Who’s Going Where ~ Update #2


Who’s Going Where ~ 2017 ~ U.S. & Italy

Finally! Here THEY are USA!  Our Boys on American soil!  Ready, Willing and so Able to continue their 2017 Concert Tour!  

Loan them to us for a month then we’ll send them on to the rest of the world.

For those of you unable to attend, WE PROMISE TO BRING IT HOME TO YOU!

To paraphrase a song lyric…

Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio,
Wherever you go.
Whatever you do.
We will be right here waiting for you!


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From Rose Marie Paliobeis:
Due to an unexpected hospitalization my daughter-in-law and her mom cannot attend the Detroit concert, so I have 2 Detroit PBS Il Volo concert tickets (not meet/greet) I would like to sell. I paid $300 and will take $100 for them. I live in the Cleveland area and the tickets should be coming in the mail next week. PBS always has good seats, but they cannot tell me the specific seat #’s until they get them from their vendor. They are floor seats. I DON’T want the seats to be EMPTY. Anyone interested?

From Jana:
Detroit – One ticket – Includes Meet & Greet – 2nd row, orchestra pit. $400, neg. 



Some idea of what you will be seeing very soon.

If inquiring minds want to know…The story of the opera, Turandot – http://classicalmusic.about.com/od/opera/qt/Turandot-Synopsis.htm

Here’s The List so far.  Please update me, in comments, if I have it wrong or your name is missing.  It will live over there on your right under “Topics”.   I will also re-post it here from time to time throughout the 2017 concert season.

Look for these folks!  Here we go:

North America Tour

March 2nd ~ Easton, PA
~Camille Greco
~Mary Ellen
~2 of Mary Ellen’s friends
~Margaret Ladolcetta
~Margaret’s husband or son
~Donna Cunnane

March 4th ~ New York, NY
~Vincent Padovano
~Margaret Ladolcetta
~Someone with Margaret
~Barbara Marra Dower
~Karen Froc
~Margaret D. Mirailh
~Maria Leps & 3 Granny Groupies
~The Grannie Groupies

March 7th ~ Philadelphia, PA
~Camille Greco
~Donna Cunnane
~Maria Leps
~Maria’s son Richard
~Mary Ellen
~2 of Mary Ellen’s friends

March 9th ~ Washington D.C.
~Camille S.
~Camille S.’ friend
~Eileen’s husband
~Barbara Perry
~Barbara”s friend

March 11th ~ Mashantucket,  Ledyard, CT
~John from CT
~Donna Pother
~Julie Bernache
~Julie’s son Robert Bernache
~John From CT
~9 of John’s friends!
~Janis Blank
~Catherine’s guest

March 14th ~ Boston, MA
~Mary M.
~Mary M.’s Husband
~Elizabeth Meyer
~Elizabeth’s sister
~Julie Bernache

March 16th ~ Detroit, MI
~ Marie Crider
~The one and only Leelee
~Rose Marie Paliobeis
~3 of Rose Marie’s friends/family
~Loretta Foley
~Jana VandeLaare

~Lucy Hadley Buzzee
~Sandi Eyman
~2 of Sandi’s friends
~Betty Young (Bubby Young)

March 18th ~ Chicago, IL
~Esther V
~Patricia (pitterpatO)
~Patricia’s Daughter-in-law
~Patricia’s sister
~Patricia”s friend
~Jana VandeLaare
~Linda Dawson
~Donna McKune
~Susan’s 2 friends
~Lisa Perrone
~Jeanne Thomas
~Harriett Eckberg
~Betty Young (Bubby Young)
~Anncruise (Ann Scavo)

 March 20th ~ Minneapolis, MN
~Mary Bohling
~Mary Jane Ceminsky
~Jane’s friend Kathy
~Dorothy Vessey
~Dorothy’s 10 & 12 yr old Granddaughters
~Linda Hoen
~Mike Hoen
~Hoen friend
~Laura Badtke
~Laura’s Aunt, Patricia Jamison

March 23rd ~ Los Angeles, CA
~Joan Guyon
~2 of Joan’s Friends
~Anne Quinto
~Carl Xaiver
~Marie Brown
~Carol Coates
~Manola DeMunda
~Manola’s daughter
~Laura Parish
~Laura’s daughter

March 25th ~ Las Vegas, NV
~Jeanine DuBois
~Jill Manning (will be absent, but her heart is there)
~Patricia (pitterpatO)
~Patricia’s sister
~Jeff Wenzel
~Myron Heaton
~David Heaton
~Ramona Scarth
~Janet D.
~Janet D’s sister Betsy
~Linda Hoen
~Linda Hoen’s husband
~Anne Quinto
~Elizabeth Johnson
~Michael Wilson
~Bella Wilson
~Sally Garcia
~Marie Brown
~Carol Coats
~Marie Dennis
~Marie D.’s daughter
~Marie D.’s granddaughter
~Rose Marie Paliobeis
~Gina Hanna
~Gina’s daughter Kim Chumley
~Gina’s sis-in- law Jo Parker
~Irene Cohen
~Lois Lesko

March 27th ~ San Jose, CA
~Gerri Carbone
~Helen Tanner
~Janet Pilkington
~Janet P.’s Daughter
~Janet P.’s Granddaughter
~Janet D.
~Janet D.’s husband
~Janet D.’s daughter
~Janet D.’s son-in-law

March 30th ~ Tampa, FL
~Rose Marie Paliobeis
~Rose Marie’s FB friend
~Alice White
~Alice’s niece, Cathy Blumenthal
~Mary H.
~Mary H’s daughter
~Mary H’s sister
~Mary H’s friend
~Mary Strickler
~Mary Strickler’s husband Bob
~Mary Strickler’s daughter
~Sandra Schmidt

April 1st ~ Miami, FL
~Annette Simonini
~Annette’s Friend Karen
~Vivian Liebgold

April 3rd ~ Atlanta, GA
~Lucy Hadley Buzzee
~Renee Bourg
~Anna Breeding
~Charles Breeding


Notte Magica Tour

May 5th ~ Turin, Italy

May 6th ~ Bologna, Italy

May 9th ~ Milan, Italy

May 12th ~ Rome, Italy
~Jannette & Friends
~Sue Hemshall
~Graham Hemshall
~Dr. Jay and Victoria Wilson

May 15th ~ Ancona, Italy
~Sue Hemshall
~Graham Hemshall

May 17th ~ Livorno, Italy
~Maura Siena
~Maura’s husband

May 19th ~ Verona, Italy
~Daniela Perani
~Beppe Perani
~Donna Pother
~Mary M
~Mary M’s Husband
~Susan’s brother
~Jeannette & Friends
~Dorothy Vessey
~Sue Hemshell
~Graham Hemshall
~Maura Siena
~Maura’s husband
~Wendy Keighley
~2 accompanying Wendy
~Maura Pucci
~Marie Crider (that’s a lie, but I really really, really want to be here)

May 20th ~ Verona, Italy
~Jeannette & Friends
~Patrizia Ciava
~Janet D.
~Jane D.’s husband
~John from CT

May 23rd ~ London, England
~Bernard Duffy
~Bernard’s wife Rosalba
~Kathy Pritchard
~Kathy’s husband
~Jeannette and friends

June 1st ~ Taromina, Italy
~Jeannette & Friends
~Betty Young (Bubby Young)
~Mealani Evensen
~Mealani’s cousin Melinda Walker

June 4th ~ Taormina, Italy
~Kathy Pritchard
~Kathy’s husband

June 10th ~ Naples, Italy
~Bernard Duffy
~Bernard’s wife Rosalba
~Bernard’s sis-in-law, Eleonora


Now for that necessary disclaimer: It is not our intent to make any connections with this list.  It is merely to show you where people will be attending.  As always, use common sense.

60 thoughts on “Who’s Going Where ~ Update #2”

  1. ohhhh!… this is all soooo exciting!
    i forwarded the info re tickets from Rose Marie and Jana to my sister who is in the States. (i am in Manila, Philippines — physically. my heart is with you in the concerts.)
    warm greetings.

    1. Rose Marie, am sorry about the unexpected hospitalization and that they can’t make it to the concert. offering prayer for her speedy recovery and overall wellness

  2. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts Cynthia, I appreciate them very much.

    1. You’re welcome, Rose Marie. i also replied to your earlier post in the issue before this regarding your tickets…..
      i wish you a lovely time at the concert.
      a pleasant day to you.

    2. Rose Marie I hope you’re doing well. Your Il Volo family is thinking of you and sending lots of love and baci!!

      1. Dear Dee, thank you for the kind words but I didn’t mean to mislead anyone. It is not I that has the medical issues but my lovely daughter-in-law. She is doing much better but the drive to Detroit would be too much for her. I will pass your lovely thought on to her. ❤️

  3. Good Morning, I and a guest will be attending the March 11th concert in Connecticut. Really looking forward to my second Il Volo concert. Saw them last year in Wallingford.

    1. The second concert is just as thrilling as the first!! I was blessed by my best friend from grade school and she took me twice last year. This year saving for tickets and M&G next year!!!! Have a blast and take it all in. Before each concert I just stood and looked around taking in just the atmosphere and the excitement. The second time was at the Hershey theater and it is an older, absolutely beautiful venue.

  4. BOLO (Be On the Lookout!) Folks! Did a recon to MGM, National Harbor yesterday.– NOT ONE IOTA OF MARKING- — POSTERS, DISPLAYS, BANNERS, ETC) for our boys!!!!!. 3 people didn’t know anything when asked — Atrium greeter, Theater Rep and M-Life rep. The GM Bill Boasberg’s assistant, got the whole story from me first thing this AM. I will go back Sunday to see if her promises have been kept. Getting ready for house guest and shopping for momentos. Big Smile cuz I am so excited to see our beloved guys!

    1. Hi Camille!! Great keeping an eye out for our guys! I was just wondering if you heard anything else??

  5. My daughter and I are looking forward to Las Vegas (my first time) but unfortunately my sister in law passed away a week ago. She so was looking forward to “hearing the boys” since this would have been her first concert.
    If my former neighbor does not have her hip surgery she said she would go.Will see what her doctor says. Us senior citizens plan our lives day at a time.

  6. Sad to say deecatmomma won’t be able to make it. Counting on lots of great videos and pics!!

  7. Got a call from Ms. Westerfields, high in MGM National Harbor, GM’s staff. Everything is fixed including some of the rotating posters that were malfunctioning 🙁 🙂 She claims they are sold out. I hope so! the last time I checked Ticketmaster they weren’t and there are a lot of resales. I’m not pleased with my pair at $420 from by local PBS so I am considering checking Ticketmaster again….We “grandmas” know how to TCB…..Really wanted to introduce myself to deecatmomma, sorry she won’t be there. Does she want to sell her tix??

    1. Sorry I hadn’t gotten my tickets yet. I was trying to get the money together to buy them. I’m so glad you did recon at the MGM. Guess they don’t know who they are dealing with…. lol. I hope you have an awesome time!!

  8. I love this list, Marie. Even though we are not having an official Fan Faire this year Las Vegas still has the biggest list of people.
    I have been in this theater twice since it opened and everyone will be amazed by this place. An incredible new theater – The Park at Monte Carlo

    1. I see so many will be there! I want to be there with everyone! Guess I’ll have to catch up next year at the Fan Faire. You will all have a great time!

    2. Myron I need your e-mail so I can see if you are interested in one of my tickets. It is free and I thought maybe can be given to some student of yours that would like to hear the boys.
      I e-mailed Marie too for your e-mail. Gina

  9. Today show program today: The guys were great as usual although I thought that the tempo was a little slow compared to Florence. But the singing was wonderful. My BIG complaint is: NBC made them cut one verse of the song out to fit in another (hold your breath) COMMERCIAL !!!
    Nessun Dorma is a short song anyway even when they sing the whole thing but being forced to cut the second verse – – UGH !

    Well, At Radio City tomorrow they won’t have to cut anything. Hooray.

      1. Myron absolutely right, the Nessun Dorma cut is really too short, but in the concerts will be perfect.

        This list of those who go to concerts has become rather long, we are really a lot.

  10. Hope MGM National Harbor is sold out as the staff member said, though it sure doesn’t look like it on Ticketmaster. I, too, and totally disappointed in the PBS tickets I got, My experience with PBS Nashville was great, but this time it’s a bummer. Never again.

  11. Marie, you are going to have to take me off the list for Las Vegas.Unfortunatly my heart is acting up again, and I can’t chance being on such a long flight
    (6 hours). If I had a heart attack in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there would be nothing they could do for me! It has behaved itself for the last 5 years, but now I am waiting to get a test that will tell me if I need surgery again.
    I am so sad that I won’t be able to join the other flight crew members in Las Vegas, I was so looking forward to it.
    Hopefully next year🙂

    1. Damn Jill, I hope it’s just a surmountable fatigue with rest.
      I hope everything will be resolved for the better.
      A hug.

    2. Jill I’m so sorry about your heart problems! Hopefully we will have lots of good videos and pictures. My love and prayers go out to you!

      1. Please let us know how you are doing. It might be easier to pm me on FB if you’re on there. My FB is Denise Spinelli-Mattern

  12. Dee, I’m not on FB, but I post on this site almost every day. If anything major happens to my health I will be sure to say something. Thank you for your kind thought’s🙂🐾🐱

  13. Thoughts and prayers go out to our fellow Flightcrew followers who are having health issues! Also I am a little surprised at the short list going to the Miami concert! But I am looking forward to an exciting night!!

      1. Yes Annette. It’s Marie’s fault we’re not going to Miami. “Come to Detroit with me”, she says. “It shouldn’t be that bad in March”, she says. The weather is supposed to be rainy/snowy and COLD! Next concert, if Marie doesn’t come, I’m going with you, Annette!

  14. Ditto Esther V. I am keeping my PBS (WETA) tix for the Meet & Greet….but found 2 other (additional) better seats in Section 2. Thinking of having a couple I know use the PBS tix to sit and watch and then I will use for M&G. Gonna call Coleen Monday AM…to get her blessing on this plan. I don’t think anything can top the ticket I got last year from Kennedy Center — Row 3, Seat 5, w/ M&G $149.50 then taxes and fees — less than $200!!!

  15. Thank You Dee. If you just want a seat (w/o M&G) check Ticketmaster for Section 2, Row H — $131.50 plus taxes & fees — about $150.

  16. Oh darn! That would have been great to meet you two in person ! Hopefully, there is always a next time. You may recall I was torn between Tampa & Miami! Since this concert is more classical I hope the Miami venue does justice to their repertoire.

  17. That’s too bad. I like going your way this time of year and usually do. We were there last year for the concert and the weather. Hopefully I will meet you next year.

    1. I will be in Ohio in early June. My granddaughter is graduating from Boardman High School which is just a few miles from Youngstown. I looked up the distance to Zanesville. It is about a 2 1/2 hr ride. Who knows we might be able to meet somewhere between! Just a thought. If not as you say maybe next year. Enjoy the concert in Detroit. I look forward to your review.

  18. Marie, that was cute what you said after my name in the whose going where column😊
    I want you to understand that even though I am not feeling as well as I could be, that does’nt mean I still can’t tease you once in a while!😃
    Yes, I WILL see you in Vegas next year for sure🎉

  19. Hi Leelee: Just thought I let you know that the weather this winter in Naples has been unseasonal warm!!! Blue skies & sunshine everyday! Hopefully, the guys will be back here next year and we will meet! Enjoy the concert in Detroit .

    1. Hi Annette – I’m only 2 – 2-1/2 hours from you. I live in West Palm Beach. Maybe we can meet up one day soon. Let me know!

      1. Hi Leelee: I would love to meet. I am in Naples through April & then I will return to RI around the first week in May. I have a summer home there so I spend 7 months in Naples and 5 in RI! I usually return to Naples the beginning of Oct. Maybe a meeting somewhere between could work out. Thanks for asking!

      2. Leelee: I am chuckling telling you the weather in Naples is beautiful when you live in W Palm Beach. I thought you lived in Ohio near Marie since you two were going to the Detroit concert!

  20. Hello Marie I am going to be at the Las Vegas concert again this year with my mom and grandma😁😁 I dont know if u remeber me from the last year fan fair I was a young girl with a red dress and a giant Il Volo poster I made for the guys to sign. Could u please add us to the list Mia, Mayra, and Minerva. Please and Thank You!!!

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