IL VOLO at the 2018 Winter Olympics!?!?

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I love the Olympics!

Winter or Summer, it makes no difference to me. Watching all the young, and sometimes not so young, athletes from all over the world come together in competition excites me and fills me with hope for the future.

There are many events in these 2018 Winter Olympic Games that I like to watch – from snowboarding and luge to the increasingly popular curling that I fell in love with at the 2006 Turin games.  But the most beautiful event, I think, is ice skating.

I have watched as much skating as I can, either live or recorded. Last Friday evening I turned on the men’s skating short program that had already begun and that I was recording. I stepped out of the room for a moment but I could still hear the music. All of a sudden I hear the familiar strains of L’Immensita and immediately knew who was singing it……our guys of IL VOLO! An Israeli skater named Daniel Samohin had chosen this powerful song for his short program.Daniel Samohin ISRAEL small

So I thought I had better watch the competition from the beginning and was so surprised to find that another skater, Matteo Rizzo, from Italy had skated to Torna A Surriento by IL VOLO.

Matteo Rizzo ITALY small

After scouring the website (thanks for the link, Jana!), I found program lists for all the skaters including what music they skated to during their performances. There were a few songs that our guys have sung in the past but not in these particular ice skating performances. They are Historia De Un Amor chosen by a Korean pairs team for their short program. A Chinese pairs team performed to Turandot by Giacomo Puccini and an Italian ice dance team performed to La Vita e Bella (Smile) by Piovani.

I am happy to know that the music of IL VOLO is getting out there and being heard by an international audience who may have not previously been aware of them. You just never know where their incredible voices will pop up next!

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17 thoughts on “IL VOLO at the 2018 Winter Olympics!?!?”

    1. No Rose Marie, I didn’t get to watch the final gala. I should have recorded it. Sounds like it was wonderful!

    2. Thanks for putting this on this site. All the other Il volo songs were fine and wonderful but the Yuzuru performance with Il Volo doing Notte Stellata was the most magical moment of the whole Olympics. I loved it. but it is not the first for Yuzuru and Il Volo. Check youtube. You will find that he used this in 2017, 2016 and other times – actually several times.

      This guy is the same age as Gianluca and has that kind of artistry. Note: when he performs his fans (girls, mostly) throw out Winnie-the-Pooh bears out on the ice at the end. hundreds. It is like Il Volo and this guy were meant for each other.

      1. Hi Myron, I hope you saw my corrected comment. I said Chinese skater but I meant Japanese. I was watching the video (again) and was in another world when I commented. It was the most beautiful program I have ever seen, and I have been watching for a looong time.

      2. You’re welcome, Myron. I’m sorry I missed seeing the Yuzuru performance. I will see if I can find it on YouTube. I do remember the girls throwing all the Winnie-the-Pooh bears after his performance earlier in the Olympics.

      3. I was so impressed with the artistic portrayal of Notte Stellata by Yuzuru Hanyu that I had to put it on m y facebook page… I have always loved this song by Il Volo and then to see this young man skate with such grace and poetry to Il Volo’s beautiful voices was just the best of the best and the combination of Il Volo and Hanyu brought home Gold, which they both deserved…

      4. Jeannette, that program was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. I hope our guys were aware of it. Can you find out? It was a perfect combination of music and artistry.

  1. Yes Rose Marie, Hanyu’s Gala skate was beautiful and his Il Volo music was a great choice to accompany his programme. Who knows where their music will turn up next !! .It really shows that the younger generation is appreciating their singing, and that their popularity is worldwide. Bravo Guys, a great reward for your hard work.

  2. Now I have to go back and watch all the skating again. I’m glad I taped it all. Yuzuru Hanyu also skated to Notte Stellato (The Swan) – he is such a beautiful skater. I too was watching for our boys music out there on the ice and I will have to look for the Israeli skaters. Thank you so much for the names of the skaters using Il Volo. The skating was excellent this year.

  3. this is not an Il Volo song – but I was pleased to hear ‘ Oblivion ‘ in an Ice Dance segment. I have it by the Boston Pops – ” The Latin Album “.

  4. Yes, I, too, was delighted to hear our guy’s music played for some of the Ice Dancer routines. I have also been watching the Olympics, most especially the Ice Dancing. The snow boarding was very exciting to watch, as was the girl’s hockey game. – Allene

  5. Thanks Pat for this. Undoubtedly it is already nice to listen to the beautiful songs of our boys and see the music associated with magnificent choreography of ice skating, is the best.

  6. Hello all – as I was reading through all of the comments on the Homage to Gianluca, Eileen posted this and the link to the Japan final: What a journey they have taken us on! This week at the Olympics, the Gold medalist in men’s single figure skating, Japan’s Yozuru Hanyu did his exhibition skate “Swan” to Il Volo’s “Notte Stellata.” It starts with Gianluca’s soaring vocal. Here is a performance from 2017: Just a note, this is not the Olympic performance…..

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