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Our Piero and Ignazio were at dinner with Bartoletti (journalist / commentator), their dear friend.  This is what he wrote about them.




Put one evening for dinner in a tavern, Bartoletti with two friends out of three of the Il Volo guys,  Ignazio and Piero: the Sicilian-Bolognese.  Gianluca will join them to perfect the single of the new album they are preparing and which will be released very soon, followed a few weeks later from the complete compilation.  It will be explosive and beautiful.  Not only because Ignatius, regardless of any diffusional strategy, listens to the CD in his car …. at full volume with windows down perhaps to make it feel even heard at the Madonna di San Luca, (this church is on a hill of Bologna, but it is a way of saying that Ignazio keeps the volume so high that he could hear it up there).  Then Bartoletti says that their CD will take an unexpected turn, that it will be very different from the previous ones.



I look at them at the table in their simplicity.  I am curious about the stories of their everyday life.  I tell them some stories from an old uncle and enjoy seeing them open their eyes wide to hear names and things they do not know. It makes me laugh when someone, without ever having known or met them, calls them “spocchiosi”, “presumptuous”, “arrogant”, “mounted” and so on.


They study all day to improve themselves. They speak with admiration and devotion of their international myths that are now colleagues.  They tell with amazement and modesty their experiences unattainable by 95 percent of the other Italian singers. Piero is more serious with unexpected veins of irony, Ignazio a sweet “cazzaro” that at the end of the evening chases me to show me the film of the airplane model that he built with his dad and who tried in vain to fly (“And to think that when we did not have a penny they flew very well”).


I brought them the beautiful design that Giorgio Serra, “Matitaccia” dedicated to the group. I made them and they made me smile. Please, guys, stay so “bad” in the eyes of those who still do not love you: but, please, never change. And if you continue to succeed in the world, patience!  It’s like saying they are good, and everyone likes them so if in spite of those who think differently, they will be successful ….. patience, those people will make a reason, because they are BRAVI.


*D* What to say, Marino Bartoletti has always defended our boys and also this time he highlighted their appearance as “good guys”.

He also anticipated that soon the single will be released, followed immediately by the album and that it will be a real breakthrough.

Under his post I read two really interesting comments that I translate here too.


* I also had some doubts about these guys, but it was during a meeting for the presentation of his book, dear Marino Bartoletti, that I had the opportunity to know them better. Never seen the show characters so genuine and courteous, available to exchange a chat with those present. These days it is not a trivial matter. If then to the compassion add the skill, we should not marvel at their global success. Well done.


* Great guys in their simplicity! I had the pleasure of working with them, in their first Russian appearance in Moscow, they were special guests of a well-known artist in Russia!

Appreciated and applauded by all .. insiders and not ..




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  1. Thanks again Daniela. Lovely post. Wish their CD would come out soon. Miss them on a tour singing. Noticed that Ignazio is now posing for pictures more and more.

    1. GIna, you noticed too. Ignazio seems much more relaxed and available since he is single again.
      How many photos he is posting and in the videos, he has a lot of happiness …… how nice to see him happy.

    1. Yes Anne, Bartoletti is really a special friend, do you know that the evening of Sanremo 2015 was the only one in the press room to defend them?
      Under this his post, there have been many comments and some not so cute, he has always intervened to defend them, good Bartoletti.

      1. Daniela,, regarding your remark about Bertoletti the only one to defend IL VOLO in the press room of Sanremo? Why does the press not like them?… We know when they went to Eurovision they charmed the international press there and were well liked, I think they even got a special award from press there.

      2. Unfortunately, Connie, all the journalists gave a really horrible example that day, they did not approve the winning of IL VOLO at all and they whistled and hindered them. They gave very low grades to them, fortunately the people from the house super voted them. Not happy journalists wrote, that they had won but they would not have gone far with that song.
        The best revenge was to prove that they were completely wrong.

  2. We devoted fans know this about the guys. So nice to have a well known journalist give them praise. How could you NOT love them once you know them? Thank you Daniela for the translation.

    1. Absolutely agree Janet, who knows them can NOT love them, in fact Bartoletti knows them very well.

  3. Daniela, again thank you for the translation for the Flight Crew. Bravo to Marino for his comments. He is one journalist that has made an effort to really “know” our young men. We knew from the beginning what great boys they are, and their families too. Great artwork by Georgio Serra, I love the Grande Capo up in the corner. Hearing all of the bits and pieces by Gianluca on Instagram is making me anxious to get the CD/DVD.

    1. So RoseMarie, has the book arrived?
      Serra did an excellent job with this caricature, even Marie loved it.
      Do you know that Grande Capo is the nickname that was given to him by Pavarotti? …….. but of course you know, it’s written in the book!

  4. Who in their right mind, with eyes and ears wide open, could not like these three guys and their beautiful music?!!

    1. Well said, Mark, I confirm you, they are very good singers but really special people.
      It’s really hard not to appreciate them.

  5. To my way of thinking if someone doesn’t like our guys it is because they don’t want to get to know them & also they are jealous of their voices. Our guys have worked hard at perfecting their craft & voices with success so we can honestly say their voices are perfection. No other singers are as good as Il Volo.

    1. Loretta, I believe that envy is really one of the ugliest motives, but it exists, and how, and the guys are very envied.

    1. Right, RoseMarie, take the book with you and, if you see Torpedine, tell him it’s the first edition!

      1. RoseMarie ,, a friend of mine yesterday was at the book presentation event and she bought one for me too (yesterday signed Torpedine and also Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca). As soon as I get the chance to have it, I will read the parts and I will tell you what has changed.

  6. Thanks for letting us know what Mr. Bartoletti wrote about Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. He has been a kind and supportive friend to them. It is hard to believe and sad that so many have been so critical and dishonest about them. Hopefully that is changing.

    1. Margaret, it is difficult to think, but there are unfortunately many dishonest critics, who strike for the pure taste of sinking, fortunately in this case they fail in the intent.

  7. This just goes to show to me once more that my instincts about our guys is right on the money. . Three young men thrown together by sheer luck and right timing are not only fantastic singers/performers but they are genuine in their appearance and personalities . You get what you see in these three:iIntelligence, a natural affinity for each other that translates on and off the stage and of course that huge love of music and their need to always be improving. How lucky we are to have such three good looking , funny, intelligent good guys in this world who in turn bless us with their incredible music. Thank you God for the gift of IL VOLO!!

  8. Pirate I thank God every day that he sent us 3 amazing boys who showed us what kindness, perseverance & love of singing & of people is & I thanks God every day for still being here to appreciate & listen to their angelic voices who no one can compete & seeing them in person & if they look up & recognize us is a joy to my heart. Other than sending haitred to cruel & ignorant people I can only ask God to help me send forgiveness to stupidity. So Pirate I thank God with you for we are the ones who have also been blessed to hear & see our precious young men who sing to us daily & show us how to treat ignorance as well as love of life in their singing. I so wish for myself I was their age so I can show them the love I feel.

    1. At their age I would probably have been a bit intimidated by all the other young and prettier girls than I. Now as a “old lady PIRATE’ I can be my very best outrageous self! Oh How I love them to bits!!

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