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0096 Happy Birthday Piero - 2015


Happy 22nd Birthday Dear Gianluca,
I wish you the happiest of birthdays filled with your dear loved ones family and friends.
You should receive back many times over all the love and enjoyment you give so freely of yourselves to others. You have a beautiful voice, heart and soul. May God bless you always in your personal and professional life.
Il Volover and Fan for Life,
Margaret D. Mirailh


 ***May God bless you and keep you in His care on your birthday and always, Gianluca.  We were so concerned for you and your family during the earthquakes, and we are so sorry that you lost friends because of them. I pray that you will be able to look forward to each new day.  Can’t wait for the concert in Las Vegas in March!
Brenda Hall, grandmother in Texas who prays for you. (Hope you enjoyed the Paul Anka CD!)
Happy Happy birthday to the smoothest voice in the world. Love and hugs from me for enriching my life. Joanie Guyon in California
***Dear Gian Luca,  Wishing you a happy Birthday with many more to come!   Love from Joyce Bond, San Antonio Tx🎉🎂
Hi Gian,  Your fans all over the globe are celebrating your birthday today. I wish you HEALTH, HAPPINESS, and LOVE my dear. I have followed your career for 6 years now. You have grown to be a wonderful caring and loving individual and the three of you have had such a great affect on my life. You make my life happy with your music and I am forever thankful. Enjoy your SPECIAL DAY with love ones. We ADORE YOU GIAN. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.Regards,Prese PascoAll God’s blessings to you,  Gianluca!  Thank you for your dedication to your music, your fans and your family!  You have inspired me to learn Italian, reconnect with my Italian roots, and play my ukulelele and sing Italian songs!  Have a grand birthday and we’ll be seeing you at the meet and greets in Detroit and Chicago in March and in Taormina in June!  Lottsa Ilvolove! -Ms Betty!
***Gianluca – Happy Birthday, , happy birthday, happy birthday, Happy birthday and may you have many more.  Celebrate, have fun and enjoy yourself.  Sorry, I’m not there to celebrate with you – maybe next time , sweetie!!
Anne Deehan

Sincere wishes  for a very happy birthday, Gian  !!!!  ~~ Mary Anne Sutton






Dear Gianluca~~I wish you a wonderful birthday and the continuation of making your dreams come true!
You are a wonderful young man with a fabulous talent and a sweet personality that we love for your kindness of heart, your thoughtfulness and caring.
It has been a big year.  I hope the next one has much happiness, success and personal fulfillment.  Penina Honig,  Toronto,  Canada


***I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays.  May you have as much joy in your life as you bring into my life. Gianluca you are much loved by so many people.  May God bless you and your loved ones.  Rose Marie Paliobeis
Dear Gianluca!  I also wish you a happy 22 birthday and I send you some  pictures of your heart female – NP.  I wish you only the beautiful sunny days in your next life. Good luck! Zdena.

***Dear Gianluca,  Happy 22nd Birthday!    Buon Compleanno!    Your beautiful music makes me smile & feel happy! Love all the new songs you sing!  ❤💖. Have a great 2017  with all your dreams  & desires fullfilled!  Looking forward to the March Concerts! ~~ Ann Quinto

***Happy 22nd birthday Gianluca, enjoy your big day! I can’t wait till march 14th when I get to see my favorite group in person for the first time in Boston, I hope I get to see you three close. You have a really cute girlfriend and make a cute couple, it is good to see you smile all the time you can tell you are happy. I hope you can celebrate yours with her.  ~~ Elizabeth Meyer
Happy Birthday Gianlucca. Wishing you peace, love and joy for the next year and the rest of your life. Thank you for the peace, love and joy you have given your fans around the world. With love, Jan Bolin Kansas, USA
gianandjoan Dearest Gianluca,
The past seven years have been one of the greatest pleasures of my life watching you grow from an adorable young teenager into a handsome,kind,loving and extremely talented young man !!!
You are loved so much and wished all that your sweet heart desires and more in the coming year and forever after !!!
Have a GREAT “22nd” Birthday with your beautiful family and friends. !!!
I can’t wait to see you at Radio City Music Hall March 4th !!!!  All My Love, Joan Brenin
***Happy Birthday Gianluca!   I hope you enjoy your special day with those you love.  You are such a talented man with a heart of gold.  Keep smiling and loving your life.  Jane Ceminsky–from Minnesota!

“May God Grant you always…… A sun beam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you, laughter to cheer you, faithful friends near you, and whenever you pray, Heaven to hear you,  -An Irish Blessing-  A Happy Birthday wish from Gina in Texas



***Dear Gianluca,  This has been a year of great highs and lows for you.   The biggest high has to be the amazing performance of Notte Magica.   It will ever be hard to top that.   Thank you so much for the endless times I can watch it.   We are all so proud of you three young men.  The saddest part is the loss of your friends in the tragic earthquake.   May you find peace in treasured memories.   I hope February 11th is the beginning of another wonderful year for you.   Many happy returns of the day.   My wish is sent with love,  Lesley Newall.



Happy birthday greetings to Gianluca-a great person and singer. ~~ Bob Hahn



Happy Birthday dearest Gianluca.  Sending extra big hugs, kisses and wishes for your health, happiness and inner peace. Looking forward to seeing you at Foxwoods and Boston.  Enjoy your special day.  Luv ya!  Julie Bernache


***A very, very Happy Birthday, Gianluca. Your beautiful voice and those of your Il Volo “brothers” brought peace and happiness into my life when I very much needed it. God bless you for sharing your wonderful talent with the world. Much love from Minnesota, Allene Shipman



Seems like only yesterday Gian was an incredibly handsome youngster with a truly beautiful man’s voice . The boy has become a wonderful young man with a rich and powerful baritone. Happy birthday, Gianluca. May you enrich our lives and stir our hearts as only you can for many many years to come. ~~ Dorothy Shores



Dear Gianluca – I hope you have a wonderful birthday.  I know it has been a terrible few months for you but just know that the love your fans have for you is immeasurable and that we are always thinking of you.  Cannot wait to see you on March 2 in Easton and March 7 in Philadelphia (Meet & Greet) ~~ Camille Greco



***Well young man, I am here ,once again, to wish you a buon compleano.  My pleasure!  Your hard work has brought you the amazing notoriety you deserve.  Just keep singing!  Sending all my love to you.  See you in Detroit!  💋Marie Crider.

*** Happy Birthday, Gianluca!  From Jeanine DuBois ***





*** Gianluca,  I can’t say anything that others haven’t already, so I won’t try.  I hope you feel all of our love in spite of the distance between our countries.  Have a wonderful day!  Tanti Auguri!  Much love, Kelly  <3


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  1. Dear Giamluca it is my sincerest pleasure in wishing you the happiest birthday you have ever had. I have always said from the beginning you have perfected the art on how to be the very best cruiner. You have surpassed Sinatra & others by miles. Il Volo are the VERY BEST SINGERS in the world so no fear Gian no one will ever pass you. I am looking forward to seeing you 3 handsome young men on the 16th, can,t wait to hear the best singers in the world & to wish you personal birthday wishes Gian & also seeing 2 other handsome partners of yours. Lots ov luck on your speciak day.

    1. It’s between Julie B. and Dorothy Shores. If I’ve missed anyone, please say! I had Wifi problems last night, and I thought I recovered all the comments.

      1. Hi Kelly: This is the first time for me to send a birthday greeting. I tried several times to send it but it came back not deliverable. Then I realized I was one letter off for the email. I tried again but since I don’t see it, I guess you didn’t receive it. Happy 22nd Birthday Gianluca🎉 Enjoy your day!!❤️

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