15 thoughts on “It’s Time!”

    1. Cynthia check the column on the right hand side of this blog with the heading Il Volo Performances and important dates and below the item Notte Magica World T Tour 2017 Madrid Spain you will see the date of Piero’s birthday June 24. Hope this helps.

  1. Kelly, I send a message to the Outlook email and never got a confirmation.
    Now what? Should I send it again?

      1. Now you got me. I’ll look in my sent file for the date. Okay, I looked. June 13. Let me know if you want me to send it again. You can email me.

  2. Kelly, I still have not had a reply from you saying whether or not you got my greeting to Piero. I sent it on June 13. You should have my email on file with the original members of the Flight Crew. In any case both Mary-Jane and Marie have it.

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