(Ciao a Tutti! – Sanremo is being televised on RAI!  If you get the channel on your cable, you should be able to record, or at least watch it!  I am recording all the days from Tuesday to Saturday!)

HEAR, HEAR, is official, IL VOLO will be in Sanremo.


We all hoped that sooner or later was given this wonderful news, and now it is a reality.   Wednesday, February 7, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, will return on stage of the Ariston after three years from their beautiful and unforgettable victory.

What will they sing? We do not know, but we all know that we will be tuned that night on that program and that our hearts will beat in unison with the hearts of the boys.


Here is the article published in the newspaper Sorrisi e Canzoni:

Unlike previous editions, Baglioni has decided to maintain a greater reserve on its guests (and on which evenings they will perform) and has set a rule for foreigners: they must perform with a tribute to Italy. It will be in fact what they will do Sting (accompanied by Shaggy ) and James Taylor .

As announced by Sorrisi for several weeks, this year they will return to Sanremo, as super guests, the guys from Il Volo who will perform on Wednesday evening.

Among the other Italian stars, however, the presence of Laura Pausini is certain , which on Tuesday evening will celebrate the 25th anniversary of “La solitudine”. On the stage will also go up Biagio Antonacci , Gianni Morandi , Gianna Nannini , the Negramaro, Giorgia and the trio formed by Max Pezzali, Nek and Francesco Renga . Gino Paoli and Danilo Rea will also be at the Festival with the song “Il nostro concerto”, in homage to Umberto Bindi.

Also confirmed during the early evening was the cast of “A casa tutti bene” , a film by Gabriele Muccino in which Pierfrancesco Favino also plays: Stefania Sandrelli, Sabrina Impacciatore, Stefano Accorsi, Valeria Solarino, Massimo Ghini, Carolina Crescentini, Claudia Gerini, Elena Cucci, Giulia Michelini, Gian Marco Tognazzi, Ivano Marescotti and Giampaolo Morelli.

There will certainly be Antonella Clerici , who after the Festival will present the show “Sanremo young”.

During the first evening Fiorello will also be a guest , as announced by himself on Radio Deejay . Nino Frassica , instead, will be a guest on Thursday evening in the shoes of the beloved Marshall Cecchini, his character in «Don Matteo».

And here’s how Valeria Bosch has interpreted the thought of all of us.

Here they are, finally, gathered in Bologna. Today I understood one thing: it is more than fair that they have their times and their spaces in which to live and relax each on their own, but what do you want I tell you, being a fan also means being jealous and possessive.   I prefer them so when I see all 3 together, I feel calmer, more “guaranteed” that everything goes well, that the guys work together, that their “wonderful adventure” continues. Now we are anxiously waiting for them to participate in Sanremo.  For us volovers the Festival is all contained there, in those few minutes in which we will be allowed to enjoy their art, their song, their emotion.  We do not know what they will choose to sing, nor what the comments will be in the press. We are sure of one thing: when they are on stage they will be accompanied by thousands of hearts, scattered throughout Italy and the world, who will fight in unison with them and the applause thunderous and enthusiastic of who will be present in the theater. The public admires them, wants them, loves them, as demonstrated by the tour that last year saw them triumph under all the skies of the planet. 

First image of Il Volo gathered in Bologna with some fans before going to Sanremo.


Flashback to…


Video of the first evening in Sanremo back in 2015

when they won!


With the confidence to be able to review our favorites singing again on the stage of Sanremo, the first interviews begin. From today will be a whirlwind of news and video, a real feast, true binge for us fans that we never have enough to see them and hear them.


The transmission where they were interviewed is called Italian Saturday.



IS = The boys IL VOLO, the delirium in the studio.


A = Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio are back here.   Three years have passed since Grande Amore, from that great success, from the victory, and we can officially announce Piero, we announce him: Super-guests.


P = (joking) We will not be guests in Sanremo


A = You passed by chance here !!


I = We will sing next Monday, when it will all be over. (Ignazio jokes)

G = We are serious, do the serious! We can not say anything, but it is a great honor for us to come back here after three years.  We are born we can say on this stage that really gave us so many emotions and we will sing really, really beautiful songs, but we can not tell you anything.


A = Guys, instead I wanted to ask Ignazio, this meeting with Claudio Baglioni, as he called you, did you expect this invitation?


I = Surely it was a pleasure to receive an invitation from Baglioni.   We met Claudio the first time eight or nine years ago, so we were still small. Surely Claudio has done and continues to make a great piece of history in Italian music (Baglioni is a highly respected songwriter), so to be with him in this Sanremo is to share an important moment in Italian music.

A = The favorite piece of Baglioni, each of you has one?


I = (humming) Sabato pomeriggio (beautiful song by Baglioni)


P = Piccolo Grande Amore (another beautiful song by Baglioni), we have taken Piccolo and left Grande Amore.


A = E that Grande Amore you left guys.


I can ask you a question, you went along the course to see the plate where it says 2015 Il Volo Grande Amore?


P = No, never.


I = I was going but then I did not get there.

E = Tell me your emotion to return to the Sanremo stage. after your victory, surely I imagine that it is unique.


P = It is the Italian event most awaited by everyone, and I do not hide that when we are abroad we miss not seeing the Sanremo Festival.   Returning as super-guests is a great emotion.  There is a lot of tension to participate as competitors but as super-guests is a different emotion but, anyway, a lot.


I = We can say that this year we are here too.


A = And you are super-guests, so we make the announcement to all the fans and the volovers, right?


G = Yes, and an equally important announcement is that we are working on new music that will soon be released.  It will be a surprise for everyone.  We can not tell you anything else, because it is particular.

E = Listen, here we have Zanicchi (good Italian singer), who has won three of the Sanremo festival.


Z = Hello, I risk saying banalities, good luck, you are very good, they all love you.


E = They are also considered the ambassadors of the bel canto all over the world.   You tour the world practically.  Where have you been, the last time?  Tell us a little where you went.  Let us enter into your life.


I = As Gianluca said, we are preparing this new project that will be released very soon, we have been in Miami to record it, we will soon be back to record the music video.


G = We can say that we are working with the great Emilio Esteffan, with Gloria Esteffan.  You will remember the song Conga?  There will be many surprises.

A = Boys should go ….


G = (addressed to Zanicchi) We have never met …


Z = Why not, we met on the scale a few years ago all’Ariston, do you remember? No, you mistook me for another one.


G = I made a bad impression I apologize in front of everyone (everyone laughs)


Z = Good luck guys


G = We hope to see everyone soon, see you here, kisses, kisses.


E = Good, good, you can not say much about what they do, you can imagine. Hi guys, but one of you three found his girlfriend around the world?  No girlfriends here!

The boys with Claudio Baglioni, presenter and artistic director of the Sanremo festival 2018




Credit to all owners of videos and photos.


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  1. Hi Daniela and Jane, thank you for the post. I was hoping they would have live streaming like they did when the guys were competing on the show. I will not be able to get that station on my cable
    TV, but maybe we will be able to see a video of them later.
    They have a video of them rehearsing on Facebook,but I don’t have Facebook, but they still allowed us to see the video, but we can’t get the sound on the video.


  2. Wonderful article and translation! Thank you so much Jane and Daniela!! If you right click on the Sanremo video with no sound you can then copy the video URL link, paste it into a new browser window and it then will take you to a Facebook page where you can hear the audio and see the video! 🙂

    1. Hi Pat, you do not find that the video of the first night of Sanremo 2015 is incredible, the guys were very excited.
      The sound is OK.

      1. Yes, I found it incredible, Daniela! The boys of IL VOLO sang so masterfully and powerfully in that Sanremo video. Then after the performance Gianluca breaks down and cries, so emotional! He went from one extreme to the other in a matter of minutes. He reminded me of a little boy when I saw him cry and it touched my heart because I know how caring he is.

    2. pitterpat, are you saying the Sanremo video has no sound to it? It has sound on my computer, but I just want to make sure there is no audio issue. (Jane)

      1. Mary, mi scusi! I did not see that the speaker on the video itself had an “X” on it! Once I tapped it the sound was there! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for the translation of the interview! It is a help to understanding the importance of the invitation and to enter into the excitement of the Sanremo event. How far they have come in 3 years time! Thank you again for sharing with us who do not speak Italian.

    1. In these three years they have made great strides, but it’s nice to see them again after the first performance of Sanremo 2015 and to hear how the audience welcomed them with love.

  4. Thanks so much for the translation! Gianluca mentioned a music video! Any more news about that? Maybe he just wanted to tease us again! It’s good to be getting close to the new CD! Keep on keeping us informed about Il Volo happenings! Love from Texas! <3 <3 <3

    1. Hi Dorothy, it is true he said that they will come over for the promotion
      and also to shoot a music video. Today the news came out that the new album will be released in April but I do not know if it was intended as an Italian date. Love from Brescia-Italy!!

  5. Sunday, on Twitter, it was so wonderful seeing this interview of our guys. Yet, how frustrating it was not to understand what they were saying, and I must admit that I was hoping that sometime in the future Daniela may translate this interview for us.

    So it is a wonderful surprise to find the full interview translated this morning, the very next day!! Now the interview makes sense!!! Daniela, you are a Super, Awesome person!!!!!!

    Also Jane, thank you for posting it straight away and Valeria, your interpretation
    of the thinking of all of us is spot on ~ I love it !!!!

    1. Ineke!!! It’s so good to hear from you here! I, too, was so happy Daniela translated this right away for us. She is the greatest!
      Hope all is well with you! (Jane)

      1. Jane, do you know what they just said on the television news? That the photo of the boys of IL VOLO with the conductor of Sanremo, in a few moments has unleashed on Instagram 26000 interactions …….. I imagine the evening we’ll see them!

    2. Hi Ineke, you’re always very kind, when I saw the interview I hoped someone had recorded it, so I could translate it for you.

      Valeria is really good, she reads our thoughts and transcribes them.

  6. Has anyone seen what theatres in the States the boys will be playing? I have been trying to find out for Toronto to no avail. There are so many companies promoting their tickets but don’t seem to know what theatres & they don’t even have the right date as 2018.

    1. Loretta, I’m so sorry, but you do know they aren’t actually doing concert tours this year, right?

      If they come anywhere near us for any of the promotion of this cd it is likely to be last minute and we won’t have too much time to plan ahead.

  7. Jill and pitterpat, I am so glad you were able to get the sound on the video. I’ve noticed sometimes you just have to hit the volume up icon and it works. Please let me know if you have trouble with any other videos we post. Grazie! 🙂 (Jane)

  8. Daniela and Jane, thank you so much for the interview
    and translation. Daniela you give us light on what
    Il Volo is saying, otherwise we would be in the dark
    and just have to guess from the expressions on the guys
    faces. I’m looking forward to April for the cd. Will they
    be in the US promoting this cd? If so, I hope they
    publish a list of the cities they will come to. Thanks
    again ladies.

    1. Thanks Gale, I too can not wait to see them tomorrow. They will certainly come to promote the new CD but nothing is known about the program. If there will be news I’ll let you know.

  9. What exciting news that our guys will perform at the Sanremo music festival! Can’t wait to hear what they will be singing! Thanks Daniela for the translation!

  10. Grazie Mille Daniela for the translations !! I always love knowing what they are saying and also what is being said about them !! I have RAI on my TV and I set it to record the Sanremo Festival every night !! I can’t wait to see them perform Wednesday night !! It’s so exciting for them and for us !!

    1. Joanie you’re really lucky to see Sanremo live, who knows how many would like to be at your home!

  11. Thank you Jane, Daniela and Valeria. This is great news and I look forward to seeing the video! It should bring back wonderful memories to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. It was such an exciting time three years ago for them and for us!

    1. Yes Margaret, Piero Ignazio and Gianluca will be thrilled to return to the stage that three years ago saw them winning and that in 2009 saw them sing and join TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE, remember that it was the same theater where it all started.

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