“Standing Ovation” ~ Daniela

Behold the participation of Il Volo to “Standing Ovation”.


In the first video the guys with Antonella joke because it’s Friday the 17th, we have this number brings bad luck, especially on Friday. Antonella says she does not believe in these things and the boys confirm but when she leaves them make their fingers crossed. In the transmission there are three judges, NEK you know well, Romina Power, which I know well as the wife of Albano and daughter of Tyrone Power. The third judge is Loredana Bertè, she is a good rock star, she did not mince her words and if something does not like it says in the face, but it seems to me that she was very glad of the performance of the boys, in fact, she sang with them. At the end of the GRANDE AMORE they speak a little of the American and European tour and the guys say that the better side when they return to their Italia.   It ‘was a good performance and the guys were great as always.


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  1. Bravo Daniela,
    excellent clean image and sound.I´ m sorry that I can´t download songs to my computer,I believe that someone is uplading it to YouTube.
    Boys are again great and they are very sexy as always !
    Thanks for the very nice Saturday morning!
    AL BANO I know a lot,I like his beautiful strong “Italian” voice.Do you remember the song “L´amore é sempre amore”? Al Bano sang it together with young Ignazio in 2009.

      1. Zdena, Marie, do not think that Ignatius at that period very much mimicked the way of singing of Al Bano, then walked away, his voice shook too, now sings in a more youthful way.

  2. Thank you so much I love these videos. Look how much Ignazio loves singing at the standing ovation he is always smiling.& Al Bano likes singing with Ignazio. He is so generous with sharing the song with Ignazio. Ignazio has become so handsome.

    1. Loretta know, at that time everyone was generous with the guys because they were little more than children novice and did not scare anyone. Now I do not know if the situation would be the same.
      By the way, Ignatius is truly beautiful !!

      1. Daniela, yes Ignatius is beautiful, but I think even more so because he is rested! I’m sure there are some singers now that would be a little intimidated if they sang with Il Volo. And they should be!

      2. Jill, a girl seeing yesterday wrote Il Volo:
        Ignatius exuded happiness
        Piero gave off hormones
        Gianluca exuded elegance
        HA HA HA what do you think?

  3. DANIELA thank you for keeping us informed about what is written about our boys in Italy and posting the latest interviews and appearances.
    MARIE AND LADY CONTRIBUTORS THANKS for the great job you are doing. The last month or so we had some great postings.

  4. I am so happy for the translation, Daniela!!! All appeared to be having a fun conversation, now I know. Family is here to help me stage the house for the Open House next week I am selling my house, getting older, my kids want me with them!! I am ready, tired of living by myself.

    1. I’m happy for you because I feel that living alone now weighed you, but always cut out the moments when listening to IL VOLO, and reading Flight Crew. A hug from an Italian friend.

  5. Thank you for the translation Daniela. No matter what Ignazio’s
    age, that talented voice shines through and his dimpled smiles
    are priceless. Yes, Loretta, he was handsome growing up and
    just gets better looking as the years roll on. Even his baby
    pictures show how cute he was. And his personality and
    humor just adds to his beauty. Don’t you just love him?

    1. Gale, we are not talking about all those years ago, but of course the difference is remarkable, were chubby children but the talent was clear from the start.

  6. Thank you Daniela for posting the video. How the boys have changed since that competition when Antonella first brought them to our notice. They were certainly only young boys then and are now young men, with the world at their fingertips. They have worked so hard and given so much pleasure to all who know them. Long may they continue !!

    1. Marion, the results have always been good, but they sure have had years of commitment and hard work, and now I enjoy, because talent alone is not enough, must also be well cultivated, and they did.

  7. Thank you Daniela! The guys were amazing as usual and how handsome they all looked with there elegant tuxedos & very shiny shoes. What is there not to love about them? Tonight our community is hosting an Italian Night and I am the hostess. I have been practicing all day some Italian phrases. Wish me luck.

    1. Annette how nice you are a guest of an Italian night, it’s a beautiful thing.
      IN BOCCA AL LUPO, sei forte Annette, goditi la bella serata, andrà tutto benissimo.
      Un abbraccio dall’Italia.

    2. Correction their elegant tuxedos! Also Daniela not sure what EWAI stands for but thanks for the compliment!

  8. Hi Gale he has always been my sweetheart & that will never change. Yes Daniela we have always been on the same wavelength. I remember when I saw them singing it together. I like Al Bano. Waiting patiiently for March.

    1. Loretta, we are all excited for the arrival of the concert, but please, they come before us, embracing tightly Ignatius for me too (for Marie No, she does) because here we have no meet & greet

  9. It has been a busy week with the appearances on RTL102.5, RadioRAI2 and now RAI1 TV during prime time! Thanks to Daniela, I saw the first two on Facebook. Their ability to sing almost any song never ceases to astonish me. We watched Standing Ovation as it was broadcast live. As Daniela explained, for Italians, Friday 17 is the same as Friday 13 for us in the UK and the USA. Antonella pretested that she was unhappy with starting a brand new show on such an inauspicious date. The guys reassured her that they do not believe in superstition; but then showed that they did, really. It was a nice joke. Once they were able to sing, they were their usual brilliant selves. They are looking forward to starting their tour in North America. This time, I am able to control my envy because I have two concerts to attend in May (London) and June (Naples). All of us with tickets are both lucky and privileged. I am counting my blessings and counting down the days until May! Good nite to all of you from Windsor, England.

    1. Hello Bernard, was an intense week of appearances of our guys and I must say that my favorites are those who have made RAIRADIO2, their individual performances have touched my heart. I would like to hear the opinion of Myron on their performance and I must say that what surprised me the most was Piero.

    1. You’re right, Peter is tired of waiting for Marie, but she does not take decisions.
      Seriously, in the interview to RTL 102.5 that Marie will publish a question they have done is if the guys are single and the only one who responded believe raising his hand was Piero. Ignatius, we all know, Gianluca said they are personal things and avoided answering.

  10. Daniele, I love those boys, Piero with his piercing eyes, Gianluca’s elegance but Ignazio, oh my, oh my with his dancing eyebrows, dimples, and gorgeous smile, that voice, is perfection. I loved hearing him sing Pino’s O Scarrafone. I love anything he does.

    1. Rose Marie, you tell me that you know that Ignatius is also my favorite. Of course I like all three, and I think that IL VOLO are three voices and a soul, and that all three are essential to IL VOLO, ……… but my personal preference is for him, Ignazio !!

  11. I have not been looking (down with the bug) and just caught this exchange. We all think Daniela is nice, but she waited until I was down to make a play for my man. Sneaky, Daniela. Very Sneaky.

    And you Cynthia! Trying to jeep her secret. Now I know who my friends are. *Sniff*

    I know…I know..it’s hard to resist him.

    P.S. I’m telling Beppe!

    1. Marie, sorry you had the “bug”, I did too, and still not over it. But, you relax, I would never let Daniele,as nice as she is, (nice will not get you anywhere in the Ignazio line) step in your shoes because I would be there first. So don’t worry I won’t let you lose your place in the Ignazio line (the rest is self-censored}.

    2. Marie You’re right, it is hard to resist him.
      It ‘s so nice that we can all dream.

      These guys have bewitched.

      By the way, do you know what that made me fall in love with my husband? So always dressed in suit tie jacket, a mustache, the Sicilian accent !!
      AH AH AH these things also find in a young man of our acquaintance.

      1. You are correct and your husband is very handsome. No wonder you fell for him. Add the fact that he also loves Il Volo, makes him just about perfect.

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