Homage to Gianluca – by Daniela

Daniela sent us this touching story….

In these days there was Gianluca’s birthday. All the fan pages were invaded by beautiful wishes that started from all our hearts. Certainly there is so much love for this sweet boy.
One of these comments has attracted me a lot, it is written by Maura Pucci who is a big fan of him, she is 84 years old.


On the occasion of his 23rd birthday…




In 2009 he immediately hit my imagination. Indeed, it struck me straight to the heart.

I was already a grandmother of ten grandchildren, two of them roughly his age. I was disconcerted, but also bewitched, by his deep voice, coming, incredibly, from a boy with an angelic face and dreamy eyes.

Almost nine years have passed and his voice has taken over time all the nuances that the age, still unripe, still not allowed. A versatile voice, so many different and easily distinguishable voices.

I think of the amazing WIRE OF VOICE that concludes the first verse of Notte Stellata, tenuous and subtle as a sigh, to WHISPERED PARTS  of many of his interpretations, but, at the same time, to the DRAMATIC and THEATRICAL voice of Aranjuez. I think about the CARESSING and LIGHT voice with which he tackles the beginning of many songs, at the SOFT and SENSUAL voice of a true crooner, but also at the AGGRESSIVE voice of Delilah; I think of the POWERFUL and JOKING voice of Rossini’s Dance, the HOT and PASSIONATE of Musica Proibita, the POWERFUL and TRIUMPHAL of the “Vincerò!” by Nessun dorma. And I can not forget that DEEP and SOLEMN of the religious and / or Christmas songs, to which it gives the indispensable touch of majesty and sacredness. These are his voices … from concert. I add that CHARGE OF RHYTHM AND SWING, exhibited  till now in particular interpretations outside the stage.



So many voices for a chameleonic singer, as was defined by an expert, an American vocal coach, who, after praising the excellent VOCALITY, added << … His voice is a tool >>
More than singing, Gianluca interprets. Because he sings with all of himself, with his eyes, with the expression of his face, with the movements of his hands, sometimes even with the posture of the body. In one word, with FEELING. Does not give the feeling of doing a job, but a mission: to transfer to those who listen to the passion for music that accompanies him since he was a child.
He brings on stage all the qualities that distinguish him in private life. Always in pursuit of perfection, he is PROFESSIONAL AND SIGNORY in behavior, but willing to “let go” when necessary; CHEERFUL AND SMILING, sometimes also VIVACY, never too exuberant, SPIRITUS, with measure, CONFIDENTIAL, but not as timid as it used to be, AFFECTIVE AND AVAILABLE with the fans.a1-g3
Even in private life, this is the quality that connotes it in every circumstance. It is in fact a boy ROMANTIC, SWEET, TENERO, CHARGE OF AFFECTIVITY, towards family members, friends, children, the disabled, and always AVAILABLE with everyone, even with the fans who visit him at home in his rare moments rest. Finally, I would like to underline it, HE is SINCERELY MODEST. I have not forgotten what he said in an interview, which, despite having had idols that sing, since childhood, and still having them, he found it hard to believe that he, in turn, became an idol for many people.
This is “my” Gianluca, these are the qualities that I personally perceive in him: a son, a brother, a nephew, an ideal friend, beyond his indisputable qualities of singer and performer.
a1-g2Happy birthday, my boy! I wish you all the best in the world.








Here is also this! (works only in Italian) translation
G rande Amore – Great Love
I ncantevole sorriso – Lovely smile
A nimo sensibile  – Sensitive soul
N aturalmente elegante –  Naturally elegant
L uce nel suo sguardo  – Light in your look
U nica dolcezza  – Unique sweetness
C arezzevole timbro  – Caressing stamp
A rmonia nella sua voce  – Harmony in the voice
G entilezza innata –  Innocent kindness
I deale amico –  Ideal friend
N on solo attraente –  Not just attractive
O cchi che parlano – Eyes that speak
B ello anche “dentro ” –  Beautiful also “inside”
L ineamenti perfetti  – Perfect features
E ccezionale veramente  – Truly exceptional

………really beautiful words wrote Maura for Gianluca, but you have understood who is the American vocal coach of which she speaks?

Thank you Daniela for sending this beautiful story.   I’m wondering if it is Myron she may be referring to?  🙂


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  1. Thank you Daniela for this lovely tribute. I love all three of our boys, but if I need to find some peace I play Gianluca. He says he’s a ” cantante,” which is true, but he is all that Maura says. He’s so ethical and kind and always anxious to share with us what they’re doing. Thank you for sharing this. Oh, I’m 73 and a grandmother too. Buffy

  2. Thank you Daniela for that translation of Gianluca beautifully written. I love his crooning & I finally got a chance at his birthday to tell him that he is the best crooner I have ever heard. When I think of him or am listening to the beginning of a song I so want to elaborate to him he doesn’t have to copy anyone because he is so much better. I can see in pictures his sincerity when he reaches for a fan. I am so looking toward the concerts so I can tell him in person. Thank you Gianluca for your sincerity to us all you are the real thing.

    1. Yes Loretta, when I listen to the same songs performed by other singers I can not have the same pleasure I have when they interpret them.

  3. Daniela, Maura, and Jana, thank you all so much for sharing this beauty! Gianluca, you are precious beyond words, though Maura came close to expressing your magnificence!

    If you haven’t seen Gian and friends singing Ed Sheeran’s Perfect, it’s on YouTube and Twitter. I Love it!!

    Sweet night to all!
    Love from Jeanine 💗

    1. Janine, I think Maura has analyzed very well the nature of Gianluca’s voice and person, with a lot of affection

  4. Beautifully said – he is all of those things. He got into my heart from the first time I saw him in the Detroit concert so many years ago

  5. It is so lovely when someone expresses so eloquently what We feel. This is superb, such a brilliant description of a wonderful man .

  6. Thanks Daniela and all the other ladies that keep this sight going. I watched the “Latin Award”s” show and wish they had had more time to sing by themselves.

    1. Gina, we all want to see them for a long time, we would not tire of seeing them. They bring joy, happiness, good humor, beauty ….. and bel canto.

      1. Marchio, “bel canto” is a musical term of Italian origin. With this term we indicate a way of singing where from the low notes we reach the high notes in a homogeneous way. It’s a kind of non-coarse, intoned, pleasant song to listen to.
        Il Volo are the best examples of “bel canto” at the moment.

  7. Maura is such a special lady, her words are eloquent… Daniela is always helping us with English translations shows she has the biggest heart not only for Il Volo but for us fans who without her, would not understand much of what is said in Il Volo Land… Thank you both for being such devoted fans, and a huge contributing part to our Il Volo family… You both are so special to me and to all of us here.

    1. Maura is really special and has great love for Gianluca.
      Thanks for the compliments Jeannette, you know that makes me happy to share things with you all.

  8. Thank you so much for this wonderful translation Daniela. Gianluca is a very,very special young man and Maura’s beautifull words about him touched my heart deeply. Anyone who has the good fortune of going to a concert or meeting him face to face goes away with a glow in their heart and a memory to treasure forever. To know him is to love him and I do. 💕💕

    1. Really beautiful these words of yours Joanie, I think Gianluca feel all this great love that surrounds him.

  9. Thank you Maura and Daniela.. I can only say Amen to all the beautiful words about our Gianluca. – Allene

  10. Maura, you catch the essence of Gianluca so well. He is everything you say so eloquently. I too love him singing Ed Sheeran’s ” Perfect” A perfect title for a perfect singer !! Thank you so much.

  11. I am going to print and frame this beautiful homage to Gianluca. He is such a authentic and unique being.
    On the Gianluca and friends version of the Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”, Gianluca wears a blue jersey with the word ” and friens Youtube

    1. ( My apology),
      on his jersey it says “Beloved” and that is what he surely is!
      Many thanks Maura, Daniela and Jana, your input is very appreciated.

      1. Hi Ineke, true, Gianluca is unique and Maura loves it.
        Have you seen how beautiful our boys in Miami are? I’m glad they can relax in the heat.

      2. I had another look at the blue jersey of Gianluca and I was wrong, it says “LOVED” not “Beloved”.
        Daniela I agree, it is lovely to see the guys enjoying the lovely warm weather of Miami. On the TV I see that most parts of Italy is under snow!!!

  12. Gianluca is truly beloved. Glad to hear our boys are in Miami enjoying the heat. Here in Minnesota it is snowing and cold. Oh how I wish I could have gone to Miami to see them. – Allene

  13. It was Gianluca that I first noticed on Good Morning America in 2011 and wehn Piero then Ignazio started to sing, well, one just soars with their voices. What a journey they have taken us on! This week at the Olympics, the Gold medalist in men’s single figure skating, Japan’s Yozuru Hanyu did his exhibition skate “Swan” to Il Volo’s “Notte Stellata.” It starts with Gianluca’s soaring vocal. Here is a performance from 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=c0dJhw6WCo4

  14. Thank you Eileen WOW that young boy Yozuru Hanyu is the best skater I have ever seen. It was beautifully done to the music of Il Volo the best music he could have ever chosen.

  15. Maura Pucci asked me to tell you that she was very happy with your comments.
    She read them all with great pleasure.
    She is happy that his thoughts on his “nephew” Gianluca have been appreciated by you.
    She wanted to respond to everyone personally but unfortunately his tablet these days is making a tantrum.
    She recommended me that I warmly greet all the members of Flight Crew.

  16. Wow, such beautiful comments here!! yes, Gianluca also makes my heart go a little pitter patter – sorry Jeannette! lol! But he keeps posting those selfies! Sigh… 🙂

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