Il Volo Off Stage: Fun and Games

offstageIt is true that Il Volo is on the move again, slowly making their way to the US for their upcoming tour, but they have still found time to share some off duty things with us.  How sweet is it that they do so? 

~~ Kelly


Gianluca has been as busy on social media as ever…

Hanging with friends:  click to see photo —> Funny Faces with Alessio  ~~ @allesiosangiacomo

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@gianginoble11 and friend #instastory

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… and mastering the hoverboard:  click to watch video —> Hoverboard Master ~~ Gian’s Instagram

He’s also lamenting … chubbier… times as a child… 😀  As if that were ever true!

Gian's Instagram
Gian’s Instagram

Of course, what would time off be without an amazing selfie with Erny?

Gian's Instagram
Gian’s Instagram


Ignazio has been putting together puzzles with a man’s best friend:

And what a feat it was!

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He enjoyed some good food…

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@ignazioboschetto #instastory #buonappetito

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…and took some time for a haircut.

Ignazio's Instagram; with @marcoguercio18
Ignazio’s Instagram; with @marcoguercio18


Visited “the keepers of his castle” at Piero Barone House Teca


And is just generally looking pretty GQ: click to watch video —> Looking Good! Piero with friend ~~ Piero’s Instagram

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18 thoughts on “Il Volo Off Stage: Fun and Games”

      1. thank you, Marion and Daniela. it just popped up on my face when i opened youtube on my phone. which i don’t usually do.
        meant for us 😉

      2. I also think whoever did the video, did a good job. Well-done. Showcases their USA Tour 2017 impressively and elegantly.

  1. Kelly,I must say that our guys are always beautiful, even in photographs taken randomly throughout their days.
    Gianluca is certainly the more social, because not a day goes by that he does not publish a picture or a comment.
    Ignazio is instead the less social, but lately it is much better, in fact we are paying homage to some of his everyday shooting, and we we like so much.
    What about Piero? It becomes increasingly dark and handsome and charming, always well cared for physically and in clothing.
    BRAVI RAGAZZI, you are a delight for our eyes as well as our ears.

  2. Gianluca in instagram photos, all you recognize Brandon Sherrod, the basketball player of Roseto Sharks. Did you know that Brandon is also a good singer gospel and in 2015 he took a year off to be able to turn 26 nations with the oldest choir in the United States chapel.
    Gianluca and Brandon met for a pizza and to be able to think of a way to help those affected by the earthquake.
    Gianluca gave Brandon IL VOLO CD.
    Here the article.

    1. Their rendition of “Fly Me to the Moon” together at the end of the article is great. Thanks Daniela.

      1. yes, Marion, i also enjoyed the ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ clip….
        thanks, Daniela, again

  3. Is Ignazio wearing a wedding band in these pictures? Looks like one. A secret ceremony, maybe? I love his black, wild-haired, canine best friend, Franz; he reminds me of his owner. Seriously!:)

    1. It’s not a wedding band, in Italy we call this ring “fedina”, it means that you are in an important relashionship with someone 🙂 Franz is so cute! ♥

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