Il Volo Professional ~~ Notte Magica Tour 2017 – Easton, PA


Marie, fdcunnane sent a message just for you:  There were no surprises except that Ignazio is even more handsome and his hair was incredibly gorgeous.

Imagine that!


I thought I would include the full Il Volo Experience from our attendees Margaret, fdcunnane, Camille, and Phil!

From Margaret“I’m not sure where to begin or know if I can describe just how beautiful Il Volo’s concert was last evening. It truly was a “magical night”.  I attended the concert with my son Michael.  I did not have the Meet and Greet but was fortunate to get a seat in the front row in the center. (When I ordered the tickets there was one seat available in front and one directly behind, so my son sat right behind me).  I thought there would be two smaller rows of seats in the “pit” in front but someone told me they took those seats out to extend the stage since the orchestra was very large and they very good. I didn’t get the name of the Maestro but Piero mentioned that he was from Sicily. They had music stands set up slightly to the left where they would place their music just as they had in Florence.  
The President of the State Theatre came out and mentioned that this would be the third time Il Volo would be performing there and asked that people not take pictures or videos and to just enjoy the moments.  It was very exciting looking around and seeing the theatre full of people. The orchestra came out and played the opening of their concert La Forza Destino and then Il Volo came out to tremendous applause.  They were in their new suits I believe, and they looked wonderful and so happy.  They began with Nessun Dorma and it was so beautiful.  Their voices were better than ever before which is hard to believe. I was smiling the entire time and almost cried. I was just so happy and grateful that I was able to see and hear them and to be so close. They really followed their concert in Florence.  I think it was after Ignazio sang Tonight (I had written down when they sang it but can’t find the paper), that they announced they were going to sing Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae and it would be the first time they would be performing it live. They tried to be solemn and Piero made a blessing gesture with his hand and they kidded a bit. Gianluca said they hoped to sing it someday before Pope Francis. I was so happy they included this song and it was wonderful.  As you can imagine, all the solos and duets were amazing and got tremendous applause.  They would laugh and make a few jokes when one or two of them had to leave the stage for the solos and duets.  I couldn’t help standing up and cheering after almost every song and many people were doing so, especially after the solos and duets. They were so happy and smiling and really appreciated seeing and hearing how much the audience loved them. I did bring some flowers since I knew I would be very close to the stage.  After each of their first solos, I was able to give them to Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero. Their voices were just so powerful and they were absolutely perfect. 
There was a 15 minute intermission also, along with the intermezzos.  They finished with another beautiful Nessun Dorma and I was able to shake hands with Ignazio and Gianluca. It was funny that as they were leaving the stage, Piero stopped to pick up their music.  After much clapping, they came out again and sang an encore of I believe Libiamo Ne’ Lieti Calici. At this point my brain wasn’t functioning so well since I was so happy. 
I wore my Flight Crew Badge and Mary Ellen from the Flight Crew noticed it.  She was sitting in the row behind me with her two friends. They were all so nice and it was great to talk to them before and after the show.  We were all so happy to see Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and loved the show.  I feel blessed to be able to see them in person at their concerts.  I originally bought tickets for Radio City Music Hall and will be going tomorrow with my son.  But when they added the concert in Easton, I definitely wanted to see them there since it is a much smaller theatre and it was wonderful seeing them there in February, 2016.”
From FDCunnaneThe show was fabulous. The guys looked beautiful and sounded even better. It was as I suspected a more “formal” show. No dancing and very little joking around. My husband missed the style of the previous shows, the activity and the band. The orchestra was excellent and the State Theater is a beautiful old intimate venue. The audience was for the most part an “older group”. There were some young girls but not the usual amount. At the show last year in Easton there were many more young people than last night. We were in the front row and next to me was a mother and her 15 year old daughter who had come from Canada just to see Il Volo. Our seats were on the right side and The guys were to the left and never moved from there except to receive flowers and to bow at the end. We had a clear view of them but in previous concerts they had moved around and you got to see them closer. There were no surprises except that Ignazio is even more handsome and his hair was incredibly gorgeous. Yes Marie it is true. The M&G was as usual rushed but certainly not to be missed. The group for the M&G was smaller and “older” than usual but I don’t know the reason. Perhaps there were less M&G’s available. I hate to report this but while waiting for the guys to arrive at the M&G I heard the word “boring” used to describe the show. It was a man’s voice but I did not turn around to see who said that word because I know he would have gotten my “dirty look”. Perhaps he didn’t want to be there because the show was in no way boring. I loved the show and even though my husband would have liked seeing more “action” he enjoyed the show. We will be seeing them again on Tuesday at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia which has been my wish since the first time I saw them. The Kimmel Center is a fabulous venue. Can’t wait.
From Camille:  “I was at the concert in Easton last night.  
It was emotional and exciting when they came on stage and they were smiling and relaxed and looked so handsome in their new suits.  
I love my DVD and CD but to hear them sing those songs live was breathtaking – their voices were always beautiful but now that they are older they are just incredible.  The duets were so moving and the part I love is when they are done singing a song they hug each other or  high fives – you can truly see that they love and support each other.
Piero told a story that he and Gianluca sometimes call their own brothers – not by their names but by each other’s names – but he said Ignazio calls his dog their names.  They were so charming, joking with each other and the audience.  You could see they were truly happy to be on stage – they received a standing ovation and bravo’s after each song.
A nice surprise was they sang the new Ave Maria, which was wonderful.   I did not know this but they said that it was written for them and that one day they would hope to sing it for Pope Francis.
Second surprise – at the end after they sang Nessum Dorma again and took their standing ovation -they took their music books and left the stage(well actually Piero took all of the books, Gianluca and Ignazio forgot to take their books) – we thought they were done but they came back out and sang Labiamo (hope I spelled it right) – Ignazio said it was the drinking song.
The orchestra was wonderful – they played alone just like in Florence – the maestro (can’t pronounce his name was very sweet – don’t know if he is with them for the entire tour or just last night.
There are so many words to describe them – but  for me and I know for most of us they just get into your heart.  I know if I am having a bad day – just listening to them makes everything better.
I wish everyone who loves them could get to see them – but for those who can’t I hope this gives you a little insight into what is is like to be there. I an also going to see them in Philadelphia and I have a meet and greet – feel so lucky that I can be there.
May they be safe during all this travelling and may they stay together for many, many years – cannot imagine a day without them.”
From Phil:  “The orchestra played about 10 minutes then The Boys came out. Opening number was Nessum Dorma followed by Grenda.  This show had many numbers with just two of the three with the third jokingly getting offstage. The first half of the show lasted about an hour. The second was somewhat shorter. Their harmonies were great with Piero’s strong vocals receiving several standing ovations. The sound was excellent with the exception of an occasional problem with an unsettling loud long lasting base sound. I missed not hearing Grande Amore and Ciao Ciao Bambina, but you can’t have everything!”
Thank you one and all for sending in comments and photos!  For those attending the next concerts, please don’t forget to send us your “experience” and photos.  We will try and include as many as we possibly can and apologize if we cannot use everything.
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Next up!  Radio City and the Rockettes!  Um – I mean Il Volo!

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  1. What a absolutely fantastic’s made me even more exited too see them. (If that’s possible ) xx

  2. Oh thank you, Leelee! Once again I have to say how attractive your post has become. I am in love with that border! 🌟

    I shouldn’t have read all of your stories one after the other! They made my hands sweat and my heart race and made my need to be there even more demanding! What great descriptions of a perfectly brilliant night! 🎶

    Thank you Margaret, Phil, Camille, and fdcunnane for your wonderful and exciting stories. 👏


  3. Thanks to all of you for the great reviews👋 I was hoping they would sing Mater Miseraecordia because it was written just for them. It’s good to know they are relaxed during the performance. I thought Giampiero would be accompanying them on the piano at least, if not the other band members. Can’t wait for Detroit!! Some people did manage to take videos somehow. Marie, you and I would pay just to see Ignazio stand on stage and watch him run his hand through that gorgeous hair.😊

  4. Leelee, how nice, I read in one breath, GRAZIE MILLE Margaret, Camille, Phil and Fdcunnane, I looked forward to reading your comments.

    Definitely the kind of concert Tribute to Three Tenors, imposes some stricter attitude and smile thinking about the effort they have to do our boys to stand still and serious.
    I really impossible that a concert of such beauty can be boring, some people do not appreciate the classic can not really understand.
    They are proving to be able to offer something different from last year’s program and a program that is certainly not for all the singers, but they are all this and more.
    The AVE MARIA is really the icing on the cake.

    Marie and Rose, I associate myself to mess up that hair !!

    1. ha ha ha Daniela…. i know you would like to run your fingers through his (Igna’s) hair…. 😉

    2. I really don’t see how anyone could find their concerts boring. Just hearing the opening notes of all these beautiful songs was so exciting. I felt it was the best set list or repertoire they have ever performed and they were relaxed, smiling and just perfect. Since this was the closest I have ever been seated, it was lovely to see all the gestures, pats and just looks showing their support to each other.

      I do think the cost of the Meet and Greets may have kept the numbers down. I know I chose to pay more for better seats in Easton and also at Radio City rather than the Meet and Greet. I know many people have loved their Meet and Greets but I only went to one in Easton last year and thought some people handling it (they may have been security) were pretty rude and gruff.

      1. Margaret what a beautiful thought you had for the flowers. Tonight you’re still so close? Expect to read your emotions.

  5. thank you, thank you, it is so great to hear these reports. i absolutely love Mater Miseraecordia and so i’m so pleased they are including it. Now i am even more excited for the concerts i have booked.

  6. Is it the Sicilian orchestra that is with them on this tour!? I ask as for Notte Magica in Firenze my friend d and I got lost going back to the hotel and a few members of the violin section assisted us. They were terrific. Musically as well as people. They were going to the after partu but helped us

    1. Funny you should ask, Barbara. Margaret mentioned that the Maestro is from Sicily so maybe it is the same orchestra. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  7. Thank you soooo much, Margaret, FDCunnane, Camille and Phil,
    For your wonderful sharing with us.
    Warms me.

  8. Leelee great post. March 25th seemed so far away when I bought my tickets but with each concert I feel I am finally going to Las Vegas. I loved “Ave Maria” from the moment I heard it and can’t wait to hear them sing.

  9. Leelee I have goose bumps just reading the post. what wonderful stories. I can’t wait to see them in L.A. March 23rd. It will be the first time 3 of my friends will hear them. I can almost hear their reaction. Joanie G

  10. Wow!!!! Can it really be possible that they continue to get better and better!! Thank you everyone for the great stories. There is a video on YouTube of them singing Mater Misericordia!!! Sheer perfection!!! I’m with you Marie…. would love to run my fingers through Igna’s gorgeous hair!!!

  11. Dear Joanie!
    Happy birthday,you ´re not celebrating 88,you´re 22 years of age and very soon you will have rande meeting with your Piero!
    I wish you many nice moments .Whatever you´re still young in heart and soul as yet ♥ ♥ ♥
    To all the girls thanks for sharing beautiful
    experiences from concerts,I was delighted to sing also Mater Miseraecordia /this is my favorite song too/.I look forward to the next report and pictures.

    1. Me, too, Zdena. Can’t wait to see what folks will be sending in so we can share them with everyone here.

  12. Thank you so much for the reports of the first concert in the new tour. It must have been a terrific evening with The Boys in “top form”. I cannot wait for all the comments on the future shows, it almost seems as if we are attending every one. Have a great time at the concert tonight !!

  13. Awesome job, Leelee!!!

    And a big grazie mille to all of you that sent in comments!

    We are getting off to a great start. It can only get better!



      1. Marie anything, you saw how beautiful they were at the concert? Elegant !! Ignazio super super super …..

        One note, I do not see more in the cloud, the number of comments. Technical problem ?

      2. Thank you, Daniela.
        Now…everybody back off! Don’t even look at that photo. Go on… get away. Do it now! It’s for me.

  14. It is 10pm here in Hawaii, and 3am in NYC. I had to check to see if the guy’s had tweeted anything about the concert. Did they ever! You could feel their excitement in their word’s! It was a resounding success! But we knew it would be, did’nt we?😊
    Congratulations to Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero for showing the world how talented you are.

  15. Hi Daniela, I had just noticed the photo of Ignazio on his Instagram , and knew I could not get a copy of it, but one minute later here you are with the picture for us( Marie will have to share it with me) don’t worry, she will be sleeping now so she won’t know!
    Thank’s Daniela

    1. I have the same feeling, but it’s so nice that all of us may think that smiles to her.
      Goodnight Jill.

      1. When he comes to Connecticut i’ll have a serious man-to-man talk with him and have him confirm that he was smiling at Marie….

      2. Stop kissing up, Rose Marie! You have no idea what you have done when you feed Marie with a line like that. She will be unbearable. We’ll have to have a talk in Detroit!

  16. Hi Leelee, but Marie makes The Flight Crew so interesting. Gosh, if she ever catches him we will never see or hear from her again. But we can have a heart to heart in Detroit.

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