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Personally Speaking~Italian Millennials




A recent “pigiama party” where all the guests are hunkered down and doing what millennials do best…using their cell phones, probably on social media sites.  Be it in Italy or anywhere, this generation is affixed to their phones.  Looking down the road I would say the one in the middle will someday be a world famous opera singer who as a millennial had a stunning career  singing with Il Volo, but was still a normal everyday guy who would hang out with his friends when ever he got the chance  and just be himself.    




Two more humble Italian millennials doing what they do so graciously.


This tender hearted millennial is being honored through the Reuse with love program. With his generous donation an important piece of medical equipment was purchased.


This handsome millennial is at the inauguration at the Castle of Chiaramonte Naro, where an entire room was dedicated to him.



Even the dolphins stand in line to kiss this amazing millennial.


Pure love


Three extraordinary millennials with their little friend, Jonathon, who is now one of Heaven’s most precious angels. 

We love these three millennials as if they were our own.  They personify the best of the very best at all times.


Photo credit: Facebook