Film Press Conference Un Amore Cosi Grande ~ by Daniela

Back in September at the Venice Film Festival, there was a  press conference for the presentation of the film, UN AMORE COSI’ GRANDE, where our boys will be present as actors.  It will be a beautiful romantic film. 

  Here in Italy the film will be released in February on Valentine’s Day.    It was said that a first vision will be released by December, and only in Verona.


 I sent a message to Federica Andreoli, the producer of the movie, Un Amore così Grande.

I told her that IL VOLO’s fans of Flight Crew  wanted to know if the film will be distributed to America as well.

Federica kindly answered me.   These are her words.

“Hi Daniela, we are now finishing the film editing and then going to the musical part! The film will also be released in other countries beyond Italy and I also hope in America … a hug and good Sunday.






The following is the Press Conference.  I will translate from the 10.05 minute…what the producer of the film says about the participation of Il Volo.


“What can I say, I’m the one who wanted strongly the boys of IL VOLO.

“The boys of IL VOLO, why? Because today are the most beloved, most followed Italian guys, in Italy and in the world.  They are the ambassadors of Italian music in the world, so it was the right choice  to have them in this movie, a film that must bring young people to the lyrical world.

Today they are not here with us, they send greetings because in a few days they will leave for a South American tour, the 7th will be in Mexico with the first concert, a tour that will see them busy for a couple of months.

Negotiation with them was not easy because they are always around the world, so finding them, talking to them by phone, it was not easy.   We put in 15 months and we did it.   They read the subject and fell in love with the screenplay.   I have to say a special thanks goes to their manager, Michele Torpedine,  because he helped me so much in this negotiation.

And then I chose them for another reason, because I’m a fan of theirs.   I had a dream, to make an event, a movie with these three guys and I succeeded.   I can say that the first ciak, the first “take” of the boys of IL VOLO, is in my movie.   As a producer and fan, I have  double satisfaction.”

Here is the video promo of the film.

Credit to all owners of videos and photos.

26 thoughts on “Film Press Conference Un Amore Cosi Grande ~ by Daniela”

  1. Daniela, I am so over joyed to know we just may be able to see this beautiful film here some day!!
    I think that’s so neat that she had a dream about doing this and it became a reality.
    Thank you for this post!!

    1. Yes, I am also very happy if this film will be distributed also in America.
      The promo is very nice, I can not wait to see this movie.

  2. Jane I am sorry to say I am lost. Is this movie about another person who is singing like Gianluca & I thought this movie had our guys in the movie performing. This is a wonderful idea for a our boys performing about Il Volo. Whatever they are in I want everything. Sorie to be so confused. It is wonderful for them to be in a movie about THEM so I don’t understand is someone taking their place & using Gianluca’s singing? Who is the girl who had a dream?

    1. Loretta, maybe you did not follow the other two posts dedicated to the movie.
      I try to explain. In this film, Piero Ignazio and Gianluca interpret themselves, namely IL VOLO. Their producer is looking for a fourth boy to sing with them. There is a love story between this new guy and a girl in Verona. The lyrical world will be dominant in history.

      In the press conference is the movie producer who speaks and admits that she has strongly wanted IL VOLO because she is a big fan of them.
      Her name is Federica Andreoli and says she has had a dream, that she had in this movie IL VOLO, and she has succeeded so she is happy both as a producer and as a fan.

      Loretta, I hope to be useful to you

      1. Daniela, do you know if this fourth young man is really singing for himself or is he lip synching someone else’s voice? It did not seem to me that he was singing himself. When our guys finish a song after they have held a note for what seems to be a very long time, they all take in a BIG breath to refill their lungs. He did not do that, nor did it seem to me that he was using his throat and neck muscles very much.

      2. In fact, Penina and Rose Marie, he is an actor, not a singer, he opens his mouth in sync but the voice is not his. When we were in Verona first during the soundchek, no one had warned us that they were resuming the scenes of the film, we saw on the stage the guys singing the final stage of Nessun Dorma but were in 4 and the fourth was singing, but the voice was Ignazio . At the moment we were a bit disoriented but then seeing the cameramen resumed the scene close we realized it was the movie.

  3. Oh thank you for letting us know about the film. I do hope it is everywhere…. including the Cannes Festival so the world can see it. We will be watching for any hints that it gets to the USA. I love it already. We have such terrible films in America and I’ve always loved foreign films because of their substance. Please keep the news coming. Thank you again for the preview. Victoria

  4. Thank you Daniela, it is very exciting news to hear that it will possibly be available in the USA. We all share Federica’s dream of the boys and are thrilled that they could appear in her movie. It must have been very difficult for them to make time as they are continuously traveling. God bless them.

      1. Rose Marie, I already love the movie watching the trailer, the guys seem to be very comfortable in the movie
        Federica has said very good things about our guys, we understand that she admires them very much, thanks to Federica.
        This morning I sent this post to Federica, maybe you will also read it
         your comments.

  5. Daniela, please let us know if Federica replies to you.
    I hope our boys enjoyed their day on the cruise ship, it looks like they did by the photos they posted. If they were on the whole cruise I would have gone. Buonanotte. You should be sleeping soon.

  6. Daniela thank you for taking the time explaining further my confusion I will definitely perus the movie again. I am sure the guys must be happy they are in a movie.

  7. Thank you so much, Daniela! The promo is great. I am delighted that we may get to see the movie here in the States! I hope when they do show it here it will be in many theaters. I will go back to SOCAL or Vegas or anywhere that is not too far!!

  8. For all fans of Il Volo a film of the concert Notte Magica will be shown at Silverspot cinemas on November 15 at 7.00 p m in the following towns Chapel Hill N.C, Coconut Creek Fl., and Naples Fl. Tickets at Coconut Creek $20 plus $1.50 service fee. I have tried all summer to get confirmation that this concert would be shown but have just received e-mail to confirm. I hope all who are able to go will have a great evening.

  9. Thank you Daniela. Now I have two things to wait for with delight – Our guys new CD and now the film! Can’t wait!

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