~ Italian-American-Venezuelan Il Volo Fluff ~

Marie recently sent me two video clips she thought we would all enjoy.  She coined them “Il Volo fluff.”  The first is a clip from an interview in Venezuela and as an added plus it has English subtitles!  

Our guys can sing acappella any time, any where.  They are just that good!  Love seeing Piero spontaneously throw his head back, cracking up in laughter.

Enjoy this little tidbit of Il Volo just being their charming selves!




The second clip is from a television news show where Lou Maglio, who claims to be 100% Italian, gets the results of his DNA ancestry search.  This is a very popular thing to do now.  Many of you may have already done so.  Who knows…maybe we ALL have a little or a lot of Italian lineage in us!!  




Thanks Marie!

Credit to owners of videos.

17 thoughts on “~ Italian-American-Venezuelan Il Volo Fluff ~”

  1. When I first saw the video of the boys’ interview in Venezuela, I laughed a lot and every time I see him he makes me laugh too much. Poor Ignazio who has fallen into Gianluca’s trap but in particular of Piero who can not resist laughing. Too strong, they were live but do not bother to ruin the live, undeterred continue with their jokes. They are “real” boys who are not built for anything.
    Thank you for reposting this video.

    The second video, having no translator, is spoken too fast for me, I will have to look at it several times to understand the meaning.

    1. Daniela, in the second video…the newscaster, Lou Maglio says he is 100% Italian and has an award to prove it! He does not want to live a lie, so he did the ancestry.com check. He finds out he is 73% Italian, from the southern part of Italy.

      1. Daniela, he goes on to say he is from southern Italy, the Mezzogiorno, then points out other areas that also came up in the analysis.
        Joe says he is “so happy and so proud.”
        Todd, who is giving him the results, says,”your grandparents can be very happy and safe that they know when they had that match between your parents that they produced an Italian son.”
        Joe is very happy and says,” so that when I go to the Feast of the Assumption now I don’t have to be afraid people will throw things at me now like I’m living a lie. I’m OK at the Feast.”
        He is very happy with his results!

  2. Thanks, Marie! I love the Venezuelan interview. One of their most favorable alluring charms is the way they always stay just who they are in any given situation. I love that truly human aspect of them. No put ons or false pretense…what you see is what you get, and with them you get a lot! 🙂

    The second video makes me wonder if I should try something like ancestry.com and find my roots. Maybe this Irish girl has a tiny bit of Italian in her after all!! (Jane)

    1. You can only wish Jane,you can only wish! I am going to do the ancestry .com. I do not know anything about my fathers heritage, but he sure looked like he was Italian.
      Maybe we will find out we are related to Daniela! Would’nt that be fun?🙂

      1. Jill, I would love to find that out!!! 🙂 Good luck with yours. Let us know here if you find some Italian in you!

      2. It would be really fun, in fact we have so many things that unite us, the first IL VOLO ha ha ha.

  3. Yes, now he can feel comfortable and on August 15th Feast of the Assumpion nobody will say he is a liar !!

    1. My sister’s gave me a birthday gift of the DNA test. I needed to know for sure I was a big chunk of Italian. I am!!! Makes me feel closer to the Boys and Daniela. Actually, Daniela…I could be related to Beppe. My folks are from Sicily.

      1. My youngest daughter gave me a Christmas gift for DNA test since I have mentioned occasionally that I might like to have it done. Starting to think about it, I thought maybe I might not like the results. I mailed it off a week ago and will wait and see. My father’s father came from Italy when he was a teenager but I am mostly of Irish descent.

      2. It would be really beautiful, and it could even be reality, sometimes it turns out that the world is really small, maybe you’re a cousin of Beppe !!
        You absolutely must find a little of your Sicilian origins !!

      3. Margaret, I had immediately thought reading your surname that you were of Italian descent, I think I also wrote it in my first comment with you.

  4. Love their acappella and Piero’s laugh. Thanks very much for those fun videos. I suddenly got a little ‘misty’ hearing Ignazio speaking at one point, He said something that sounded just like my paternal grandfather when he’d say something in his native language. (Southern Italian (Campania region). (Paternal grandmother – northern Italian (Piedmont region). Don’t know if I mis-spelled the names of those areas. 🙂 They each always spoke in English, but on occasion, if translating something into Italian for us, Grandpa would often correct Grandma’s Italian translation. It often would escalate into an argument between them which was funny. It was a case of dialect differences apparently, so she really wasn’t ‘wrong’! Poor Grandma. 😂 “Barone” happens to be a family name on her side, though not her own last name before she (Laura Marie) married him (Enrico). I’m sure they would love Il Volo! Concerning ancestral DNA searches, I think it’s fascinating, but. personally, feel leery of doing that online, for a couple of reasons. Marie, I do think it’s very cool, though, that your sisters gave you your DNA results for your birthday present. ( It would, indeed, be awesome if you’re related to Daniela’s Beppe).😊 I think if we go back far enough, we all probably do share common ancestors and so we are all related, lol…🌲💕

    1. In the end Laura is perfectly right, going back in time we all have common ancestors, but I would say that these Italians, they went everywhere.
      I imagine the discussions between your grandparents, one from the north and the other from the south irreconcilable language differences.

      1. So that IS why they couldn’t agree, hahah! (Grandpa was the one who would disagree and that got it going!)😅 Gracie, Daniela, for confirming for me what I remember as being the cause of the disagreement. Wow, Daniela, the language of north and south must have quite a few distinct differences! Italian people really did go far and wide, didn’t they! I’d say we’re all very much the better for it ! 🇮🇹💛

      2. Laura, I confirm that there are beautiful distinctions between the language of the north and south, often when one speaks of the south (in his dialect) that of the north does not understand anything. I believe that your grandparents were fighting!

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