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Feb 17th – “Aunt” Antonella’s new show will feature the Boys first!  (Translated)

Antonella Clerici shooting the big prime time: steals the judges to Mary and stands out the Volo


Dressed in blue, Antonella Clerici made his entrance on the stage of the Ariston. Until the last moment his presence was in doubt, but ultimately the Clerici has found the time to go to Sanremo! There are lots of commitments Clerici who had to leave Ready Steady Cook, entrusting it to his team, for a day in order to be in Sanremo to talk about the new RAI 1 program that will star in the early evening. Antonella Clerici it returns to prime time with Standing Ovation from Friday, 17 February 2017. In the face of all the superstitions, Antonella is ready to debut and in the evening of the Festival also gives the juicy anticipation of what we will see in the first episode of the program. Standing Ovation mixes different ingredients, it is not a race, it is not only performance, it is not only small talent … And ‘different things put together, but the fear that the children can be bad about the comments of the judges there will not because they will not be alone on the stage of Standing Ovation but in the company of their relatives or other loved ones. And this time Clerici should have imposed his beliefs: either you do it right or do not do. In recent years the presenter had to arranciarsi in various early evenings, with what mother Rai offered but apparently, for its new program, it will not.

It can be understood well by reading the names of the three jurors who will be part of his team. We titled “Antonella steals the judges to Mary” because it is a little too well. In fact Standing Ovation jury will hear the comments of Nek, which as you know has been part of the school of Friends, with his role as artistic director in the evening. And then there will be, last minute surprise, Loredana Berte that at this point, we imagine, will not be among the judges of the next edition of Friends. Third judge for the new RAI 1 program, Romina Power, a piece from ninety also for the affection that the public has for her.

But it does not end here because as announced by Antonella Clerici in its participation in Sanremo, the first episode of Standing Ovation, will feature the boys of The flight. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will be with her Friday, February 17, 2017 on RAI 1. It starts at so great. Good luck for this new adventure. 









11 thoughts on “So…What’s Going On?”

  1. oh how lovely! this makes my heart smile… that Ms. Clerici and the boys will be together again. thank you, Marie, for sharing this 😉

  2. Gianluca you have earned all the good wishes which you have received, you are a very loved person.
    I know the fans who have signed this ticket, beautiful idea that they had, right? Gianluca also liked very much !!

    How wonderful that on Friday Antonella Clerici and the guys will be together in the first first episode of the new show by Antonella, when they were given the news all us fans we were very happy.

      1. Marie, Maura greets you with affection, is very proud of the gift she have given in its eleventh grandson, and is very proud that you wrote “our” Maura.

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