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On February 15th Il Volo were guests of RTL102.5 in radiovision. They have sung live, but they showed a good 8 videos: They said that London will host Mario Biondi who sang with them in the House Party. There will be a zero date in Roccaraso Italy Abruzzo May 3 but Gianluca let slip that they are preparing something to aid earthquake for Abruzzo. They also said they will go to Kazakhstan, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland. They asked the boys as they do with families as they are often away and they said that when they want to return and I can go by families whereas they think young people who are forced to work to get away from home, go abroad and do not see the families for a long time, Piero Ignazio and Gianluca have said they admire about these guys. They also said that were not previously known in Italy because after TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE went abroad and were like three nerds, but then when they came back with the Vespa broadcasts have begun to have visibility and then of course Sanremo and the fact that they had recorded the unpublished pushed them to greater audience. In addition to Italian tour we have added a date in Ancona and also another date in Rome and maybe they said it could become easily Tormina 4 dates, jokingly said that the date more is for relatives of Piero. ~Daniela



Although the interview is in Italian, Daniela has given us the brief synopsis above.  The interview contains some excellent video clips.

Stay with it because at the very end Piero goes to get…

our Flight Crew member Maura Pucci and brings her to the table.  Maura!  How did you do that?  How wonderful! 


That’s her standing beside Gianluca, who she claims as her 11th grandchild.





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      1. thanks much, Daniela… sometimes i feel they are too big. they come out big here somehow…. i shall look for smaller ones so as not to be so… hmmmm, well… flamboyant, or too “loud”
        (but i am happy you like them. BACI)

  1. Good Sunday to all the crew.
    I wanted to add a couple of things that have been said during the interview:
    They are working to make a disc of unreleased whose output is still far away, probably in 2018.
    Towards the end of the interview with Piero arrived at the flowers with the dedication of a girl who has not signed (Piero read in direct message), how sweet this thing.
    But what’s even sweeter is that Maura said that while there was advertising Piero took a rose from the deck ,knelt and gave it to her, she turned red with pleasure.
    Last thing, I have to tell you that the male speaker of the radio is called Federico Vespa and is the son of Bruno Vespa.

    Cynthia, I think Marie was referring to videos that are in the interview, you can find those by going with the link under the photo, as any interview.

    1. yes, thank you Daniela. i found it (see my other notes above)… actually started watching this when you pointed it out to me the other day, but did not finish…
      but now saw Maura… thus my comment above. sweet.
      tnaks again, Daniela

  2. Grazie Daniela for your very benvenuto posts! It is meravigliosa to have your input that chiarisce/spiega what our guys are up to in Italy. Also, as you know, I very much appreciate your traduzioni too.
    Fare la ‘risposta’ I questo modo potrannotutti noi!

    1. Ineke Hello, it’s nice to hear you. The interview with Radio 102.5 is long and I have summed up, but if you have any questions, ask me and I will answer.

      1. Daniela your versione condensate was just great. Made it much easier for me to follow the tendenza of the interview. Many thanks.

      2. Daniela there is just one part of the interview that I would love to know what Gianluca says that it is ‘true’ and then he seems to get very excited about something. It is at the start of 50 minutes mark for about 3 and a half minutes till Per Te Ci Saro.
        Thanks Daniela, there is no hurry for this info. Ciao,Ciao.

  3. I agree with ineke. Daniela, thank you for all the information you provided to us AND DO IT IN ENGLISH!!! I know this is a busy time for you outside of this site too. Opening a new store and all. Remember you promised me a post on it.

    Daniela said it would be boring. I told her we were mostly women and a woman never tires of seeing wedding gowns!

    1. Ok, I promised you and I will.

      Later Maura will also comment but in Italian.
      You saw that it was good, had a fabulous docking, had to make three stairs to walk but it was worth it. You know that she follows you forever and that does not comment because I do not know how to use the translator.

      When Piero comes to take Maura, Gianluca says, we welcome Maura grandmother who 86 years but following us better than a fifteen.
      Really nice compliment.

  4. Care amiche, sono nonna Maura una vecchia fan del Volo ( ho 86 anni) , ma appassionata come una giovane. Vivo a Roma. Seguo la vostra pagina da molto tempo ma non ho mai commentato perchè non conosco l’inglese e non so usare il traduttore. Grazie a voi ho conosciuto Daniela, mia cara amica. E grazie a Daniela ho conosciuto In video Marie e Jane alle quali mando un caro saluto Mi avete potuto vedere su RTL 105,2 per due colpi di fortuna! La trasmissione si effettuava a Roma e conoscevo la conduttrice fin da bambina, essendo la figlia di una mia carissima amica. E stata una grande gioia per me e mi sono sentita a mio agio con loro come se fossero i miei nipotini. Saluto tutti , vi abbraccio virtualmente e … viva il Volo!!!

    1. Translation:
      Dear friends, am Grandma Maura an old fan of the Flight (I 86 years), but passionate as a young man. I live in Rome. I follow your page for a long time but I never commented because I do not know English and do not know use the translator. Thanks to you I met Daniela, my dear friend. And thanks to Daniela I met In video Marie and Jane to whom I send best wishes you could see on RTL 105.2 for two lucky breaks! The broadcast was carried out in Rome and I knew the presenter as a child, being the daughter of one of my dearest friend. It was a great joy for me and I felt at ease with them like they’re my grandkids. Greetings all, I embrace you virtually … long live the Flight!!!

      1. Maura, you can comment anytime. I have a translator program and will be happy to share what you write in English. It was great seeing you on the video.

        Maura, si può commentare in qualsiasi momento. Ho un programma traduttore e sarà felice di condividere quello che scrivi in inglese. È stato bello vederti sul video.

      2. così felice che hai scritto qualcosa di nonna Maura! noi tutti amiamo i ragazzi così tanto. Sono stupito la fascia di età. Buona Notte Nonna Maura!!!

      1. from GOOGLE-TRANSLATE:
        oh Maura, sono così felice di sentire da voi. Grazie tanto che ci scrive.
        visto i tuoi 2 video. quella dove Piero ti ha portato ad unirsi a loro, e l’altra in cui parlavi con loro.
        Sono abbastanza nuovo qui, ma ora ottenere la deriva di unirsi a loro, scrivendo un commento qui e là.
        BACI e caloroso abbraccio

      1. Lots of love and kisses from Delaware, USA!! I’m waiting for my family book to come in from my cousin and I’ll info to share!!! Thank you for all you do!!

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