Festival Di Sanremo, by Daniela

After a long wait, yesterday came the evening of the Sanremo Festival where we could see the boys again.

They sang three songs, NESSUN DORMA, CANZONE PER TE, and LA VITA E’ ADESSO.


Beautiful in Armani, they immediately presented themselves with NESSUN DORMA.

Good as always.

They had a very long applause from the audience and a standing ovation.

The audience liked the show very much.

Soon after they paid homage to Sergio Endrigo, composer of CANZONE PER TE. They performed it together with Baglioni and in the original version.

Honestly I prefer when the guys sing it alone in their version.


Baglioni asks Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, what an effect it has been returning here since 2015.


Ignazio replied that after three years, great emotion.  We were born here in 2009 with TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE (was broadcast by Sanremo) as a trio.  We won the Sanremo Festival in 2015 and meet again here after three years and be received with a great standing ovation is a great honor and pleasure.

Thank you so much indeed.

Baglioni continues by saying that yesterday there was a tribute to a great composer, Luis Bacalov and tonight we would like to make another tribute as is the custom in this Sanremo for a great singer-songwriter and performer who has been missing for thirteen years, Segio Endrigo.

Sergio Endrigo won exactly 50 years ago in 1968 together with Roberto Carlos ……. what did you do 50 years ago in 1968?

Piero answers that their grandparents went to work.


Gianluca asks Baglioni, “and what did you do in ’50 ?”


Baglioni answers, “nothing, I was in the dreams of mom and dad.”


Ignazio (joking) tells Baglioni “you remember when we went for a bike ride.”

Then they left the stage and we all thought that their performance was over.   We were also disappointed with just two songs.

After a long wait, towards the end of the show, they came back to sing LA VITA E ‘ADESSO, a beautiful song written by Baglioni.

They sang, IL VOLO and BAGLIONI, and it was fantastic, engaging, loose, sung well and involved the audience who gave many applause and another standing ovation.


After so much waiting, all over, beautiful memories remain and the certainty that the boys are always in good shape.


Nothing has been said about their next projects.


Congratulations guys, ahead of all.




Credit to all owners of videos and photos.

9 thoughts on “Festival Di Sanremo, by Daniela”

  1. Nice to have that evening set out by you and Jane and also thank you for the translation Daniela.. Claudio was born in 1951, so when Gianluca asked him what he did in 50, he should have remembered as he was 15 years old! So nice that Ermal Meta/Fabrizio Moro won this year. They stood out right from the first night of the show.

    1. No, Ineke, Gianluca asks Claudio what he did in the 50s and Claudio replies that it was in the dreams of mum and dad because he was not yet born.
      I’m happy with the winners of this year, you know that Meta is very close to Gianluca.

  2. Thanks Danielle, Nessun Doma sung by the Greatest singers in the world today is a Treasure. Il Volo from the very oppening Gianluca velvet voice as always set the tone,then joined by Perio and Ignazio make the most beautiful uplifting sound ever heard. The end of Pucci Great Aria is a power force of Gianluca reaching into the tenor range Perio taking the upper range and Ignazio Great voice taking us into the stratosphere. They stand alone. “Bravo”

  3. Our boys looked and sounded amazing!! So sad that they were so harshly criticized again by some of their fellow Italians. I don’t understand this hate 🙁 But I’m so glad that no matter what Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero supported by their amazing families, friends, manager, team and fans continue to grow and prove everyone wrong with their heavenly talent. Their new album is gonna be great!!

    1. Yes Mihaela is really sad what the Italian press is doing, also because it makes no sense, they are petty attacks that leave us very much thinking !!
      It is also for this reason that all our support must come to the boys.

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