Last Call ~~ Gian Turns 22




Gian’s Birthday is in 7 days, and there’s still time to get your greeting in!

Contact us:

by email:

by private message on Facebook: Kelly Aitch Il Volo

All greetings need to be received by the evening of February 10.

If you have already sent a greeting and have not yet received a message back from us, please comment below, and I will contact you directly.  I am currently caught up with all the greetings that we have received.

Thank you!

~~ Kelly

20 thoughts on “Last Call ~~ Gian Turns 22”

      1. Hi, Betty. The first time you comment on a post or comment from a new account, the site automatically holds your comment for approval for the administrator so they can separate real comments from spam. Your comments will no longer need moderation, and will immediately show up from now on. :). I have save your birthday wish to be added to our post that will go up on Gian’s Birthday.

  1. Hi Kelly: I sent a message via the “contact us” email, and have not heard back. Now I realize that was the wrong place to send it, and I did not keep a copy to resend. Can you find it in that email? Thanks.

  2. Hi Kelly I have not heard back re birthday wishes for Gianluca. Just a reminder as I know your are busy. Thanks, Marion

  3. I just sent mine, Kelly. I hope you got it in sufficient time. So much appreciation for your passing along our birthday wishes to our beloved Gian!

    Much appreciation,
    Oops! I’m going to re-send from the email I use for Flight Crew, so you’ll have it in a minute.

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