Handsome, Talented and Generous? Of Course!

Just when you think you can’t love them more…one of them has to go and do this.  It is just this kind of generosity that keeps them humble at heart and us remaining ever devoted. Now that’s the Christmas spirit.  ~Marie


Talent and generosity, never as in this case, they walk together. Yes because the association Marhaba Onlus of Marsala, which is responsible for providing humanitarian assistance to needy persons, and not Community, has received a large donation. “As president of the association Marhaba – says Marta Adam – I thank the singer and fellow Ignazio Boschetto of “Il Volo” and his family for the generous offer. It is not the first time that direct their attentions to Marhaba, women, men and children whose daily we take care. But the family grove has always done silently. On this occasion, however, I want to tell them thanks publicly because despite Ignatius travel the world bringing his art, never forgets us and some actually less fortunate “. Marhaba Onlus operating in premises located in Via Dante Alighieri, 175 Marsala. “The premises that allow us to be up and running – says Adam – were donated by the engineer Francesco Lo Found the AIAS CSR to our association, showing great sensitivity.” The association is always available to accept offers of food, clothing and other essential goods to help those most in need.

15 thoughts on “Handsome, Talented and Generous? Of Course!”

  1. I’m not surprisrd to hear what he does for others that is his makeup. I hope Marsala recognizes him when they see what Naro has awarded & recognizes Piero for his good works. God had a purpose when HE gave us these sweethearts.

  2. God has blessed them and in return they remember to help others. I bet there are things IL Volo has done as a group and as individuals that we will never know abou, which is as it should be.

  3. Ignazio has great talent and also has a big heart.
    Once in an interview to the guys of IL VOLO were asked if they did charity, they said that the charity does not need to be told, you do and just.

    1. Yes, i agree Daniela, in fact Scripture tells us to ” Don’tt let your right hand know what your left hand is doing” in other words do good deeds in secret not for the praise of others to admire you.
      This also shows once more what good families our three have come from They are humble and kind to the less fortunate

  4. The Guys all realize how blessed they are, and they want to repay that blessing by helping others. The law of karma is not lost on them! <3

  5. That’s why we love them so much, because they are so generous, in helping the less fortunate ones,and they love everyone!

      1. Beautifully said Marie. I am so thankful I saw Il Volo on their first PBS special and have been following them on their wonderful journey and extraordinary adventure!

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