29 thoughts on “Friday Flashback…Way Back ~ 2011”

  1. Just how cute is that kid speaking at the beginning of “la luna hizo esto?” I have a major need to pinch that cheek or at least run my fingers through his curls.

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  3. These are some of my favorite videos of days gone by… Our boys have grown up and now are men… But oh how I loved these boys, and of course I love the men they have become even more because they have not only grown in my heart, but they have improved their quality of music as well as the quality of their voices… They just continue to amaze people around the world with they charm, personality and with their beautiful voices of course…

    Looking back makes you realize how these three young men captured our hearts …
    Thank you Marie for this trip down memory lane with these early Videos…

  4. Marie, thanks a million for brightening up my day. I will be selling my home here and moving to Maryville Ca. It;s traumatic and I count on Il Volo to keep me sane. Love all of you Joanie g

  5. Dear Marie I just love your post today I love seeing the old videos again. I have the pbs video from Detroit and watch it all he time, the boys were amazing back then and now boy have they put everything together beautifully what amazing men they are now I will love IL Volo forever. They own my heart especially my Piero.

  6. These beautiful memories, partly because in their time I have not experienced them.
    They were just the little children, impossible not to love them, ……….. and now that they are young men, impossible not to love them!

  7. Thank Marie, that video brought back the memories of their first real concert, How far they have come !! They deserve all they have achieved as they have worked so hard and have given such pleasure to all who have seen and heard them. Bravo boys !!

  8. Marie, I checked in 3 hours ago. I have gone from one clip to another, to another, etc. I csn’t stop, because I don’t want to miss a single one but I have to or I will turn into a vegetable. Thanks for the links Tomorrow is always another day.

  9. Thank you Marie for these videos. I really enjoy seeing them and I never saw that interview. Watching their first PBS special from Detroit, I just felt they were extraordinary. It wasn’t even just their beautiful voices and how young they were, it was also how comfortable they were performing and speaking in English when they really knew very little at the time. You could also see how much they loved what they were doing and how much they enjoyed performing.

  10. Thank you Marie for Throw back Fri videos. Yep, that is the moment I fell in love with Il Volo and I am still totally enchanted. Loved reliving that concert.

      1. oh, just saw this now, Laura.
        i apologize for late reply. i am ALWAYS happy to hear from you. Thank you so much. WARM HUG

  11. HI Marie, Managed to get my computer working tonight and have a lot of catching up to do here ! Hoping it keeps working. Fingers crossed! That 1980 song, “Into The Night” (Benny Mardones) reminds me of what many IL VOLO Lovers felt and still feel (Just ignore the first line ! LOL 😳😅😂).

    1. Happy you’re back! I would never have believed I would be so attached to something. When my computer went down and the shop wanted to keep it overnight I was stunned. Was lost the entire next day. I now own two laptops, this tablet and a kindle. I believe strongly in over-kill.

      1. Thanks, Marie <3 Computer not cooperating again; hoping can do this successfully like late last night!:( (There's actually a sad, little story behind that song I mentioned above. That singer has a heart (and had a strong, really good singing voice; I think so! ) 🙂

    1. Dummy-me ! I’m sorry, Marie. I didn’t think to mention that info. You’re so nice to respond, as always! The little story is on You Tube. It’s a radio or phone interview with Benny Mardones. The video is not long and entitled, “Into The Night – The Story Behind The Song” and was uploaded there by “Songfacts” on Sept. 8, 2011. I had read that Benny’s father was from Chile . Don’t know about his mother. Maybe his strong singing voice comes from his Dad! You know; like those three other Italian lads with those (outstanding) strong singing voices ! Benny Mardones’ voice was “a little bit different”, as you said; like a roughness in it, (but not to be compared with our IL VOLO’s strong, powerful and BEAUTIFUL voices of course!). i just like the soulfulness of the melody and the soulful wail of the voice. (This song is an example of what’s described as “Blue-eyed Soul,” although I’d wager that you probably knew that already, Marie! 🐼😘

  12. Hi Marie, Quickly, just want to be sure you go to the best quality video of “Into The Night” on You Tube, in case you fell like hearing it there again: Benny Mardones Into The Night (Original Video Clip 1980 HQ) AOR uploaded on Dec. 4, 2011 and it’s the one that has over 4 million views. I tried to post this info. for you last night, but was unsuccessful in my attempts. (Grrr…!) Hope you find this message again! (Yes, it looks like he’s had a forty-year career; not bad! Seems that Latin men, in particular, as with many African-American singers, have a high number of exceptionally good singers). Thanks for letting me get this (last bit) of info.to you here.

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