After Sanremo, by Daniela

This post was actually written just before the Sanremo performance.  I apologize for it being out of order here, but I think you will enjoy it regardless! 

This beautiful article that I translate has just come out. Published on IL GIORNALE and written by Paolo Giordano.





On the stage the trio (winner in 2015) sings Endrigo and duets with Baglioni. «Not easy»


Tonight they will sing in their own way: full  lungs and with drops of tradition.


Il Volo won the 2015 Festival with a song (GRANDE AMORE) that is already a classic of their concerts all over the world. And this time these three golden boys return on the stage of the Ariston with one more reason: to confirm that I’m not a meteor. Gianluca Ginoble, the Latin lover.  Ignazio Boschetto, the tallest. Piero Barone, the one with glasses. They are among the most famous Italians in the world, they make colossal tours and hosted in the most decisive televisions in the world. They were born on TV, they come from TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE and have made their way because they intercept a widespread need in the world (that of bel canto) but underestimated in Italy. After all, Italians find it hard to please what is Italian. In any case, Il Volo has now a recognizable identity at all latitudes. And tonight they come back to the Ariston. “After three years, it’s another sensation,” confirms Piero. Every time they go on stage, they beat the prejudice of those who do not accept that they can sing well in the old way. “But we’re used to it,” they always say. And in any case they do not stop. Like this time.


Sorry, Il Volo, what effect does being super guests?

(Piero) “It was Claudio Baglioni who immediately made us feel better. During the tests of last week, he put us at ease.”




(Piero) “When we spoke to him, he answered clearly: “You are the guests, do what you want. So does a great artist. Chapeau.”


But in the meantime, where did you end up?


(Piero) “Let’s say we were on a break.”




(Piero) “In fact, we recorded a record with one of the most important producers in the world, Emilio Estefan. It will come out in two or three months. And it will be a surprise.”


Then explain why.


(Always Piero) “We opened the door to Latin sounds. Il Volo sings Latin. It is a tribute to a Latin American tradition that few expected from a group like ours. And there will also be duets that nobody expects.”



(Piero) “With Gloria Estefan, wife of Emilio and super mega pop star in South America. Is it true that he did not expect it? “


In fact.


(Gianluca) “With this record we do not have only one goal, which is to improve ourselves. We also want to surprise and face an unexpected repertoire.”


The target?


(Gianluca) “Prove that we are not just beautiful singing.”

Will you do it at the Festival tonight?


(Gianluca) “In the meantime we will face a great story like Sergio Endrigo, playing CANZONE PER TE that won the Festival fifty years ago, in 1968.”


And then?


(Gianluca) “And then we will duet with Claudio Baglioni in a piece that is part of his repertoire as LA VITA E’ ADESSDO, from the disc of Baglioni in 1985. Not easy, you know?”


And then?

(Gianluca) “After the Sanremo Festival a new cycle begins for us.

But you can not be too different from before.

(Gianluca) “We have the opportunity to interpret many different repertoires without losing our identity. And we still have something that will never leave us: adrenaline. Maybe someone does not care or do not think about it, but who does this job has an engine that can not be extinguished: passion. We have it.”

All right, but three boys in their twenties will often fight among themselves.

(Gianluca, but the others nod) “We were educated by our parents and we have the teaching of our manager Michele Torpedine. So sure that we quarrel, often with vehemence, because each of us has a different character. But with intelligence everything is always resolved.”


All ready for the big night?


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17 thoughts on “After Sanremo, by Daniela”

  1. Certainly hope they do not stray too far from their classical menu-the very thing that they do so brilliantly and pleasingly for we the fans. I’m a little nervous about the upcoming Estefan CD. Thank you for this update Daniela.

    1. I have to agree with you Mark. I’m not really liking the idea of a CD entirely in Spanish. I hope that’s not the case.

    2. Mark and Manola, the CD will be really different but I think we will like it. They are showing that they can do different things too but they said that after the Latin record they would make a whole CD with unreleased songs. Little is left at the output of the Latin record, still a little patience.

  2. Do you all know that Il Volo was one of the songs used in the olympics in the Italian team ice skating, by one of the men?

      1. Very good Matteo Rizzo and the music …… what to say, reminds me of someone, the best !!
        I publish the video here if someone has not seen it.

  3. Gianluca is not only an excellent musician but he has a great mind,
    at least in my books. He answers questions like one of the great
    thinkers of our day. I am sure his and the other artists parents are
    so full of pride for their sons.

    1. Gale, not only his relatives are proud, we are all proud of Gianluca and also of Piero and Ignazio.
      They are three fantastic guys to whom all our support goes.

    1. Loretta, the new album has not yet gone on sale and nothing has been leaked on the songs. But in a few days the guys come to Miami to promote the new CD and to shoot a video, then we’ll know more.

  4. Thank you for sharing this lovely article with us. I love it when Gian says their disagreements are always resolved.

    1. Yes, that phrase is beautiful and makes it clear how these guys are fond of each other. It is not just a working relationship, it is based on a great affection and respect.

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