With Every Fiber ~ Marie


 Gianluca,  the one with the soft heart and so full of compassion.   When tears roll down his face so do mine.  Besides…how could you not get weak-kneed looking at those eyes and that beautiful move-the-clouds-from-the-sun smile?


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  1. i agree absolutely and entirely Marie, definitely about the heart bursting with love, although it is Gianluca who makes me fall to pieces completely

  2. I know that Marie does love Ignazio unconditionally. A few times I “came back to Earth” and said a few criticisms of him. I felt the fierce anger thru the airwaves.

  3. Marie, as always you manage to write down everything we think. Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca represent all of our desires and dreams, they manage to calm our fears and give us a flash of serenity. Those who know them can not fail to be attracted in their benevolent network that envelops us with pleasure.

    1. Daniela,I do not know how it is in Italy, but in Slovakia you have Name-Day today. So best wishes for your Name Day, that your Saint may protect you wherever you are. 🙂 Buon onomastico ! 🍀 😘

      1. Lydka I remember in Lithuania the “NAME DAY” was always a big celebration. My dad’s name was Antanas (St. Anthony).

      2. Thanks Lydka today by us is St. Genevieve, my name day occurs in October, but the greetings are always welcome.

      3. Gina, Anton has Name Day in Slovakia on June 13. Name Gina we haven’t, but similar name is Regína, Eugénia, Lujza or Alojzia. Name Day is celebrated differently here, in some families more, in some less… Have a wonderful day !

      4. Among my Italian family, a person’s saint’s day (for which the Italian term is “ononmastico”) is even more important than their birthday. On Facebook, there are just as many greetings for the “onomastico” as for the actual birthday. Personally, I find it charming. There are several possible dates for Saint Bernard (no jokes about it being a dog’s life, please!) and I am always taken by surprise when one of my Italian friends sends me a greeting.

      5. Bernard , in Slovakia you have Name Day on May 20. I think in the past Name Day ( Meniny) was more celebrated as now,but women always receive flowers as gifts, also chocolates or another small gifts, some people send Name Day postcard or now is usual to send sms. But birthdays always were and are more important here. Wishing you and your wife all the best in the new year ! Greetings !

  4. I feel the same way Marie, thanks for putting my feelings into such beautiful words. I flip flop among the three but my heart ❤️ belongs to Igna.

  5. Perfext picture of my sweetheart Ignazo, thank you Marie The pitcure of them together is perfect as well
    You can have the 2 of at the side I’ll keep Ignazio

      1. Sight! Sight! Sight! You can have the site, I will have the sight of you-know-who!

  6. Marie you wrote a beautiful and sententious.Ignazio had many admirarers even during competition (dimpled here would see too).
    Close your eyes – Igna sings just for you ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. I know exactly how you feel Marie ! I can hear a song that I’ve literally heard a hundred times or more, & when one of them hits a certain note, my heart swells with pride, & I still say to myself, sometimes with tears in my eyes, ” he did it !!” & I’m still dumbfounded at their ability to sing like that !! What a way to go indeed !

  8. Marie, I know that you favor Igni, but my heart belongs to Piero. from the start I Knew he was the one for me. I am coming back soon as a young woman and I will ply for his affection. Make room for me Piero Joanie G

  9. I agree totally. Ignazio doesn’t have to do much to turn me to jelly. But when Gianluca sings those low seductive notes and smiles that slow beautiful smile (accompanied by a wink perhaps!) and there go the knees! And then Piero blasts a note to the stratosphere and throws out his arms embracing the world and it is all over! How can one choose??? They are all divinely wonderful, each in his own delicious way.

  10. Marie, I couldn’t in a thousand years put down how exactly I feel about our three boys. But you have nailed it. Piero has the biggest chunk of my heart, but Ignazio and Gianluca fill up the rest of it. Couldn’t possibly love them more!

    1. Well, Allene looks like you described perfectly how you feel. How we all feel. Maybe one of them does take up a little more space, but the heart gets filled by them in some combination.

  11. I just got my Notte Magica DVD from Amazon. They told me before it was shipped, that it would cost $35.00 including shipping. Now they say I will be charged $40.00. How much did everyone else get charged?

  12. Jill, I paid 25.67 € = 28.87$ that include 10 € for shipping. I ordered it through Amazon Italy. I bought another one from Amazon for $20.31. Free shipping because I have Amazon Prime. The prices seem to be all over the place. These were both preorders..

    1. And I paid $37.97 before “import fees” to Canada. I ordered one from Italy and got it a long time ago (through Cyprus) and I am still waiting for the one I ordered from Amazon–although I did get an email saying it shipped.

  13. Marie
    You described each of our boys perfectly with their sweet attributes and loving ways. I too adore all three, can’t seem to get enough but like you Ignazio holds a special place in my heart. There is something so appealing about his playfulness and that ever present twinkle in his eye that if he winked at me and beckoned me, I would be by his side in a flash! I don’t remember my life pre-Il Volo they are everything to me! Thank you for expressing exactly how we all feel about our special guys.

      1. I can’t imagine my life without these beautiful Boys! My heart belongs to Gianluca when he croons, but I love Iggie and Piero just as much. Thank goodness for this website where we all feel the same about our grown up special young men.

  14. steam heat – Hmm ? All this “heat” may trigger the fire sprinkler system
    if it happens at the next Il Volo Fan Faire. Water guns anyone ?

      1. Marie, I bought from Detroit PBS also, for a good cause though. I appreciate what they have done for our guys, without the special from Pompeii, I might have missed knowing about them. Really going to break the bank this year but that’s my Christmas gift to me.
        We may need the Detroit Fire Dept. on standby in March. Myron should plan on the LVFD at the next fan faire.
        By the way, we Greeks also celebrate onomastico, which onoma in Greek means name. It is a much bigger day than a birthday. So yours would be August 15, the same as mine.

      2. Rose Marie, another gift the Boys have brought me is all of you. I have never heard of anything like Name Day. I have learned so much from everyone here! The biggest thing I have learned is how alike we all really are. Sometimes I sit back and just smile while reading some of your comments and I think how incredible it is that Slovakia, England, Italy and Canada are having a conversation. Our gift of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero has made my world much smaller and more amazing than I ever dreamed.

      3. Marie, you are so right. If you had told me 3 years ago that I would be talking to people in Slovakia, Italy, England and through some other groups Brazil, Scotland and Norway I would have said – no way. I am so thankful to Il Volo and the Flight Crew for giving me this opportunity to meet such interesting people. You are all AWESOME.

      4. So true Marie. Underneath all our differences, we all want the same things: love, health, peace and good fellowship–and Il Volo!
        Too bad the rest of the world doesn’t see these truths.

  15. Marie, that was so beautifully written! I agree with everyone, when I listen to them I melt, I love them all, but Ignazio is the on I am hooked on. They are so close like brothers and I love that, can’t wait till March 14 th first time I will see them in person, in Boston.

  16. I never thought of that point – at least in that manner, Marie. That is true. The boys brought us themselves and their music but they also brought us together. The world may be full of problems but we are able to create our own environment of care, love and beauty with all these friends.

      1. Yes, Myron! You nailed the reason why I don’t like to be away from here for too long. I’ve never met any of you in person, but I find myself missing you all. Right now it’s a ‘no choice’ situation which saddens me.

  17. Hey Marie it’s me I loved your article today and of course you know Piero is the one that gets to me and has since I first saw and heard him. I mean I enjoy listening to Gianlucca and Ignazio sing and when the guys are on stage together I love to see the interplay between them but Piero is the one for me his voice, his looks. his warm loving nature he just has it all I just listen and watch and I’m gone.

      1. It is! He is warm and welcoming and whenever I see/talk/hear him I think of Ignazio saying that Piero is the nicest person he ever met.

  18. Marie, you always seem to put into words exactly what I am feeling. Grazie! I am totally, for lack of a more eloquent word, “obsessed” by these three! I’ve often wondered about each of their qualities and how I would ever choose between them. It changes from day to day and from song to song that I listen to. I am, first and foremost, captivated by Gianluca….his deep baritone voice which is to die for, his handsome face and smile, his sensitive heart. But then I think of Ignazio and his obvious love for animals along with his impish grin and playfulness….and then there are his high notes! And last, but not least, Piero, who according to his Zodiac sign should be the most compatible with me…..he can also be as playful as Igna, but also serious too. He loves fast cars and boats, right up my alley, and has a voice that is so powerful!
    How in the world could I ever choose just one? As you can see I love each one for different reasons. And together, well…..we all know that together they rise to a level beyond anything you can imagine to thrill us with those lovely voices. I cannot wait to see them in person for the first time in March! I will probably explode into a million pieces of joy!

    1. You probably will, Patricia, but it will be worth it. Can’t wait to find out how you feel after that first concert. You think you’re obsessed now? Just you wait!

      1. Marie, I hear you laughing all the way over here at my house! I’m pretty sure that out of the four of us going I am the only one “obsessed” at this point. And I am also pretty sure that after the other three see the boys in person that they will never be the same! My good friend from high school is on the brink of being obsessed as she reacted the same way I did when she heard the boys sing for the first time. Now I am just going to give her that extra little “push” and she will be right there with me!

  19. If this was any other era in Time prior to the inventions of the visual and audial proof of the existence of life beyond individuals’ ranges of sight and sound, I might well decide that such glorious descriptions of these particular three males were but a fantastic FICTION dreamt up by a romantic, creative, divinely – inspired mind. They possess a universal and eternal appeal. To put it another way, they do seem ” too good to be true.” It’s some kind of a biologically and spiritually – driven, collective recognition of three embodiments/ representatives of our ‘coincidentally’ shared idea and ideal of the ‘perfect male’ and ‘perfect mate.’ The realization that such sublime ‘partners’ are rare, or elusive at best, drives us ‘nuts’ at times, causing many to swing between joy and lamentation at the sight and sound of such creatures of seemingly near-perfection. Like Marie says, perhaps in our next lives we’ll each have earned someone just like one of them! :)💕( “ALL good things are possible…”)

    1. ‘P.S.’ Each of the descriptions above mine re/ the three ‘angels’ are perfection. A pleasure to read. Thanks for the ever- witty humor, too! 🙂

    2. Laura, I love your words about the guys “causing many to swing between joy and lamentation”. It’s uncanny, but that is what I find myself doing! they give me such joy but then when I hear certain songs like “I Bring You to My Senses” it makes me cry as I miss my dear husband whom I lost almost four years ago. I was so lucky to have that near perfection with him. He was not only my husband but my best friend. The only imperfect thing about him was that he couldn’t sing! LOL I’m a sucker for a guy who can sing! I’ve had many “crushes” on other men singers but they have all come and gone. I now know that’s never going to be the case with Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio!

      1. Thank you so much, pitterpat0. I am so very sorry that your very own, perfect angel-man and best friend had to be called Home and not long ago. I would be crying, too, Pat. How wondrous that you were blessed with such a near-perfect and compatible man as your spouse! I’d bet he is working on his singing now so that he can sing for you when you are re-united someday! I mean that! Isn’t it something how these three Il Volo singers capture hearts and so quickly and that apparently, for none of us, will they ever be a fleeting nor a temporary interest, musically and personally. Many times I have thought, ” I want to be like him.” (To be like each of them in terms of their personal qualities, enjoyment of life, etc.). So, they are inspirational, too! The number of people who have shared their stories of deep sadness from having experienced the great loss of a Beloved, only to find IL VOLO soothing the pain by virtue of their truly angelic voices, music, songs is an awesome gift from the angels, I suspect, to ‘tide us over’ ! From what I’ve learned, Pat, in those moments when beautiful songs and melodies, like a sudden, powerful breeze that rustles sad memories in our hearts, is a time when our angel and loved ones who have crossed over draw in closely to us! (Try to feel them next time!). ❤️

      2. Thank you for your touching words, Laura. Brought me to tears, it did. I do feel my husband close to me a lot. I really feel that love can transcend space and time. So many things have happened since his passing that have proved that to me. I do believe that when you need them angels appear and I consider Il Volo the angels that have appeared and helped so many of us get through our tough times.

  20. You’re so welcome, Pat. Thank You, too, for you furthered my own knowledge and experience concerning spiritual reality. I wish you a new year of many blessings and miracles. 👼😇🍀❤️

  21. Marie, in that next life, Gianluca and I will gladly accept your and Ignazio’s invitation to dinner.

  22. Hey, ladies, Don’t forget me and Piero. We are just waiting for the right time to crash your party. When was the date? Next life?

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