11 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day”

  1. Happy Father’s day to all the men of this site who have encouraged us to persue our love of our boys. Joanie G

  2. Happy Father’s Day to all you amazing Dad’s out there especially my Dad and like Kelly said the three wonderful Dad ‘s who have given us three amazing young men who fill our lives with laughter and love.

  3. Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers connected to this beautiful site!

    I love the poem, Kelly!

  4. Great fathers brought up great sons and now they experience unforgetable moments with all who love them!
    /Taormina 2017 – full concert – I will try to post it from youtube/.

  5. Happy Father’s Day to the Fathers who produced these wonderful boys. These families are leaving a wonderful mark on the world and something we are all getting to treasure. The boys attitudes and kindness make it apparent that their families have had great influence on who they are. I’m amazed at how comfortable the boys are on stage. That comes from a wonderful family atmosphere of self assurance. God bless the Fathers of the Il Volo team.

  6. It is so heartwarming to see the Il Volo Dad’s traveling with their son’s as they tour the world . Thank you for sharing them with all of us and to them and all the Dad’s out there Happy Father’s Day !!👨

  7. I have been extremely happy that the 3 families took turns travelling with the guys including Mr. Torpedine especially after Ignazio had a problem with with the wrong kind of people. Our guys are a special kind of people that don’t look for the faults of others. So I wish an extremely happy Fathers day to the wonderful Dads who show love & protection to our precious young Il Volo treasures. May they live a long & happy life.

  8. Kelly, I love this post.
    Here in Italy the father’s day is in March.
    I turn a sweet thought to my dear dad, he was my “champion”.
    I love you dad.

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