~Il Volo In Your Life~ by Daniela

A few days ago, Victoria Wilson in a comment to a post asked this question:

“What have the boys filled in your life?”

Then I read this comment by a friend that answered to a person who is not fans of IL VOLO.

In this commentary, perhaps we find the reason of so much affection towards Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

What is your thought?


The musical tastes are the most disparate and often incompatible with each other. But fortunately in the music world, there is room for everyone. What I do not understand, however, is how they may not like it, as people. They are three good looking young men, without visible piercings and tattoos, always correctly dressed for their public and already this today is a rare commodity. Apart from the outward appearance, they are polite, helpful and friendly, not only with the fans, but with anyone, as if they were any kind of boys, and not world famous stars .. Last but not least, they are bearers of values super-positive, love for Italy and our language that, thanks to them, has awakened to the four corners of the world, and for their homeland, family affections, tenderness towards the little ones, the affectionate concern for the less fortunate. If you know them ….. you can not avoid them! Indeed, you endure their charm that has been called a soft drug … that is addictive. The young women would like them as boyfriends or husbands, the others as brothers, children grandchildren.I am a kind of …. animals in extinction, especially in the entertainment world, to be protected. And all this regardless of their undeniable talent. This is to understand why we, who know them, have a family relationship, visceral with them. It is not the hysteria of a group of untamed females, but it is a Big Love aware of balanced people, of good culture, that of singers have known many without having ever tried anything like that.

                                                                                             Maura Pucci



Credit to owner of photos.

41 thoughts on “~Il Volo In Your Life~ by Daniela”

  1. Hopefully, “The Trio” checks in with this ,the Flight Crew blog, on a frequent basis, for an infusion of positivity and love (see above for a prime example) from an avid, honest and adoring bunch of fans, before they access any of the blogs that feature some negativity, in varying degrees, out there. The comments on this blog should tell them all they need to know about their true fan base. In my opinion.

    1. I agree Mark. This is the most balanced and positive set of comments that I’ve read. It leaves the frenzy behind and gets in touch with the bottom line reality. Thank you to everyone who writes, organizes and makes The Flight Crew possible. I for one appreciate you!

      1. Jeanette, since I found this site, I always thought it was the best.

    2. Mark, you’re right, but I must tell you that the positivity of this site, also gives it to all of us who every day we find ourselves in these pages.
      I also hope that the boys can read all your wonderful comments, I passed them links, recommending that they read them.

  2. Look at the picture above of those gorgeous looking men. Dressed for the weather handsome seren looks of intellegence. How can anyone resist the looks of love staring out from that picture. I for one will open my arms to Ignazio always wherever he is & leave the other boys to all the other ladies who want to vye for their attention. VIVA ILVOLO no other young men in the world like ILVOLO who can sing like no other singers can & dance & with Ignazio’s sense of humour & amazing voice that reaches to the sky also with Gianluce’s crooning like no other singer ever could & also hear Piero reaching for the highest note. These young men are our heros. However they perform on stage & whatever they want to sing is tops, they can do no wrong these voices are who I will only listen to for these young men are perfection. WAY TO GO GUYS.

      1. I think Loretta is 23 years old, in spirit, in thought, in the heart.
        Is it true, Loretta? You confirm?

    1. Loretta, your love for Ignatius is exclusive. How do we do if Marie hears you, and all the others who like Igny?
      Joke of course, I know that you (like all of us) love all three of our beautiful and talented guys.

      1. I’ll accept 23 years old Daniela in spirit & heart & thought I look & I can’t claim anything else but to be 23 is acceptable at least in thoughts & heart & spirit.

      2. Only the physical body ages. We have to flit around like astronauts in (physical) spacesuits in this dense dimension where we experience certain things in order to learn and progress as a result. The soul/spirit has no ‘age’. In context of this IL VOLO music/ appreciation site, It’s the reason most people of All ages naturally are drawn to the strikingly ‘attractive’ vocalists and to their equally attractive music. Just like Loretta, inwardly we all truly are as young as we feel, think, desire to be. We always actually are ageless spirits. We just usually most often forget that, though. 🙂

    2. Loretta, what beautiful words for Il Volo,
      I agree they can do no wrong. At the
      Oklahoma City M&G I was so scared (at
      my daughter told me I looked scared).
      I took Gianluca’s hand and gave him a
      hug and told him he was my hero. I looked
      over at Piero and he was listening in so
      said you are all myheroes. So I appreciate
      your words they are our heroes. I dearly
      love to hear them act and sing. They are
      the finest singers on earth.

  3. I’m a mother and grandmother of boys. These young men are what every person want their sons or grandsons to be. To me they border on perfection. Their parents must be so proud.

    1. Barbara, I assure you that I had the opportunity to exchange opinions with the father of one of them and he told me that they are very proud and he also added that they are really “good guys”

  4. The music of The Beatles awoke something in me that helped me cross the bridge from child to teen and on. I usually say that when The Beatles came on the scene my life went from Black & White to Technicolor. Other groups or individual singers helped keep the world in color…. then years passed, with it came disappointments, defeats, heartache, some very good times but also many very just plain blah time.
    Then I heard a snippet of a IL VOLO song on the raidio soon followed by discovery of their first album and in rapid pace the first PBS showing of them at that Detroit concert. I stepped into the IL VOLO flight pattern and suddenly there was TECHNICOLOR AGAIN. There was fun and there was music like no other out there…and three special souls with one in particular with his red glasses that caught my heart and breath! Now I have once more a new group of wonderful friends who like to discuss, and explore and even kid each other about our new passion in life. Thank you my fellow Flight Crew. Thank you Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero!!1 VIVA IL VOLO!!!

    1. Connie, this your expression of life in b / w and technicolor is beautiful.
      I’m happy that you can still see everything in color and you’ve found a lot of friends, I’ve found them too, and I’m not exactly two steps from my house.

  5. Daniela your right I do love all three young men but Ignazio has a special spot in my heart as I am sure he has in others. When I first saw them on TV & he was smiling all through the song I said to my son who are they?
    He had called me when he heard them & said to put the TV on. I was mesmerized & when he told me they were going to be at Roy Thomson Hall & another place then I literally flew to buy tickets. The concerts were amazing & I gave Ignazio my first hug. There CD is on all the time & I go into the internet to see them singing. I love Ignazio as well as Marie & many others & I stand in line at a concert & wait my turn for that hug. And we are blessed to have you Daniela translating for us & keeping in touch with the guys to update them & us on their activities. You have been a God send for us & I for one deeply appreciate your expertise in your translations & the time you take out of your busy day & if I ever get to meet you you will get a specially large hug.

    1. Loretta, you’re really too sweet.
      I’m just a friend trying to keep contacts from the other side of the world with friends who, because of the different language, would not understand.
      Your ideal hug wraps me every day when I read your comments. Thanks so much.

  6. Daniela don’t think for one minute you are just a friend helping out. I am dying to meet you whenever that will be. Our guys are blessed to have you translating for them as well as us here on the blog & as silly as I might write you don’t criticize me speaking whats in my heart & how much I wish I could be younger. Your wonderful husband is a patient man for you taking the time with us. Hope your Easter was perfect. Sending another hug including your husband.

  7. Daniela I should have mentioned if you are in touch with our precious guys please send them a special hug from me it might lift their day. I asked Ignazio when I saw him in Toronto when he was here & told him I was from Toronto & he said he knew that I guess it wasn’t hard to figure out. So when he hugged me I didn’t know where to put my head so I put it on his shoulder & he didn’t run. To me he s special & I wish I was his age.
    I can”t let a day go by without finding out from here about our precious young men. Thank you for taking the time to update us.

  8. Thank you, Daniela for all the translations & posts for us!! I have been sick with 4 days hospital stay. I have been home about a week now & am still making very little progress to recovery! I am tired to exhaustion when I do anything! This recovery will take much time as I am old & will not bounce back quickly!! I pray that our Boys won’t come back until I have time to get well! I will have to travel to see them when they do come back!! Surely Vegas will be on the Tour! That is only 2 hrs away!! I know many fans have Ignazio at then top of the list! For some reason he clicked with me from the beginning! Perhaps I remind him of a favorite realative. At PBS the first time he chose to sit beside me after the Promos. I could hardly believe he was sitting beside me all the time! We talked , very little brain fade!! We went to a CD signing in 2013 & he spent time there with me too. When I told Ignazio at PBS the next year that I was getting older , slowing down & had to use my walker all the time, I was enveloped In a big hug with kisses on my hair & cheek!! He told me I had a long time left! So sweet!! He holds a piece of my heart & always will!! I love Gianluca & Piero also & they are all precious to me!!!

  9. Dear Anne I am sorry to hear that you have not been well so I am keeping you in my prayers to a speedy permanent recovery. That was wonderful to read the relationship you have with Ignazio he is a special young man & he is at the top of the list with me as well as others. I feel we have been blessed to have these young men in our lives & hear their glorious voices.
    Keep thinking positive Anne to help heal yourself, I am shure others are praying for you as well.

    1. Thank you, Loretta for the prayers & encouragement!! It’s Sat AM & I feel better today! I have many people praying for me so I am recovering! Il Volo Love a tutti!

      1. Dear Anne, I read only now, but I was comforted when I read your last message “it’s Saturday and I’m better”, good so, forward, even if the recovery of health is slow, then comes, and then you’re stimulated to think positive because you have to meet the guys when they will come to you in the USA.
        Ignazio was really sweet with you, I think these three guys have very nice attention to kindness and affection, pearls very rare to find today.
        I always keep you in my prayers, I send you a warm hug from Italy.

  10. Daniela do you know are the handsomest men in the world Il Volo starting to tour? or do anything else or going anywhere or are they relaxing for the time being. I can understand if they want to stay home for a while.

    1. Loretta, the day, April 5 Piero Ignazio and Gianluca participated in an event in Bologna, I do not want to tell you more because there will be a long post with lots of photos and videos.
      After that day GIanluca and Piero returned to their families. Ignazio I think he remained in Bologna.
      For now we do not know anything else, but I can tell you that within 15 days we will hear their new single.

  11. Musically talented and spirit-strengthening “Il Volo” expresses and therefore shares with us all more of ‘The Light’ — expressed in many beautiful, compelling forms and ways in this world and to which the soul is naturally drawn. I guess one could describe them as ‘Light workers’, as are all who seek, recognize, respond to and share the light, in turn. “Il Volo Flight Crew” works to share the light of “Il Volo” and by doing so, spreads that healing light further, brightening and bolstering lives. Grateful for all of you,🌟

    1. Laura, would not it be nice if everyone spread more light ?? There would be no need for anything else. In our small way, this site is doing it!

      1. The Il Volo flight crew are very special people!
        We love and respect our guys, and want only what’s best for them.
        Their talent is unsurpassed.
        Can’t wait for the new album.

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