Will You Pass the Test?

 Take the 7 Question

Who is… (no fighting please)

1) The most serious? ❤

2)  The best dresser? 💋

3)  The quietest? 💕

4)  The one with the most dimples? (OK, that one was unfair.) ❤

5)  The one who will marry first? 💖

6)  The friendliest? 💋

7)  The one you most want to kiss on the cheek.  ❤ (Answering all three isn’t allowed)

If you thought I was going to ask “who is the most handsome” you’re wrongThey are ALL the most handsome. 💙💚💛

Bonus question:
What group did Gianluca recently say was their United States fan club? 💕

(Admit it, we use to do this kind of thing in high school and it was fun.)

Correct answers:    If your answers were, Gianluca, Piero, or Ignazio, in any order, You passed! 💟


If you don’t know the answer to the bonus question, you’ve come to the wrong website!



37 thoughts on “Will You Pass the Test?”

  1. Thanks Marie, got them all correct. Have a great Sunday. Kids picking me up to spend some time with some of them and my GRT grandsons and match super bowl. I hope half-time will not be used as a political platform like last year.

  2. I usually freak out when taking a test but this one was a “Heart Stopper”. Thanks Marie! Also Marie how do you send birthday wishes? I have never done it!

  3. Marie, but do you get such ideas?
    Here we all win with your eyes closed, because the names we have in mind are always Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca. Test passed with flying colors.
    Good Sunday to all.

    1. Daniela, you know Marie has a vivid imagination, and I’m sure she can come up with many more ideas!😊
      I also got the test right, but got hung up on question 4 for a while, and had to keep looking at Iggy’s face to make sure I answered the question correctly.

  4. I PASSED…I KNOW I DID!! EASY PEASY! Marie send my reward by X press mail to Box XXX, Gonzales , Texas OR just tell the mailman to leave HIM on the front porch! You know which HIM ! I promise to send HIM back….eventually! <3 <3 <3

  5. Oh Marie!!! A fun test to start this beautiful Sun morning! I didn’t even have to think about it! These three names are always on my mind!!! May I say again, Love you Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero!!!

  6. Marie, where did you find that picture? It is one of the best ones I’ve seen of all three of them! Wooooooooeeeeee!

  7. Marie that was too easy because there can be no wrong answers😉. Any or all of the above except for #4 and #5.

  8. Great pop quiz. They are so wicked super. It want to kiss Gianluca on the cheek – again! Julie B.

  9. Great questionnaire Marie, to you the biggest gold star!!!!! In answer to number (7) I would love to repeat the 3 times I was able to kiss the ‘dearest middle heart’s’ cheeks again. That can only happen when, not if, these three adorable guys decide to come to South Africa.

  10. We have been busy doing our homework. I know I do mine
    everyday. No day is complete with visiting with Il Volo and
    listening to their singing and interviews. These three guys
    are so easy to love and I look forward to their return for a
    concert in Oklahoma or other close state. I would like their
    picture also without the hearts. I don’t remember seeing
    that picture before. Thank you Marie for your talent in

  11. This test is a great ad interesting idea,I look forward to the next and I believe that great success will surely give strength to other posts.I´m happy that IVFC continues.
    Thank you Marie !

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