“Sony is our Family…”

First, just let me say a big thank you to Jane and Daniela, who, without them right now, there would likely be no site!  As many know, I have been going through a lot of stress in the last several months.  I am feeling better, but need to take care of myself a bit better.  Just knowing their new album will be coming out soon, is starting to cheer me a bit!  🙂 

I remember several weeks ago, when I saw this picture come through on Instagram…  how much it really touched me and reminded me of another picture, where Ignazio and Piero had similar positions.  Of course I can’t remember where I saw it, but I know it’s out there somewhere!  “Sony is our family,” says Ignazio.  His gentle hand is on Piero’s shoulder and the serious, yet consoling look on Ignazio’s face, seems to convey so much.  The apprehensive and maybe even scared look on Piero’s face, under his Panama hat, also tells us a story.  They are there, at Sony studios, likely putting the final touches on the new album.  They did what they wanted to do this time.  Pop, hip-hop, rap, a duet with Gloria and who knows imagewhat else?  The look on Piero’s face, says it all…  Is it good enough?  Will people like it?  Will we lose some fans?  Will we get some new ones?  We’ve put all our trust in Sony, Michele, and the Estefan’s – is it enough?  Will we finally get that Grammy we’ve been waiting for, for so long?  Piero, being the eldest of the group, looks exhausted and anxious.  Does he feel more pressure than the others?  Is he fearing his opera career going awry after this album comes out?  Even his glasses look a bit precarious, sitting close to the edge of the table.

Whoever took that picture, truly captured a moment in time.  That split-second of emotion; the picture that says a thousand words.  For all we know they burst into laughter and had a good joke right after that moment, but did they?  Did Ignazio reach over and give Piero one of his big, bear hugs?  Did Piero respond in kind, with maybe a kiss on the cheek as well?  Did they cry?  Was Ignazio scared, too, but wanted to reassure Piero?  We’ll never know.

“Sony is our family….”  When you think of this, it’s also kind of sad, in a way.  But you tend to trust your family and your family looks out for you – at least you hope they do.  I hope they think their fans are their family, too!  We give them the unconditional love that everyone deserves, especially when they are down, or make mistakes.  We tend to forget that they are human also and young.  And, sometimes as families do, they/we sometimes forget who our families are.  In times of need, we often feel we are alone in the world.  Like the “Footprints” poem, when the person in the poem is in such despair and feels that God has abandoned him in his time of sorrow, since there is only one set of footprints in the sand.  God says, “My son, when you see there are only one set of footprints, it is when I carried you!”

Let us hope that, in the months to come, that the guys always know who their families are.  Not only their blood relatives, but their extended families in Sony, the Estefan’s, and of course, their adoring fans!  We will always carry Il Volo figuratively in our hearts, and if necessary, literally – to wherever they need to journey!

We love you guys – unconditionally!  🙂




(A very big credit to whomever took that photo!)

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  1. Jana, I thank you so much for your words, but we too, on this site, are like a small family, and when there is need, we must lend our help.
    For me and I also speak on behalf of Jane it was a pleasure to help support this site that spreads so much positive attitude towards the boys and a lot of dialogue between the whole crew.

    What about your photo analysis? I would say that you have been able to interpret every moment that the image has been able to capture.
    I think we all know that this new project was strongly desired by Gianluca, but it is also true that Ignazio and Piero did not deny this opportunity to their “little brother”.
    The extremely positive thing is that they can face any kind of music genre, and this is certainly not for many singers.
    I also believe that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are well supported, by their families, by their management but also and above all by their fans, of this they MUST have the certainty every day.
    So, as you say Jana, we support and make them feel all our love.


    1. Yes, it is true, we are like family – in fact, sometimes better than blood family! Whenever I read this site, you can truly “feel the love” in everyone’s comments! Near, or far! 🙂

  2. First, I must say this is and always will be a labor of love here on this site. When you truly love something the work becomes joy! Can’t imagine not doing what ever we can for the love of these three young men. (Jane)

    1. Jane – I am so glad you enjoy your labor of love, as you certainly do the lion’s share of it!! 🙂 Even when I get busy and forgot to hit the buttons!

  3. Dear Jana, I’m sorry that I didn’t realuze what was going on with you, I did notice that you were not around much and that Jane and Daniela were here more than usual. I hope you are doing better and yes, yourself comes first.
    In the picture above I thought that Piero looked upset about something and Ignazio was trying to calm him down. We can’t begin to know the pressure that they are under when they are working.

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, things have been a bit crazy….

      I know, like I said, I just loved this picture! They certainly have a lot of pressure on their young shoulders and they handle it pretty well! 🙂

  4. Dear Jana, I am so sorry that I didn’t know you were going thru a bad time. And at the same time, glad that you are feeling better. Yes, the news that our boy’s’ new album will be coming out soon makes even this long, long winter seem bearable – well maybe not. Anyway, Jana, I am so very glad you are feeling better. – Allene

    1. Hi Allene! It’s been emotional, I will explain in my general comment…

      thanks so much for your concern!

  5. Dear Jana I’m sorry to learn you were in a bad situation I hope things are better for you but Daniela and Jane did a great job as for the picture I just think it’s just just shows these two in a serious moment something we don’t see a lot but I’m sure this new album will be a success just like all their others as for a grammy who knows. All the guys can do is do there best and I know they did because they always do. I know it’s going to be amazing because they are. I say you go IL Volo we are with you now and forever. You’re the best.

  6. Jana, thank you so much for not only interpreting the picture, but also some of the concerns some of us have about the new C.D. – the “new direction”, that Daniela so well described – for listening to Vancanze Romane, it is clear thatit is more Gian’s genre. The other two ‘brothers’ are generous in this venture, for they do soar in opera and the bel canto. It is so good you are back to us, and we’ve missed you. Thanks to all who keep faith with these wonderful voices, such gifts, and are a caring group among ourselves.

    1. You are so sweet, Diana! It’s funny, sometimes you don’t realize how much you miss something, until you go back to it!! 🙂

  7. I am sending prayers to Il Volo our precious young men & asking God to enfold them in his arms & keep them safe. To Ignazio, Gianluca & Piero these prayers will help you overcome anything that is worrying you. You are VERY special to us Flight Crew members. With Gods help things will continue to be successful for you for you are the BEST singers in the world no one can compete with you voices & also with your demeanor You will always be the BEST singers & the best performers for God is looking after you.

  8. Jana, Bless your heart. I can relate to your current emotions. You’re a smart, caring, sensitive soul. Thank you for the reminder of “Footprints.” Expect miracles. Thank You Jana, Jane, Daniela, Marie, Kelly, Et. Al. for your labor that keeps this long train on track since it left the station. An outstanding accomplishment and example of voluntary service in loving support of others — ” IL VOLO” and their many admirers. May there be very happy surprises now on the way to each of you. 🎁🎀🌈

  9. Jana so sorry to hear that you were not feeling well.Welcome back and thank you to Daniela and Jane for carrying on. I too these last months have been under some personal stress. Following our guys helps to brighten each day. Your analogy of the picture of Ignazio and Pireo certainly got me thinking! However, knowing how talented they are , I believe the new cd will just wow all their fans, young and old!

  10. Jana ( and anyone feeling the blues right now): Please forgive me that this isn’t our Il Volo’s song, but it just popped into mind, as it’s a little tune to help us all ‘re-set’ from a ‘blue’ to a brighter heart & soul: “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. 😃

  11. So sorry you are not “up to par” Jana..Here’s hoping you will be alright soon. O’ that I could express my thoughts so well. I do so enjoy reading all about our guys. Not to mention the very good videos . Keep it coming. Best wishes to you and all the flight crew . Keep sharing the love.

  12. BIG Ignazio bear hugs to you, Jana!! Feel better soon. 🙂 Wishing you all the best


    ~maria in Illinois

    1. Thank you so much, Maria! It reminds me I need my “bear hug” that Marie gave me a few years ago. I have the picture of me and Igna on a little t-shirt on a little teddy bear! When I’m feeling blue, I do give it a hug! 🙂

  13. Hello to all! I know many may not read this, since it is from a few days ago now, but here is what has been going on with me. I may have mentioned a few months ago that I was getting a new boss. I had found out last October. With all of the changes going on at work, I had to wait initially over 2 months, to even find out who the new boss was going to be, so not until after we came back from Christmas break. Then I had to wait another 2 months before he started, March 5. Then to make things even more interesting, I swapped admin positions with the other chief engineer’s job. So, not only did I not know who my new boss was going to be for 2 months, I got a new boss, and a whole new organization to support, with new managers. I “knew” them, but really only in passing. My only saving grace was that my “old” boss was now the director of our entire organization. Even us admins had some differences to work out and territorial issues to manage. Let’s say the claws really came out a few times and the Friday before the “new guy” was supposed to start, I nearly burst into tears in front of my “old” boss because I was so upset about something else. On top of all of this, I had to keep this a “secret” from everyone the whole time, after I found out who it was going to be. Then, even though I was quite flattered that people kept thinking I was “moving up” with the boss, (because I wasn’t), it was very stressful, because I knew he wanted to take me with him, but he couldn’t and he got the other admin that was the former director’s admin. The other director wanted to take her also, but he couldn’t either. It was quite a tough situation and 4 months long. I tried to keep a positive attitude and look forward to the change, but apparently my sub-conscious had other ideas! This is what caused me a lot of my stress. To top it off, there were things that were miss-spelled on our organization website, and no one was listening to me. Of course, those that “know” me on this site, “know” I’m “always” right! lol! Ok, most of the time, anyway! 🙂 Yes, all of this was causing me stress. Then new guy didn’t take me seriously on some of this, which caused me more stress!!

    The only good news on all of this is that I finally went to the doc and had blood work done. It actually all came out good, overall, except for this one blood test that measures the inflammation around your heart. Your number is supposed to be less than 3 and mine is 11.5! So, technically, I’m 5x more likely to have a “cardiac event” than the normal person! Good news – drink more red wine and dark chocolate, and take vitamin D. Of course other healthy foods, but wine and chocolate – 2 of my favs!

    Ok, enough about me!! Hope everyone else here on this site is hanging in there!
    Can’t wait for the guys to come back to us again!

    Thanks, everyone, for your concerns, and well wishes!


    1. Jana, I understand all your stress and your situation, and I hope that everything is improving now, but I must say that the remedy with wine and chocolate, I was amazed, we also add some good music of IL VOLO and the remedy is perfect.

  14. Dear Jana I am so heartbroken that you have been suffering so much & even pushing yourself to keep it hidden from us. Please share with us so we all can send prayers your way as well as other support you may need. The other day when it was mentioned that the other girls were looking for people to fill in to make comments to keep this site open I wanted to help out somehow but don’t have the expertise as you girls do. I know I can comment about the guys but whatever is needed, is it different? To me this site is so important so if you girls are still in need of help then please tell me what I can do. I can send you my phone number or Marie might still have it. I am at your service.

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