VERONA Concert, May 19/20, 2017 ~ Personal Review by Patrizia Ciava

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On the 19th and 20th  of May, the pop-lyric trio Il Volo held two concerts, both sold out, at the Verona Arena, as part of their world tour “Notte Magica: Tribute to the Three Tenors”.

The Verona Arena, a temple of opera for excellence, offered an ideal setting for Il Volo’s concert “Notte Magica: Tribute to the Three Tenors”, an event where the magnificence of the location, the charm of the music and the extraordinary voices of the three performers blended in a perfect combination, stirring enthrallment and marvel.

Since afternoon, it seemed that every element wanted to help create an ideal atmosphere, starting with the abundant rainfall during the day, which abruptly ceased, against every forecast, shortly before the concert began, giving a starry mantle to the public who had traveled from all over Italy and the world to acclaim the three young artists.

Anyone walking around without knowing which show was going to be on stage, might have thought it was an international gathering. Groups of people of different ages and nationalities talked to each other in a jumble of English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and even Japanese

What was above all so striking was the diversity of the audience; entire families with young children and elderly parents, young and not so young couples, adults in evening dresses and festive teenagers showing off t-shirts and bandanas with “Il Volo” written on them.

The newly arrived looked around eagerly, searching a familiar face met at a previous concert or on social network; some American fans proudly showed bunches of concert tickets, stating that they had followed their idols, first in the United States, and now in Italy.

Looking at the mixed multitude who crowded the Arena stalls area and terraces, whose only unifying element is the common passion for Il Volo, it is only natural to wonder what these artists have that is so special. How many singers are able to move fans from one continent to another? Nowadays, virtually no-one. 

The orchestra goes first on stage and intones the notes of Verdi’s “The Power of Destiny”, almost as if to emphasize the mysterious power of fate that has brought three teenagers with prodigious vocal talent to meet in the same television program, with the same unusual passion for classical music, overturning their lives, those of their families and the thousands of people who would otherwise never have met each other or be there in that moment.

Finally in they come, Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, welcomed by the roar of the crowd. To see them on that stage, so young, fresh and relaxed, it seems impossible that they are the stars of that magical evening. The feeling that pervades those who attend their live concert for the first time is to finally understand the mystery of those voices that have bewitched millions of people around the world.

Gianluca sings “Nessun Dorma” and it’s as if a spell is cast on the Arena. His deep, warm, velvety voice seems to creep into the folds of the soul, wrapping each of those present in a poignant embrace. The giant screen projects his intense, almost painful expression; Prince Calaf seems to have emerged from Puccini’s opera to seduce the beautiful Turandot. Ignazio takes over, whose vigorous and clear tones are reminiscent of the flow of a rushing river, evoking the figure of the bold knight who wins the princess thanks to his boldness and his passion. Then it’s Piero’s turn and the millennial stones of the Arena seem to flinch and vibrate under the power and intensity of his voice; you can imagine the princess Turandot who surrenders to the strength and security that emanates.. . Three different interpretations of the same aria, up to the climactic moment in which the three voices join in sublime harmony, each remaining distinct yet, at the same time merging with each other to create a perfect chemistry The audience who had listened in sacred silence erupts into a loud and heartfelt choral ovation, the first of a long series.

For more than two hours, the songs continue uninterrupted, with three voices, duets, solos, with no faltering in the performances of the three young artists, simply impeccable in interpretations, tones, and vocals. The expressions of the spectators denote a bewildered admiration mixed with disbelief, as if they were really watching a magical show and couldn’t find a rational explanation for what they were witnessing. The question that seems to float in the air is: “is this really possible”?

Gianluca’s voice reveals surprising qualities, possessing a sweet and caressing tone but at the same time, profound and sensual, that can suddenly explode with unexpected strength reaching tenor notes without ever losing its sweetness. His passionate performances leave the audience almost overwhelmed, unable to contain the intense emotion he is able to arouse and, when in the finale of “Aranjuez” he maintains the last note and increases its volume and intensity without taking a breath,  the stunned spectators hold their breath too and then explode into an endless and liberating applause.

Ignazio has the ability to transform himself, in a fraction of a second, from a funny joker into a masterful interpreter of very demanding pieces where he and the music become one. His surprising vocal extension, its versatility, its ability to reach high-level notes while at the same time maintaining a clear and light weave of pop singer, make his performances incomparable.

When he sings, the audience seems to be caught by a temporary estrangement, as if the music and his voice fills up every corner of the mind and leaves no room for anything other than emotions.

As for Piero, his extraordinarily full-bodied and mighty voice seems to come out of his mouth as breath comes out of other common mortals’, without any apparent effort. Sometimes, watching him on the screen, he surprises you as he is following what is happening in the audience, smiling or nodding to those who he recognizes in the crowd, while continuing to sing without skipping a beat or missing a note. In his solo songs, his virtuosity reaches its highest expressiveness. His passionate interpretations of “No Puede Ser” and “E lucevan le stelle” make chills run down your spine, the screen enlarging the sparkle of emotion shining in his eyes and reflecting in those of the spectators in an ideal bond, and when his mighty and boisterous “E muoio disperato!” (I die in desperation) resounds in the Arena, it seems that even the walls are aggrieved  with emotion and sadness.

The concert ends with the triumphant final of a “Grande Amore” sung with the audience and the Arena lights up with thousands of lights that seem to compete with the stars in heaven. Finally, the audience moves reluctantly to the exit, while the echoes of the concert still seem to linger in the air, as if wanting to hold on, a little longer, to the charm of that night where the ineffable beauty of a timeless music combined with that of three extraordinary voices have been able to recreate the magic once again.

Translation by Susan J. Ambrosini and published on All About Il Volo on June 10, 2017.





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  1. What a powerful revue of the concert, Patrizia. Your descriptions of the men and the magical qualities of their voices and their personas bring them so vividly to life. I will save your article for rereading since I know that I will not be able to be in Verona to have the exhilarating experience which you describe, but the images your words evoke enable me to feel a part of it.

  2. Very well written Jane & Patrizia. You both have given us a wonderful explanation of the concert including the terrific pictures of the guys. Thank you.


      Beautiful detailed article,I have the same feelings when I listen to their singing.Thanks Patrizia and Jane.

  3. Fantastic review. I could almost see and hear the people, the voices, and then of course the magnificent concert itself. I actually feel a lille let down now, like I do when their concerts end. Your writing has a way of putting the reader right there!

  4. Patrizia, I gladly re-read your Verona Concert Reviews.
    I seemed to be back on that day, just over a month ago, where besides having seen a magnificent concert, I had the opportunity to meet you.
    This is also part of the beautiful magic of IL VOLO.
    Never stop writing articles on these three BRAVISSIMI, BUONISSIMI and BELLISSIMI guys.

  5. Patrizia, you are a VERY gifted writer! I hung on to each and every word you wrote. It’s a beautiful experience to read your memories and feel as if I was there with you! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. And thank you to Susan for translating!

  6. Marvelous review, Patrizia!! You captured the emotions, the magic, the passions, the power & the mystery of love that these precious young men’s voices & music awaken in all of us !!!

  7. Patrizia, how beautifully you expressed your feelings and description of your Verona Concert. Indeed, one feels as if they are right there enjoying every second, every moment…not wanting it to end. These young men have brought together friendships all over the world…how we love them and appreciate their talent, kindness and generousity. Thank you very much for sharing your marvelous, memorable concert night with us. ♥

  8. Patrizia every word of this beautifully expressed review hit home !! I was there on May 20th and just sat there full of emotion and in awe of our incredible guys spectacular performances !! It was truly overwhelming and a dream come true to actually be able to experience the L’Arena di Verona and all the wonderful Italian people surrounding me who were singing along with them !! I was also so very happy that I got to meet you and want to thank you for videoing the guys singing our National Anthem to us at the M&G !!! We crossed the pond to see them perform in their homeland and they thoughtfully and sweetly showed their appreciation !! It was a very special and emotional moment for all the Americans that were there !!! Including me !!!

  9. Hi IVFC team!

    We are glad you liked our translation and video! It is nice to republish our post for your readers, it amplifies the content about Il Volo to all. Patrizia Ciava and also our team mate Susan Ambrosini are doing a great job on this.
    We will be very happy if you add the source of this translation published on Al About Il Volo on June 10th, 2017.

    Suzana – AAIV

  10. Wonderful review Patrizia, thank you so much.It was so descriptive that I felt myself to be there enjoying the concert along with everyone else.

  11. Thank you Patrizia for the great review of the Verona concerts. I was lucky enough to be there on May 20 and felt all the emotion and joy of experiencing that concert. Your words so expressive of that magical evening. You are a gifted writer who knows how to put the readers in the moment. The guys are truly exceptional and in a class by themselves. I can hardly wait to see them again in concert.

  12. Thank you to everyone involved in this review. It was superb. Of course you are reviewing the best music in the world.
    We, the two Rose Marie/Rosemarie’s, went to the Cedar-Lee Theater in Cleveland on Sunday June 18 to view the showing of the Notte Magica concert. There was a showing on June 15th also, the manager told us there about “a couple of dozen people”. Our show was at 11a.m. on Father’s day and we were 2 of 3 people in attendance. (So much for any promotion of the boys) Practically a private show just for the two of us. If only it had been live. We felt very special to be able to see them on the big screen. The sound was magnificent.
    We wanted to give them standing ovations but we would have felt a little odd, although we wore our Flight Crew Lanyards and carried our Il Volo bags.
    The “film” had less content than the DVD, nothing about the boys visit to the Pavarotti museum and very little of the preparation for the concert. Has anyone else seen it?

    1. Hi Rose Marie, Yes, we here in MN saw it last week. I was surprised in that I was expecting more to it. I will say that seeing them on the big screen and listening to their music in that setting was mesmerizing! There were only 4 of us in the theater. It felt like we had front row seats for a concert JUST FOR US! We loved it! I would go see it once a week for the rest of my life if I could! 🙂

      1. RoseMarie and Jane, I did not go to see the movie because in the province of Brescia there were no cinemas that were projecting it. The friends who went have said the same thing, nice pictures and sound but they expected many more unpublished scenes. Also here in Italy 4 days before Channel 5 broadcast all the concert in Florence with all the interview on Lake Como and the surprise for the two invited girls at the concert. Much more than that transmitted to the cinema.

  13. Thank you so much Patrizia for your beautiful review of Il Volo’s concert in Verona and thank you Susan for the translation. You certainly are blessed with the ability to put into words what so many of us feel but can’t always express adequately. I must add that Verona and so many of the other venues such as Taormina and Florence add so much to the beauty of these concerts. I would love to one day be able to see Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca at one of these venues.

  14. Daniela, I cannot understand how the cities were chosen to show the concert. Cleveland is a large city but it was not a mainstream theater, it was what I call an art theater. They show films that the big name theaters are not interested in because they are not big money makers.They have a lot of showings in South America though.

  15. I am a little late to the party, so forgive me for my tardiness… Patrizia you as alway have written a beautiful summary of the Verona concert and an exquisite review of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero… Verona was magical… I attended the two concerts in Verona and I just have to say, our guys captured the audience in the palm of their hands with their perfect voices and never let us go until the last note of Grande Amore and leaving the stage after thanking and shaking hands with as many fans as possible… Verona was a magical place, I had the pleasure of meeting so many fans while walking the square, or sitting in the outdoor restaurants… Jane walked up to me and I was so excited to see that she seeked me out even for our quick hello… I will never forget my time in Verona, thanks to our guys, Patrizia and our group of five who shared The Grand Adventure of Italy with me… The Magic of Il Volo in their homeland will never leave my heart.

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