~ A Flight To Sony and Then… ~ by Daniela

But what are Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca doing these spring days?


We follow their tracks and what do we discover?


This photo was published in the newspaper “ALTARIMINI.IT“. Piero and Ignazio are located in Riccione, a beautiful and renowned town on the Adriatic Sea.

In the article it is said that the two members of the trio Il VOLO took a walk along the waterfront and did not avoid autographs and selfies.


After spending a nice weekend at the beach, a day in Milan, destination Sony.


Surely there will be agreements for the release of the new album.


They are all here, no, Gianluca is missing.  Certainly he will have had a setback and he will not be able to come.

In this video Piero says:

P = What changes the story?

DQ (Diego Quaglia,  A&R DIRECTOR SONY MUSIC  ) = Are the songs that change the story.

P = And we commit ourselves.

(turned to Ignatius) Igna what changes the story?

I = BHO (“but me, what do I know?”  Said when you don’t know what to answer.)


Gianluca the same day sends us a photo ready for a trip by car, maybe he wants to reach his friends in Milan.


In the end Gianluca did not arrive, problems with the car?


Easter holidays are approaching. What better chance to return to the family?

Piero is back in Sicily.


But do not forget his workouts.

Ignazio is back in Sicily too.  Here he is in a loving video with his sister.

I = Finally after a long time, with Ninuzza (loving diminutive of Nina).

Nina = hello.

I = Greetings, today from Trapani, then later from Marsala.

I+N= Ciao, Ciao

……..what sweets these two siblings !!!!


But where is Gianluca?

He sends us this beautiful picture.


And engages in these beautiful thoughts.


In the meantime Ignazio went to visit RADIO 102, a radio station in the province of Trapani.


It is a pleasure to know that the boys will be at home with their families for these festive days.

But the new album? The release of the new single should be imminent, we hope, we can not wait.



Credit to all owners of videos and photos.

30 thoughts on “~ A Flight To Sony and Then… ~ by Daniela”

    1. Very well Loretta, so ‘you have to do, you know what I tell you? …. almost almost I do too.

    1. I have to say Cynthia that lately the guys send us a lot of their videos or photos, and this is really a pleasure for us fans. In particular, Ignazio is really posting many of his tracks.

  1. It seams to me Gianluca is hooked up with is girlfriend, Ignazi is with his sister in Sicily & Piero is in Sicily also probably with his family. I really hope Gianluca will get to his families home.

    1. From what we have all seen, Gianluca has also been at home with his family, during all these Easter holidays.

  2. Gianluca has been home celebrating Palm Sunday and Easter with his family. He also attended his cousin’s birthday party. He has spent time with his good friends.

    1. I cannot imagine Gianluca missing the opportunity to see his brother Erny play the role of Christ in a Passion Play.. That must have been a real treat for the family

  3. I love seeing pictures of Ignazio & Ninna together they have such a strong bond to each other. She must have looked after him when his mother was working of course I am surmising this.

    1. Loretta, it was just like that, Ignazio has a strong feeling of gratitude towards his sister who has been like a mother for long periods, even though she was little more than a child.
      In the book written by the boys and unfortunately not translated into English, Ignazio says this:
      “…. since 1998, the year of my mother’s first admission to hospital, in 2003, when all that bad story is over, my mother became Nina.
      Dad Vito worked and my sister, despite her twelve years, had to be a housewife. It has become my biggest reference point.
      We had to grow both of us very quickly, without thinking about toys and entertainment.
      The truth is that we were not interested in anything that usually affects two children of that age, because the only thing we wanted was to have our mother at home. “

  4. Thank you Daniela I was surmising a lot of this it seems I read also that his mother was in hospital. I’m really glad that they are keeping in touch with you sending pictures & information on their life & careers I like knowing that they recognize us & who are truly interested in their careers & wellfares especially for me Ignazio. He is about the same age as my grandson who doesn’t keep in touch with me too much.

    1. Yes Loretta, mom Caterina in those years was almost always in the hospital. I translate another sentence from the book, written by Ignazio.
      “After five surgeries and one hundred and fifty points in the face, mom Caterina has returned home.”

  5. Daniela what did he mean 150 points in the face were her features a problem? or am I taking that the wrong way. I saw her close up one year when they were first in Canada & when he & his mother came into the lobby just about the same time I had entered the lobby & he pointed his mother out to me I know I spoke to her briefly but only to say hello because she spoke no english & I think it was the first time the guys had performed n Canada so that was years ago. I never noticed if her face was disfigured. I have seen pictures of her & she looks fine to me. I didn’t know him at all because it was their first time singing in Toronto & he had her with him & I must have been the first one he saw because he perpusely brought her to my attention, so he must have wanted someone to say hello to make her feel comfortable. A couple of years ago she was sitting opposite me but I never saw her face being dark as well.

    1. She had a facial tumor at the time. After 5 surgeries and many points, she has solved her problem.

  6. Daniela thank you so much for taking the time to tell me about his family. His Dad is a stunning looking man so I guess he is who Ignazio got his looks from. Although I always thought his mother was a pleasant looking woman.

  7. Daniela is he writing a book on his family to be published? If so keep me posted if he is I will be the first to buy a copy. Daniela you are a treasure to take the time to tell us about the guys I for one really am grateful. I wish I could do something for you perhaps send you a box of Canadian chocolates which is the only thing I can think of. Which would probablty cost 4 times the amount of the chocolates to get to Italy. If you can think of something you want from Canada tell me what your desire is.

    1. Loretta, Ignazio is not writing a book, what I have translated to you is part of the book IL VOLO UN’AVVENTURA STRAORDINARIA written by Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca two years ago. Unfortunately, the book has not been translated into English.
      Thank you for the sweet thought of chocolates, it’s like I received them!
      You give me a present every day, appreciating what I write.
      Thanks again!

  8. One of your best posts Daniela-really enjoyed it, along with input from all the others-how I would love to sit down with these chaps and have a long conversation! Thanks, Marchio

    1. Mark, who has had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with them, confirms that they are polite and very simple boys.
      I have just finished reading something that happened to Piero today and that of course tomorrow I will try to translate it for all of you. Bravo Piero!

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