The Lost Post ~ Daniela

I found this post that I had misfiled.   Daniela sent it to me a few months ago after Jane and I were privileged to meet her and Beppe in Brescia, Italy.  It’s very sweet. ~Marie 

And finally the day of our meeting arrived.

How granted my husband and I waited on the platform of the train from Milan. I explained in broad outline your appearance to my husband, one looked to one side and the other from the opposite one. The train arrived, many people came down and was waiting for a lot of climbing, there was confusion and then in the distance I saw you, I said, “there they are, they are” and yelled “Marie, Jane, waving his hand,” you have me seen and smile, a long embrace, as if we had known for years, a few words in my broken English and we immediately understand.


As well as the voices of our beloved boys of IL VOLO create harmonies, even among the three of us has created an atmosphere at once beautiful, even my husband who was afraid of being a perfect excluded, was immediately engaged by your sympathy and kindness. Let me tell members of the crew that Marie and Jane are really two special people, courageous and likable.


I must tell you it was a sight to see as there was fascinated to see the remains of Roman Brescia, the ancient old buildings of rich history, Piazza Loggia, Piazza Duomo, Capitolium and Brescia Castle.


For all lovers of Ignatius, Marie said that Brescia Castle will be their home when they marry (understood Jana, Loretta etc.) But also promised me that the wedding dress will buy it from me.


The day was wonderful there was a beautiful sun and a blue sky, we could not expect better and between a chat and the other was lunch time. We arrived at my house, dinner was ready, and as we ate we enjoyed the beautiful concert of Florence.  Marie who barely restrained emotion. Time was flying fast when things are so pleasant time passes in a moment.


There we would never be known, but the love for Piero Ignazio and Gianluca brought us together. IL VOLO has built a bridge of friendship and we have traveled to get to know, to exchange our affection. Thanks Marie and Jane for coming up here. Thank you guys for giving us the opportunity to meet. We still have a lot to talk about and maybe there will be more time for they can be exchanged right Marie and Jane?

A warm hug from Italy and many kisses from your friend Daniela

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  1. Daniela, meeting you and Beppe was the final stop on our magnificent trip. It was the icing on our amazing cake. When I think back on wonderful Italy, I think of the warmth of you both and the great time we had in your beautiful city and your lovely home. I have two regrets. One is that we couldn’t stay longer. The other is that I didn’t get to spend time in your gown storage room. I really wanted to do that. Does the rest of the Crew know that you and your daughter own a bridal shop? Next time I want to see your newest store. Of course, I will see it when I choose my wedding gown!

    Daniela, my new and forever friend, thank you so much!

    1. Hey Marie, here we are at last evening and now I could sit down and look at the site Flight Crew and what I see? The summary of our beautiful day. I did not know what to expect but it was really a beautiful day, even the weather was wonderful. In fact, the time flew by quickly and this leaves us a regret, you also could not see the wedding dresses. Must you go you and Jane, there are still so many things to show you. I’m so glad of your friendship. I thank IL VOLO for all this.

  2. oh Daniela… this is sooooo soooooo soooooo heartwarming.
    i feel intimately connected with this portion of your trip, Marie and Jane….and with the 3 of you.

  3. Daniela, you just brought back all of the beautiful memories of that day for me. It was so hard to leave that evening. You, Beppe and Brescia had cast a captivating spell over us…we could have stayed forever. I look forward to the day when we can meet again. You just never know when we may show up on your doorstep again. Thank you, dear friend. 🙂

    1. Jane was truly a day to remember, also because we did not know (virtually) for a long time, only the beginning of July, that is, after Magic Night, and three months after we met, it seemed like we had known for years. Beppe is here with me and is reading your comments and remember you and Marie fondly.

  4. Marie, was it difficult to communicate? Does Daniela speak some English? I didn’t know she and her daughter had a bridal shop.

    1. Actually, Daniela knows a lot of English. A few of our conversations were dependent on our phone or tablet translators though. I somehow had conversations with Beppe too. He knows no English and I know no Italian. It’s kind of amazing how facial expressions and hand signals can get you by.

      Maybe, if we ask nicely, Daniela will send us a few shots of the new shop they just moved into.

    2. Rose, do not believe what he says Marie, my English is school of the lower schools, I never got to have conversations in English, but I have to tell you that there was a harmony, we understood.

      Marie I saw you when you were talking with Beppe and show you the photos of the trip, I had to laugh thinking initial embarrassment of my husband, but everything has dissolved, you see you do not need many things to understand each other, just the will.

      Rose, my daughter and I have a bridal shop, a pity that due to the short time Marie and Jane have failed to see it.
      Tonight we finally finished the move of the store, there are still some things but it is almost finished.

      1. Yes, I could see the photos. Just lovely! Looks like you will have a lot of nice room. I would have to stay after work and try on all the gowns. Well, the ones I could fit into anyway.

      2. Thanks Marie, the next time you will have to see the new bridal shop because it is right here outside my house.

  5. What a beautiful experience to meet in person and to have the opportunity to see another part of Italy which probably isn’t as touristy as others with a personal guide! Look what technology has done & our mutual love & admiration for our “guys”! It has brought people together from around the world. And thanks to you ladies of the Flightcrew, for making this possible. Thank you Daniela for your informative comments . 🇮🇹😍

    1. Annette fact, I said, that IL VOLO has built bridges of friendship is this is a beautiful thing, we met thanks to IL VOLO.
      Thank you all for the beautiful friendship

      1. Your more than welcome Daniela. Maybe someday we will meet in person and good luck on your bridal shop! Italian fashion 🇮🇹👠👗☺️

  6. Marie and Jane, what a wonderful day you had with Daniela and Beppe, I am so jealous!
    I can feel the emotion through Daniela’s word’s. She is such a special person!
    How nice for you Marie that Daniela has a wedding shop, she can help you pick out that special dress to wear for Ignatius on your special day! I assume we will all be invited, and you will pay for the airfares?

    1. Of course Jill, Marie will soon see the nuptial dress will organize a beautiful ceremony. Of course you’re all invited.

  7. Daniella What a beautiful bridal shop! Are all the gowns designed & made in Italy or are some imported from other countries?

    1. Thanks Annette, we have several brands, of course Italians, but also Dutch, and French, and the Walt Disney American bride brand.

      1. Thanks Daniela for your response. How interesting the Walt Disney American bride brand. I will have to look that one up. Once again good luck!👗👗

    1. We got ya, Bonnie. Comments are randomly selected for approval and sits in my mailbox until I notice. That’s where you got caught. However, if you scroll to the top of this page and look on the top right, you will see “follow Il Volo Flight Crew”. Click that and posts will automatically come to your mailbox. That way you won’t have to sign on. Thank you for trying!

  8. Daniela, your bridal shop looks beautiful and Brescia looks amazing and would be a wonderful place to visit. You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself and how lovely that you and your husband got to spend the day with Marie and Jane. It is amazing the friendships that have been made all from the love of Il Volo.

    1. Thanks Margaret, I must also tell you that by showing Brescia I also rediscovered Jane Marie and my city, I saw it with new eyes and it seemed a lot more interesting. With them, I also visited the Old Cathedral that I had never seen and it’s beautiful. And really surprising friendships that thanks to the Flight you can do, I would have never thought to have so many friends on the other side of the world.

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed this surprise ‘bonus’ story and pictures about the day that Daniela, Beppe, Marie, Jane all met and became forever friends. For me, anyway, the stories and posts on here have always had the effect of driving home to me the idea that we are all really ‘one’ on this Earth; separated only by its limitations of time and space. (I’ve been reading along as I can, without the time to comment as often as before. Wishing I could, hoping I can again. Don’t like getting behind on what’s happening with IL VOLO and also the folks of “The Flight Crew.” I get vicarious pleasure reading about the friendships formed here. Missing those whom I can remember, who, like the leaves of a tree, have fallen away or been taken away by the winds of change or time. Thanks for this special place and to all who have helped to keep it alive, past and present.

    1. Thank you, Laura. Always a pleasure reading your comments whenever you are able.

      This… “Missing those whom I can remember, who, like the leaves of a tree, have fallen away or been taken away by the winds of change or time.”… is just lovely!

    2. Laura, I missed you. nice to hear from you again. Really!

      You know, you were my first friend here at Flight Crew. And I felt very welcomed by you. I was new here, and you encouraged me and really made me feel welcome. Thank you for that. Bless you.

      You wrote something that stirred a chord in me, and I wrote you that you articulated exactly what I felt. And I felt encouraged to write my angle a bit more and you wrote back that you felt that exactly as well. remember?
      I missed you, nice you’re back.

      1. Cynthia💗 Thank you, Yes! I do remember it all now. Your sweet, earnest, sensitive nature is something that I’ve always noticed, felt and admired. (Every time I see your adorable pumpkin it touches my heart. I remember when it first appeared and was glad that you kept it here.🎃 It makes me smile!). It’s a miracle that, so far, I’ve been able write this to you; have been having computer problems. A big thanks to our dear Marie💗 for letting me know to look here! Bless you, too, Cynthia! Thank you❤️🐾

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