marie, that is the LA one I was referring to. I have seen that one a few times. They look so young! They WERE so young!!! The one I’d like to see again is the Italian one with Gatica, Remus and Torpedine. But as I have said, I haven’t really looked for it.

  15. Thanks for these beautiful memories the first time when my son called & said turn on your computer & when I turned it on saw these 3 kids come stomping down the walkway & started tp sing the boy that was smiling when he sang resembled my grandson right down to his hair style he was so cute & I have been in love with him as I have said before also the other 2 boys ever since. Found out they were booked into Massy Hall got meet & greet ticket which I had to phone around to see what a meet & greet was & was fortunate to get picture with Ignazio & also 3 pictures with the group & able to give Ignazio 3 hugs & told him much I loved their voices & loved him. They booked into Roy Thompson Hall following week another meet & greet & he came marching down the aisle
    from the back & I wasn’t going to miss the hand shacking he was stopping to give people so I got a hand shake & again told him how much I loved him. He was so cute when he was heavier. Now since he has lost the weight he has turned into an adonis ssoo handsome. My feelings will never change towards these precious young men. Their voices thrill my heart & make me cry & I am constantly laughing at whatever Ignazio says or goes. I know this is longwinded but there are no other singers in the world like these guys & I will try to get to as many concerts as I can & meet & greets as well

    1. Loretta, as long as I can walk, talk, and breathe, I will go to as many concerts, M/G’s as I can also.

  16. Rose Marie exactly how I feel I don’t want to miss a concert or meet & greet & if I can’t walk I am pretty sure my son will get me to a concert & meet & greet, He will not get a ticket for himself, he won’t listen to them any more but he’ll get me to a meet & greet. He was able to get through to ticketmaster just recently for front row seat with meet & greet

  17. From me too- thank you for that walk down memory lane. They seemed so innocent and excited back in 2011 when they were just getting their great start, and nice to know they have actually achieved a lot of their goals. Wonderful then and even more so now. They have certainly grown into professional and sophisticated artists. Hope they never lose that humble and down to earth persona that is so attractive on them. I am eagerly awaiting the start of their concert tour in March.

  18. Young, sweet Il Volo that day in Central Park and singing in Ron Fair’s L.A. living room… The Beatles, that 1965 Mustang, The Ronettes’ songs – “When I Saw You”, “Paradise”, “Do I Love You”…, wonderful memories….all seem so ‘long ago and far away’ now…… Thanks so much, Marie and Lydka. ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽป๐ŸŽท

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