“Love From The Flight Crew” ~~ 2017 Notte Magica Tour

Card Message: Break a leg. We Love You. THE IL VOLO FLIGHT CREW. See you from the front row!
Card Message:
Break a leg. We Love You. THE IL VOLO FLIGHT CREW. See you from the front row!


Hi, Flight Crew!

As promised, here are the details re: our gift to The Guys.  Marie placed the orders for the Edible Arrangement (Stars and Stripes Celebration and some Salted Carmel Apple Wedges — which sound absolutely heavenly) and the Sapphire Skies floral bouquet today, and both companies assured her that their arrangement would make it backstage.


(on a Flight Crew badge) "Have fun out there. The Flight Crew"
(on a Flight Crew badge)
“Have fun out there. The Flight Crew”


Because of your generosity, the cost of these arrangements and deliveries only cost half of the amount that we had available to use.    The rest of the money is safely tucked away for another use.  <3

Thanks, Marie, for taking care of this!

~~ Kelly

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  1. Thank you, Kelly. I had another thought and sent 3 single roses. One for Barbara, one for Eleonora and one for Alessandra (that one kind of hurt, lol) I attached cards that just said, “Affectionately, The Flight Crew”.

    1. Lovely gifts Marie! And send them the love of all of us who WON’T be in the front row! Sob, sob!

    2. I thought I’d written a reply, but must have hit the wrong button…again! Anyway, thanks for doing this! It’s lovely and I know they’ll appreciate it! Have a ball at the concert! <3 <3 <3

    3. Thank you Marie, that was so kind of you. I’m sure all of them will enjoy the gifts, and will thank you during the meet and greet.
      Please give them all kisses from me( this way you can give them as many kisses as you wan’t , just keep saying ” this is from Jill, and Daniela, and anyone else who is not at the concert”and that should keep you busy for a while. Have fun🙂

    4. They look wonderful!!! I will make a donation online. I was looking at the price of il Volo tickets on “concertswithme” and their best tickets are going for $7550!!!!! It’s going to get to the point where we can’t afford to see them. Pretty soon it will be cheaper to go to Italy (yeah, in my dreams)
      I feel so bad about Boston but out guys safety must be first!!!

      1. Dee…Donna P here. The tickets are NEVER that much. You need to go on Il Volo Website, or ticketmaster, ALWAYS. That site you looked on is a resale site…Ripoff. NEVER get tickets from them. They are never that price.

    5. Marie I’m so sorry I just realized the concert is tonight and that you had a chance meeting with our guys!!! I’m so excited for you. I can’t imagine how you felt inside and for Piero to step up and recognize you……. wow!!!!!
      Praying for an awesome time tonight.

    6. Thank you Kelly & Marie . What a beautiful floral arrangement and the edibles look scrumptious ! Also what a lovely gesture to send a single rose to the ladies. I wondered who was accompanying Ignazio on this tour. Interestingly,it is Gianluca’s mom, Piero’s dad and oh, sorry Marie Alessandra with Ignazio. I saw on All Things Il Volo from Boston where the group was all together for a lobster dinner, and there is Ignazio with his loving arms around Alessandra!! Oh, sorry again Marie.! They do make a lovely couple. Enjoy the concert and I am sure you will be giving Mr. Dimples a big hug at the M&G!!

    7. Really Nice Marie. I sometimes forget to look here…Hard to keep up with it all. What Concert did the arrangements get sent to? I will try to keep up, and Donate for next time. Really nice thoughts. I had an awesome Meet and Greet at Foxwoods, and a really nice visit with Eleanora and Barbara. Janis did too. I LOVE them. I will be going to Italy in May, and will try to keep up with the Flight Crew, and send pics. Thanks again for sending those things…..

    8. You’re so great, Marie. (There’s a soulful 1968/1969 R&B/Soul song, tune and title which brought to mind so many fans (of those three angels of IL VOLO) and not least of all you: “What Does It Take (to win your love.”). When reading here how you included a rose for Alessandra, I instantly felt for you and others. Just shortly afterwards, that older song came on the radio and found myself thinking of many hearts… and one of the oldest, universal mysteries of life. 🌹

      1. ( I forgot to mention that they played the original record — by Junior Walker and the Allstars. It was a very big hit in the USA & also in Britain).

  2. Grazie Kelly, beautiful gifts and lovely thoughts. They will surely be welcome. Bello also the thought of the three roses, Marie you have removed the thorns from Alessandra, or did you forget?

    Marie but you not yet left for the trip, go to the concert and the boys are waiting for you !!

      1. I had no doubt about that Jill, when we love someone we are happy to see him happy

  3. I didn’t know you were collecting also, but glad you had enough to send the wonderful love tribute to them from the Flight Crew. I am on pins and needles until March 23rd when I will see them in L.A. Joanie G

  4. Beautiful and thoughtful gifts! I am sure they will be surprised and touched. I would love to be there to see their reactions. Maybe they will thank you from the stage! Eager to hear your report on the concert.
    I also did not know you were collecting for a gift and would like to make a contribution if you let me know how. Have a wonderful evening!

    1. Hi Janet.
      Thank you so much for wanting to make a donation. If you go to the top of the black column on the left hand side of this post, and scroll all the way to the top where you will see ” Il Volo Flight Crew Share the Love’ Just under that heading you will see “Home” and under that “Donations”. Click on the ” Donations” and then follow the directions .I hope I have helped you and if you need further help, please let me know.
      Thank you again so much for your kindness, it is really appreciated.
      I think the chosen gifts are beautiful, and that the boys and their families will enjoy.

  5. I am wondering about the Boston concert and getting anything backstage there since that concert was cancelled ! ? ? due to snow.

  6. Wow! Both arrangements look lovely. The flowers are particularly gorgeous! Thanks Marie, for doing this!

  7. Thanks to Marie and Kelly et al for sending the gifts….I really think that the boys appreciate that kind of gesture. Good to get the Flight Crew name up front, too.

      1. Have to tell you all. WE TALKED TO THE BOYS! Also Eleonora, Alessandra and their photographer. Lucky meeting sitting in the hotel lobby! My unusual luck held out again! Some things are just meant to be! Our Piero saw me first. Gian jumped up and took my hand. Ignazio was standing beside me. Don’t know what he did…couldn’t look. All I said to him was, “hi”. So much for this gutsy broad.

      2. Marie, you have the luck of the Irish and you aren’t even Irish! How do you do that???!!!!

      3. What luck, Marie! Happy for you! I love the term “gutsy broad”! LOL

    1. What did you talk to them about and how long did you get to chat with them? What fantastic luck! We all wish we could have been with you.

  8. Hi Myron, The Mayor of Boston made the announcement that the streets of the city would be closed 3/14 due to predicted blizzard. The concert was cancelled a few hours later. I think Il Volo left the City late Monday night. If anything was seat to them at the Wang, it was most likely sent on to them. Julie B

  9. Marie, how do you do it ? Did they give you kisses or a hug? What did Eleonora and Alessandra say to you?
    I’m so excited for you,and I know there will be more wonderful surprises to come!😃

  10. Marie, I am so jealous that you got to talk to the boys!! Since the Boston concert was cancelled, therefore I am missing the concert and meet and greet please give them (especially Ignazio) an extra hug and kiss for me!! (I am sure you don’t need much prompting for that!). I am just so grateful that we booked that trip to Italy to see them in Verona and now especially looking forward to it since I could not see them in Boston. By the way nice touch with the fruit and flowers.

  11. Marie O my God, that’s great, what luck you had.
    How nice that the guys have recognized you, we want an entire article where you describe everything.
    I’m very happy for you, enjoy every moment.

  12. Marie, may your good luck continue. What a wonderful piece of luck !! I hope you have a fabulous concert and a great Meet and Greet.

  13. Hi Marie & Leelee, first of you guys made a wonderful choice in the two arrangements. The flowers are very classy. Italian men love their fruit. I’m sure will be much appreciated by our guys. Secondly meeting up close and personal with the main event is a special treat

  14. Great idea Kelly and Marie and wonderful selections for the fruit and beautiful flowers. I’m sure Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will appreciate it.
    Marie you are lucky and it must be fate that you once again met them!

  15. So glad for you to meet up with them. You must have a sixth
    sense to put two and two together and figure out where they
    might be. Marie you are lucky to meet up with our guys as
    many times as you have. The gifts look and sound so nice.
    A very nice touch to think of the ladies traveling with them.
    They will love and appreciate the thoughtful touch. I hope
    you will have more news to come after the concert.

  16. Each of the gestures to “our boys” et all, was fantastic! Grazie Mille Marie! Since you are so lucky can I go with you to the next concert…….xoxoxoxo 🙂

  17. Thank you Kelly and Marie for the beautiful fruit and flower arrangements – our guys will surely “Feel the Love” from these special gifts.
    Marie you were so lucky to meet the guys and their family members. I dream about that happening all the time. Can’t wait to hear all about it and especially your concert experience. I am thinking of the Flight Crew Members enjoying the concert tonight I know their smiles are as wide as a rainbow.

  18. Awesome gifts, and the Roses for the Mom’s and Alessandra…..I talked to them all at Foxwoods. Hope you had a GREAT night in Detroit…I am guessing that’s where the flowers went??…..

    I don’t know how I can be reminded, but I will try to check these Emails, and the site, and contribute for next time. I love those guys, AND the others SO much!! …Italy in May!! Donna

  19. Keep on taking action, ‘planting those seeds’ of daily, positive intentions and energy towards your dreams, Marie. Your “unusual” good luck is a result of the good that you do for others, the force of your desire to do that and the good things you do for yourself as well, such as the efforts you exerted to get to see IL VOLO’s Italy and to meet Daniela as well. I do believe that angels and special others notice such things and help to bring gifts of all kinds, a sign of appreciation, a reward; commonly called “good luck”. Sometimes it’s bestowed as a’ test’, but in most cases, it’s for those other reasons and because somewhere along the line, it’s already been earned. (I don’t mean to ‘sound’ didactic or preachy; it’s what I’ve, personally, come to more than suspect as the reasons for great luck). Piero recognizing you, Gianluca as well plus taking hold of your hand, Ignazio positioning himself right beside you….Wow, Marie! I’d say you’ve become a person of some ‘meaning’ to them in a special kind of way. What a compliment from them !

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