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A love story from the comments:

I became interested, [even obsessed for a few days] when I first heard these young men on PBS [ Il Volo – Pompeii / DVD ]. I decided to do research, to discover some of what made them so specialtheir voices, of course, but it seems their lives intersected in a happy and chaotic way. In my younger days I was fortunate enough to be at the American debut of Joan Sutherland, Maria Callas [Medea], and a younger Pavarotti, for instance. Singing a whole opera is a magnificent challenge. Having re-awakened my love of opera [mostly well-sung arias, both male and female] I enjoyed this Night of Magic immensely. Perhaps you get my drift – I’d love to see one, two or all three of Il Volo appear in an opera. It is even more challenging, and their stage movements would be fascinating – my opinion. When you have the wonderful voices they have, it is hard to listen to critics. I know, as a performer. We hear one ‘criticism’ more than a hundred compliments. Yet you do learn about yourself – even the camera can reveal things to work on. Critics who ‘savage’ performers, however, are mean-spirited. Critics who can pass on helpful information in a respectful way are part of the journey. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about them, listening to their individual, and also, blended voices! I can now tell who is singing without watching the DVD – well, most of the time. By the way, I am 75 now, but my heart and soul become young again when listening to Il Volo. Lucky you, if you are young enough to follow their saga for decades ahead. Bravo! Il Volo.

~Marie Heath


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  1. Thank you Marie. I feel exactly how you do whenever I listen to our boys. I am transported to a time of love, playfulness, laughter and youth. I’m 71 and I feel giddy as a school girl with a tremendous CRUSH on three gorgeous men all at the same time. “IL VOLO” does that to you. They really do.

  2. My two wishes are for my grandsons’ to make me a great grandma and to continue following the IL VOLO boys into the next chapters of their lives.
    At 81 time is precious.

  3. What a lovely comment.
    It’s so good to find that for many of you listen IL VOLO awakens dormant feelings, because their voices emanating emotions.
    Someone have called “almost a siren song” to which we can not escape.

    Certain that the criticism is constructive, only when it is targeted to the improvement.
    In Italy they have been called “cold”, that does not give off any emotion.
    Absolutely wrong.

    1. Anyone who calls Il Volo cold has obviously never listened to one of their concerts either live or online. Even in youtube videos of whole concerts their wonderful personalities shine. I find these criticism completely baffling!

    2. Cold?!?! NEVER! There will always be criticism no matter what you do so do the best you can and don’t let it get to you. I really like the reference to “a siren song”! That is it exactly! I was instantly drawn to their music from the first song I listened to, Il Mondo. I didn’t know the meaning of the words, but it touched my soul and brought tears to my eyes!

      1. I just noticed something funny. As I was reading your comment I noticed at the very bottom of the email with your comment from WordPress, it says:
        Thanks for flying with
        How appropriate is that???

      2. I did not know that! How neat! Thanks for telling me about it as I can’t see it.

      3. If you are set up to get emails with everyone’s comments, it is on the bottom of every email from Word Press.

  4. I am 88 & love the Boys to the moon & back! I hope to be here for some time yet so I will see the continuation of this wonderful Flight soar onward & upward !!! Their amazing music awakens emotions that stir both heart & soul. They have enriched my life & I can not thank them enough!!!

  5. Thanks Marie – I too am of the same era as you and miss those great voices and personalities you mentioned. The boys ignite a spark of youth in me which adds to my already feeling of being young all the time. Thank goodness for that! I will be seeing them in Detroit and Chicago in March and also in Taormina, Sicily in June and so thankful for the opportunities I/ve had to experience them live in many cities now. Hope to meet you along the way! Betty Young

  6. Thank you Marie Heath for your b\eautiful comments. I have listened to our precious young men for the last 8 years from the beginning, I won’t listen to anyone else. No one elses voices sours to the heavens like Il Volos do when they sing solo or together.they are unique. God gave us a gift & I take full advantage of it every day. I’ve said i’m in love with ignazio well I am in fact my son last year heard me tell him I loved him at the concert in Vegas last year & he was appalled he couldn’t believe his ears. I had such a good laugh. First thing I do every day is put the CD on & look at Ignazio’s beautiful smiling face. That’s heaven. I ‘m 85 & I’m still here that’s passion that’s what Il Volo does for me.

  7. I,m glad to know that I have so many oldies like me on this trip of ours. It’s so true that our boys ( and they always will be to me) have touched ourt hearts so deeply. My 88th b,day I will celebrate going to the concert in L.A. Joanie G

  8. Wow ladies, these young men seem to have reignited the smoldering embers in our hearts and souls. Sorry my children, someday you may feel this way too. Or at least I hope you have a reason to. We should never forget that whatever age we are, (I am 77) we are still women and we still appreciate the beauty in life. My only regret is, I won’t be around to see them become middle-aged. (Well, who knows) I’m going to hang around as long as I an though just because I don’t want to miss a thing that happens in their lives.
    Can you wear out a CD? I made copies just in case and they are being played every day.
    If anyone else is going to Detroit, Vegas or Tampa, please wear your badge, I will be wearing mine.

  9. Last spring I had a very brief chance to talk to Ignazio about music. He and the other guys love Leonard Bernstein (note West Side Story music they do) and I suggested that with a little modification to the script the guys could do Bernstein’s musical ” On The Town ” – a story about three young sailors on weekend leave in New York. One of the famous songs is “New York, New York “. It is a great show and had a very successful revival recently on Broadway. The movie version stars Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly. Lot of fun.

    1. That show was a lot of fun–but it had a lot of dancing in it as well as singing. Gene Kelly could sing, and Sinatra could dance. Do you see the guys dancing as well as singing?!

      1. I can see Ignazio and Piero dancing, I’m not sure if Gianluca is interested in dancing because he seems to leave it to the other two. No one though can dance like Gene Kelly could.

      2. Fred Astaire? I love watching the old videos of Rita Hayworth and either Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire. They make it look so easy!

  10. Peninahonig, I think Fred Astaire was the more romantic dancer and Gene Kelly the more athletic one. Gosh there so many great ones. Ginger Rogers, Anne Miller and we could go on and on.

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