~~ Dolce Piero ~~ by Daniela

During the Easter holidays, as we know, the boys were back with their families.

In one of those days immediately after Easter, Piero went to see NOTO, a beautiful Sicilian town near Syracuse.

NOTO is truly beautiful and is the capital of the Baroque style, and is also called “stone garden.”  The historic center has been declared a UNESCO “World Heritage Site.”


Piero, accompanied by his brother and two friends, wanted to be a simple tourist, but having posted his photo on Instagram, was seen by some students of the school of Tourism.  Through word of mouth, they were activated in a very nice positive way, as well as thanks also to their teacher Alessandra Brafa. 


But here is all explained well by the same words of Alessandra Brafa.

When I arrived in this class, the III A Tourism of Matteo Raeli of Noto, the girls had no dreams or, at least, they could not translate them. I asked them that in the nine months to follow, from September to June, they would have to make an effort to find one, to bring their talents to the surface.

Today these girls have done more. Known on Instagram of the presence of the singer Il Volo in Noto, they asked me to interview him. They were excited, their eyes were shining, they bounced with enthusiasm asking me to make sure to meet him.


A few minutes later, with the necessary authorizations, we were with him, the tenor of Naro, Piero Barone. He lent himself with kindness and irony. The girls were all excited, and my heart was smiling. After we went to the press office of the City of Noto telling about the scoop  they came home full of joy and with an extra motivation to enhance the skills because “Prof, but knows that it is difficult to do an interview? We found nothing clever to ask!”

The real school I think is the one that knows how to alternate theory with practice, which passes from manuals to people, from the tasks of reality to life, that experiments on the field and looks to the future with hope and certainty that if we start from the dream, in the end what you want becomes reality.

Thank you, Piero Barone of IL Volo for courtesy, kindness of manner and elegance of mind.


And here is the article made by the students!

Piero Barone, the singer of the trio Il Volo, through the streets of Noto .

The visit of Piero Barone, has escaped many, but not all.

The component of the popular trio Il Volo, spent the morning of Wednesday, April 4,  in the streets of the historic center of Noto.

Il Volo, an Italian musical group, made up of three singers Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, needs no introduction. And the visit of Piero Barone, the “tenorino” of Naro who enchanted America, in the stone garden certainly could not go unnoticed. 


To interview Piero Barone, some students of Matteo Raeli di Noto,  did not miss the chance to welcome him among monuments of art and notions of history.

Class 1993, Sicilian, the internationally renowned singer around noon posted a picture that portrayed him along with his friends on the steps of the Cathedral of San Nicolò: a publication that, in a few hours, has exceeded 10,000 likes.


Barone responded with kindness and irony to the questions about his presence in the city.  To be in Noto for a walk through the baroque magnificence and because animated by the desire to know the city better, since his only visit to this city had been made to a school trip to elementary school.


He added that he was enchanted by the churches and the color of the stone, fascinated by the story of the terrible earthquake of 1693 and the greatness that followed. 


The students, who in May will be working on the front line in a project to promote the city on the occasion of the Infiorata, invited the singer to take part in the event and he, has admitted that he has already heard about this event and that he aroused not a little curiosity and interest.  


Barone has, expressed that at the moment he is very busy with the other components of the trio for the upcoming release of the next record. After the ritual photo, he took his leave for Marzamemi, complimenting the great beauty that is breathed in the city and remains unchanged over time.

Class III A Tourism Address, Matteo Raeli

Many congratulations to the students of the III A Tourist address.

Many, many compliments to the teacher Alessandra Brafa who was able to seize the moment, for her students.

Many, many, many compliments to Piero who proved extremely available.


Then the visit of Piero continued for Syracuse and the beautiful island of Ortigia.

Did you recognize Piero in the photo?


Credit to all owners of photos.

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  1. He doesn’t even have to say anything, you just know he’s a great guy-a real gem. Mature and genuine. I enjoy reading about Piero.

    1. Mark did you notice the title? “Dolce Piero”, because in addition to being mature and genuine it is also very sweet.

  2. Hi Jana haven’t seen you posting lately so hope you have overcome your sickness & are feeling better we can’t be without you, sending prayers your way.

  3. Piero is such a gentleman through and through. Such maturity and graciousness.
    These young students had a beautiful experience! (Jane)

    1. Jane, do not you think this teacher was very good at having this interview conducted by her students?
      The girls will have felt very important. A really good job and good also to Piero who lent himself to this.

  4. And this again is why I love him so it’s is kind caring nature that is so endearing to me the fact that he can sing like he does well that’s the bonus for me. I love this man he is incredible.

    1. Luckylady51, you are not the only one to worship him.
      We hope that the teacher Brafa can tell us how it seemed to her Piero, I do not think she had ever met him.

    1. That’s what I get for doing two things at once. Of course that should be Piero.!!!!!!!

      1. Grazie Mille Marlene, but the article was made by the good students of Class III A Tourism Address, Matteo Raeli, I have only copied and translated.

  5. Daniela, “Sweet Piero” truly; what a guy. I really like looking at very old buildings, structures. Isn’t it something how people were able to create beautiful things without the aid of modern tools and technology and so many are still standing. The talent, skill (and often bravery) of the designers, builders and craftsmen. We work with what we have, What we have we shape into things which have a way of shaping us, in turn. Having something of beauty to see every day is important to people and for people, whether it’s man-made or of nature. Thanks for this enjoyable post about ‘Piero and friends’ in the beautiful town of Noto, Sicily.🌼🌴

    1. Laura, you wrote some beautiful things.
      NOTO is really beautiful, just “a stone garden”.
      I was in Syracuse, on the island of Ortigia (last photo) and in August, with the full sun, the stone of those buildings is very clear, dazzling, very beautiful and NOTO is all that. Have you seen the photo of the Infiorata? The streets are filled with paintings literally made with flowers, wonderful.
      Tomorrow at school surely this post and these comments will be the object of study and joy.

      1. 😘Thank you, Daniela. I so apologize for my accidental omission of that intricate. beautiful, long ‘floral carpet’ creation. I sure did notice it ! I thought about the amount of time and work involved, and how it must have been made by the hands of many people. A marvelous example of ‘a labor of love’. i wonder if the flowers have fragrance. It reminded me of the sand paintings created by Tibetan Buddhist monks as a demonstration of an important spiritual lesson/teaching about self-discipline, the emotional pain of attachment, the impermanence of life. (After the monks have sat and worked for days, using only straws, painstakingly creating a large, detailed, beautiful mandala out of tiny bits of colored sand, they return on the final day and with swift movements of their hands, the finished, perfect, beautiful image in sand is completely swept away). I’d like very much to see what you described, Daniela, of the beauty created by full sun shining onto the stones of Noto’s many buildings. It may be something that has to be seen ‘in person’; don’t know if cameras can do it justice..🌟

  6. Daniela, I forgot to ask you how long are the streets of Noto carpeted in flowers and do they create them every year to celebrate Springtime, perhaps. I’ll look it up. 🙂

      1. Holy Cow! Isn’t that gorgeous❗️ Thank you for the answers to my questions and these additional photos, Daniela⭐️

      2. Please excuse another ‘word’ from me, but I just looked into the “Infiorata” of Noto and discovered that children are invited to run through the flowers on the last day of the display as a symbolic display of destruction and then renewal, which is very similar to the Tibetan monks’ act of creating and destroying their mandala as a reminder of the impermanence of our world and the cycle of death / rebirth. Both of those ceremonies serve to illustrate a harsh, but mindful wisdom about life, death and renewal, naturally and spiritually. So beautiful.

      3. You are right Laura, everything is extremely beautiful and it is wonderful that these traditions are maintained.

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