14 thoughts on “14 Great Christmas Songs by Il Volo”

  1. Marie, thank you for the lovely 🎄 Christmas gift. I wish to you and fellow Crew members the happiest of holidays. Buono Natale to all. I hope to see some of you in March. Happy New Year.

  2. Marie, these songs are all beautiful, I must say I feel ASTRO DEL CIEL and see the frescoes in the Basilica of Assisi and outside the snow falling, Christmas really creates an atmosphere that moves me.
    My favorite song is definitely O HOLY NIGHT.
    ASTRO DEL CIEL, SILENT NIGHT, STILLE NACHT, is always beautiful in any language you sing.
    I would also put Adeste Fideles.

    Christmas is coming, I wish you all much joy.

  3. Thanks Marie for this lovely gift! The concerts before the Senate and the year earlier in the Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi were beautiful. I have been wrapping gifts listening to Buon Natale and Una Notte Magica.

  4. When they showed the inside of the Assisi Basilica I got chills. When they showed the beautiful outside I had to gasp. Jane and I stood exactly right there in October! What a tremendous thrill! 😆

    🎄 I wish you all a wonderful and blessed holiday!

    1. I understand just what you men.I love watching the Assissi concert, and remembering when I was there. Both times when our dear buys were barely toddlers

    2. To all the lovely ladies and gentlemen that frequent this site, I wish you all a wonderful holiday season with the 3 Fs–Family, Friends and Food!

  5. Thank you Marie this is a great gift to listen to! I am finally going to my first concert in March in Boston, I am sooooooo excited I am going with my sister who lives there. I do not like to fly my family can not get to fly but IL Volo has 😀 .I want to wish you , your family and all th IL Volo Flight Crew a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! And especially safe travels. When they sing I get goose bumps.

    1. I get goose bumps too, Elizabeth. There’s nothing like that first concert! It will give your goose bumps, goose bumps.

      Thanks for the Christmas greeting. Same to you. 🎅

  6. Thank you Marie for posting the Christmas carols and thank you to all the Il Volo Flight Crew members and contributors., who keep us in touch with each other during the year. Hopefully many of us will see each other during the various concerts of the Notte Magica Tour next year. I wish the boys and their families and all Flight Crew members Tanti Auguri di Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo.

  7. Thanks SO much for this beautiful Christmas Gift!!! I’ll be seeing them at Foxwoods, and in Italy in May!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  8. Merry Christmas to all. I do wish the boys could have stayed home for christmas Why can’t they request time out for special occasions, I feel so sad for them. God bless you guys. Hope get some semblance of happiness..

  9. Thanks Marie for bringing back those wonderful memories of past venues. I also get goose bumps hearing our boys sing those Christmas songs. I know they are enjoying Christmas with their family and friends. I am waiting impatiently for March and the concert in L.A. Joabnie G

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