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A recent “pigiama party” where all the guests are hunkered down and doing what millennials do best…using their cell phones, probably on social media sites.  Be it in Italy or anywhere, this generation is affixed to their phones.  Looking down the road I would say the one in the middle will someday be a world famous opera singer who as a millennial had a stunning career  singing with Il Volo, but was still a normal everyday guy who would hang out with his friends when ever he got the chance  and just be himself.    




Two more humble Italian millennials doing what they do so graciously.


This tender hearted millennial is being honored through the Reuse with love program. With his generous donation an important piece of medical equipment was purchased.


This handsome millennial is at the inauguration at the Castle of Chiaramonte Naro, where an entire room was dedicated to him.



Even the dolphins stand in line to kiss this amazing millennial.


Pure love


Three extraordinary millennials with their little friend, Jonathon, who is now one of Heaven’s most precious angels. 

We love these three millennials as if they were our own.  They personify the best of the very best at all times.


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21 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~Italian Millennials”

  1. Jane, thank you for this! When you put these things together, like you have done, it’s easy to see their youth as well as their giving nature. How unusual for fellows of their age to be so socially conscious. I am so proud of our young men that I could burst. We sure hitched our wagons to the brightest stars. Didn’t we?

  2. Thank you, Jane!! You all know I love these precious young men with all my heart!!! Love all the charitable events they are involved with!!! They are We Are Love!!!

  3. You said it Jane !!! PURE LOVE !!! That’s what they have given all of us and the world !! They are the pride of their hometowns and all of Italy …. and we too are so very proud of them and will love these three endearing young men forever !!! 💕💕

    1. Yes, joanie…what continues to make my feelings grow deeper and deeper for them is that they are so unaffected by all that has happened in their young lives. By that I mean nothing has gone to their heads. They are who they are at any given moment…such down right great human beings!

  4. Jane, Well said. I will watch from my vantage place in heaven to see how their lives take shpe. We all know they will be hugely successful. Joanie G

    1. Joan, we all will be watching from that vantage point sooner or later…can only imagine how heavenly their music will sound IN heaven! 🙂

  5. I loved your article, Jane. And I hope there will be room on that vantage point in heaven when my time comes to join the Il Volo Heavenly Fan Club! In the meantime, my heart bursts with pride whenever I think of our wonderful guys. Like I keep saying, can’t wait for March!

  6. Jane, you say, you’re a seer? Observation of a photo as you can conclude that the bespectacled boy who is in the middle will be a day a good (and beautiful I say) opera singer? If it did I would tell him: yet Enjoy a little peace of mind and buy energy because soon you will have so many to spare.
    What about this other guy surrounded by children, it is an unprecedented sweetness, and this handsome young man who likes to make selfie with the ladies who have a few years older than him, special.
    With what pride offer help charitable causes, and how they like to support people who protect us.
    How much sweetness into that kiss with dolphin ……….. but most poignant pictures are those of Jonathan. It ‘nice to see him in these shots so glad to have been able to sing with her darlings, with Piero Ignazio and Gianluca, it’s really hard to think that a little person so sweet is no longer here.
    Thank you guys because you have brought to the small Jonathan few moments of happiness, you are some very special people.

    1. Daniela, thank you for posting this beautiful video to go along with this post. Brings tears to my eyes. What a precious little soul and what genuine love shown from Piero and Gianluca.

  7. What wonderful, thoughtful young men. They brought a moment of such happiness to this little boys life. I’m sure Jonathan is watching over them. I love them for that moment in time.

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