~ OBLIVION ~ by Daniela

A few days ago a post of OBLIVION PRODUCTION  aroused much excitement for many fans ……. but maybe not all of you know who we are talking about.

OBLIVION PRODUCTION specializes in making music videos and we are talking about videos like:

GRANDE AMORE that has reached 100 million views.


OBLIVION PRODUCTION has posted some backstage fragments.




Some backstage fragments:


But we also talk about L ‘AMORE SI MUOVE.


Some backstage fragments.


……… but back to the post of these days, here it is:


We are the experts who make the videos of this fantastic TRIO.

Follow us in the coming days, (especially on January 1) because we will have some big video surprises for all the fans of IL VOLO.

Our facebook page is Oblivion Production and on our website www.oblivionproduction.com you can find all their videos and backstage photos.

Thank you all!!!

Happy Holidays!!!


What do you think????

In addition to celebrating the new year we will also celebrate a new video?

Fingers crossed!!!

Meanwhile: GOOD YEAR TO ALL!


Credit to all owners of video and photos.

18 thoughts on “~ OBLIVION ~ by Daniela”

  1. Oblivion did not say what could be the surprise and sincerely all were waiting for a new video, instead from midnight on December 31 to today, Oblivion has posted photos and videos taken backstage of the videos of IL VOLO and never published.
    Here they are, these photos and videos are already going around the world.





    Ignazio and Piero are really laughing with their Sicilian pronunciation !!

    We hope that the surprises do not stop here.

      1. Yes Jana, they are really good and hilarious.
        They could very well make a film as an actor, I really want to see them in action in the film that will be released this year.

  2. What great pictures girls. Thanks Jane & Daniela. I wonder if the girl kissing Ignazio knows how lucky she was. I would change places with her in a heartbeat. Wonderful picture of Gianluca wearing the uniform he wore when he was upsidedown. He is so handsome & in this picture he is definitely becoming older to match his physic. The girls that win these young men will have pure treasures. Now I have to see if I can turn back the clock to catch Ignazio, sigh.

    1. Loretta, I thought that the girl was really lucky, that photo is taken right in the moment when the mouths touch … beautiful!

  3. It was fun to see all the “backstage” photos posted by Oblivion on Facebook today. The little vignettes the guys did while dressed as old men from L’Amore Si Muove was cute. But so far for 2018 there has been no announcements of appearances, concerts, book signing or travel. I know they said they are not planning to tour this year, and that seems like a good idea not to go on the road and do concerts every 2 or 3 days in a different city or country. But I also find it hard to believe that they will spend the year at home, at the beach, at the gym, riding horses etc. They have had incredible success so far but I doubt if they are at the top of their game yet. Now seems like a time to at least stay in the public eye as they continue to mature and grow in their profession. They love to sing, and seem to have been born to be on stage and be in front of an audience. They are still so young and I would imagine that they will be yearning for the stage before too long. I am eagerly awaiting any news of a new music video, appearance schedule, cd release parties etc. I think they will eventually want to be with their fans as much as the fans want to see them. At least I hope so.

      1. I also think of a nice surprise, they will release the new Spanish album but they will work on the Italian / international album and will try to fuel the expectations of us fans with TV and radio hosted and small appearances ……….. or at least I hope so.

    1. I also believe they will miss performing live and will hopefully make some appearances to at least promote their new album. I imagine they would be on various TV shows in Italy as they sometimes do!

      1. Here too we hope so much Margaret, in particular we really hope for a guest in Sanremo festival.

  4. Wow, awesome! I wondered what that Oblivion was? I saw it on the Instagram. And Piero! “Peel me a grape!” Lol! 🙂 Such a sexy pose! Wonder why they waited so long to reveal those? They were like 2 years ago now?

  5. Jana e RoseMarie, I too and my Italian friends asked the same question.
    Oblivion has warned us of this surprise, but why publish these photos and videos only now?
    We have thought that Oblivion wants to tease our curiosity to prepare us for a new event, maybe a new video ???
    In fact, their comment said “we are working for you” but these are old shots, so is there anything else we have to wait?
    This morning (for me) Oblivion asked if we liked their “old men” (Piero and Ignazio) and I had an exchange of comments with them and I asked if there will be other surprises and it seems so. The exchange of comments is visible on the Facebook page of Oblivion, under the video of Piero and Ignazio.

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