Rose Marie’s Story

I found Il Volo again 3 years ago. The first time we saw them was on PBS when they were just youngsters. My husband and I thought they were wonderful. Then we lost track of them. One day a few months after my dear husband passed away I was sitting and watching PBS again and who should appear but the youngsters again. But this time, young men, and I thought they had replaced the “chubby” one. Who knew Ignazio would turn into such a beautiful swan (a male swan is a cob) but that doesn’t do him justice. I then found this site and have been a follower ever since.

One more thing, my husband and I were married in Volos, Greece in 1961.

The boys have pulled me out of my “safe place”.  I had never flown anywhere alone before, but because I really wanted to see them in person, I forced myself to get online and book flights and hotels.  It was a great feeling of accomplishment. Especially going to Las Vegas and meeting such nice people from the Flight Crew.  I’ve done it again this year, 3 trips this time.  If I had not happened to see them on PBS that night I might never have seen them again and I probably would never have gotten the courage to travel alone. So thank you, to the young men of Il Volo from the bottom of my heart. 

I have traveled with my children, but I did this by myself.  Not bad for a 77 year old.  

Looking forward to seeing Marie in Detroit.

~Rose Marie Paliobeis

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  1. What a sweet story, Rose Marie. Thank you for sharing it. Your experience is an example of just how and how much those Boys have entered our hearts. They are there to stay!

    So looking forward to meeting you! I am front row left side, but will hang in the lobby as long as I can. You can’t miss me…tall, large, curly hair, pretty sure I’ll be wearing a long gray sweater and my Flight Crew lanyard…Please find me!

    1. Marie, it’s fate. I am in the front row too. My plan is to wear long gray/black sweater and big lanyard. But gray hair too. One of our Crew members is coming with me but I didn’t ask if I could use her name😊 so it will be a surprise for you. 4 days and counting. Pray for good weather because we are driving from Cleveland. If you are staying over , maybe it’s the same hotel? I booked the one you told me about in November I believe.

  2. What a beautiful story Rose Marie, you have been good, I still am afraid to travel by air even with my husband, you do it alone, courageous.
    In a few days you will meet Marie, she forgot to tell you that you will recognize her immediately because there will be a fettering gaze between her and Ignatius, you follow the lightning and you will find her right away

    You get married in Volos, ……….., a sign of destiny !!

    1. Hi Daniela, Buongiorno, I know Marie will have this glowing aura surrounding her so she should be easy to find. Ignazio is my sights also. Just love all 3 but Igna is numero uno for me.

  3. Rose Marie: Good for you to conjure up the courage to travel alone! It is not an easy task in today’s world! Like you and others on this site there is an indescribable love ❤️ for these young men. Enjoy every moment of your upcoming concert!

  4. Good for you Rose Marie. Certainly air travel is not easy these days, especially when one is a senior citizen.I remember when one could arrive at the airport 15 mins before the flight and still get on the plane.!! I admire your courage and so keep on flying to as many Il Volo concerts as possible.

  5. They are a positive force — and source — of motivating Love and ‘Light’ energy. You were meant to see them on PBS, Rose Marie. Someone special who loves you made sure of that. Your personal story shows me those things and it will inspire others who are struggling to take the same leap to a wonderful desire or goal and all on their own. I think that you deserve a special reward for that courage. Wishing you and everyone a magical night at the concerts with IL VOLO.

    1. (It took me about an hour to post my comment ! I was writing it when suddenly this space kept jumping all over the place, disappearing and returning and so on… I figured it out: When I started, there were two comments posted. When I was finally able to finish, there were several more posted. I guess we were all using this space simultaneously! I usually have not posted early in the day. I even turned off the computer, having given up, but expected my comment would have disappeared before it was posted. Was surprised to find it was still intact here! If I turn off the computer due to technical difficulties, no comment – in – waiting of mine has ever survived. It appears that someone wanted you to have my reaction to your story, Rose Marie ?! 🙂

      1. Thank You, Marie 🙂 I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to comment often as I used to do, due to current, unusual time – constraints. Please know that I do catch up, reading and looking at everything! This is a special and beautiful site, literally and figuratively, which you (and your helpers and readers) have created. (Being a Gemini (?), or very close to it, it doesn’t surprise me, for some of your Sign’s well-known, general tendencies and strengths lie in the realm of communication, appreciation of and cleverness with words, sharp wit, socially gifted). You’re the perfect ‘chosen one’ to have launched this truly great – – and greatly appreciated – – highly inter-active, up-lifting, richly informative, entertaining place that is part of the necessary ‘armature’ which supports (and promotes) the utterly marvelous “IL VOLO” !

    2. Dear Laura, all I can say is thank you. We are a real family here, aren’t we? Thanks to our boys for bringing us all together.

      1. Dear Rose Marie, You are so welcome. Yes; it is a family here. ( Where’s Pirate ?!). Si ! – – Those precious boys working their magic…!

  6. Wonderful, Rose Marie!!! So happy you found our precious trio again! Notte Magica will be a wondrous Concert!!! All of us attending will feel our hearts fill with joy & happiness that will sustain us for many months!!! Grande Amore.

  7. Rose Marie, two of the things you will take away from the concert. One is that you will feel proudly 10 years younger for having done what you did and having seen what you saw. And two, how grateful you are you had tickets.

    1. You guy’s are killing me! You don’t know how badly I want to get on that plane!
      Rose Marie, that is a wonderful story.
      I had mentioned a few month’s ago that I guess I was the one who was going to have to keep you in line in Las Vegas, but now I am not going someone else will have to step up and do the
      And Rose Marie, it will be easy to find Marie, she is the one who seems to have Ignazio hanging over her right shoulder all the time.( like the picture in the little circle by her name)😊 One day someone has to show me how to do that, so I can put my picture there.

  8. I am so happy I will be with you on this Detroit concert night – March 16. I ‘m sure you can guide me through M & G.

    1. Thank you all for your nice comments.
      Marie, now do you know who is coming with me? There will be 2 of us. Rose Marie and Rosemarie and you, Marie. Awesome. An overused word but in this case very fitting.
      Yes, Westin on Woodward. Leelee said she needs to have a heart to heart talk with me about Marie. Can’t imagine why.
      Jill wish you were coming, but my son is coming to Vegas “to keep an eye on mom “.
      Pray for good driving weather.

      1. I hope I get a chance to introduce the three if us to someone. They won’t believe me. Lol

        Believe nothing Leelee tells you. She has been known to tell whoppers!

      2. Someone?
        I have another story to tell you about Tampa when I see you.
        Hopefully Rosemarie and I will be getting in around 3.
        So Leelee is to be taken with a grain of salt? She seems to be a very sweet lady on this blog, but you know best!
        I wish Daniela could be here.

      3. I understand completely. I just don’t have time to wait anymore, so I’ve taken to the skies.🙏

      1. I’m excited. We have no power now. Hope this storm passes fast.
        Concert at Wang theater was cancelled.

  9. I have a PBS ticket with M&G for March 23, Microsoft theater LA, I can sell at a discounted price if anyone is interested. I am going, a younger friend’s husband, & my IlVolover friend! Meeting others before the Concert. FB me for details.

  10. I also go by the facebook name : Bunnie France. I have red hair, and will be wearing my silk blouse with musical notes and clefs all over it plus my same yellow Ladybug winter shoes which I wore last February in front row Cleveland.; and for the Irish look : a lime green straw purse.

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