The Launch of the book…Ricomincio Dai Tre, by Daniela

Today, April 5, the book written by Michele Torpedine, RICOMINCIO DAI TRE, officially came out in the bookstore.
Recall that the book describes the relationship between Torpedine and the artists he brought to success.
The event was held in several stages.  In the morning there was a conference at the invitation and to which were also present Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.
The boys are asked to say the strengths and weaknesses of Torpedine.
Ignazio says that it is impossible not to love Michele.  He says that when they met him they were adolescents and in him they found an uncle, or rather a grandfather, and when they saw the title of the book that was dedicated to them too , they were moved.
Torpedine picks up the book and shows the cover saying that the beautiful black and white photo was made by Gianluca.
Then there were moments of fun in which Torpedine played drums and the boys sang live.

Michele Torpedine Interview – Click Here

In this video Torpedine says that the meeting with Piero, Ignazio and GIanluca, was the one that gave him strength, energy, a breath of oxygen.
Direct relationships, human, the values ​​of life.
He says he has heard so many lies about him that he wanted to tell the truth.
This book is dedicated to guys because they gave him the desire to start again and also to write, they gave him the strength to do it.
Ignazio says that there is a great debt of gratitude to Michele.  He is a very important person in their lives and will never be thanked enough.
Piero says that they have grown professionally and also humanly, thanks to Michele.
Gianluca says that Michele is their family, he was born with him a great friendship, even with their parents, it’s all a big family.
Then in the afternoon there was the signature-copy at the Library of Bologna, where Torpedine and the boys would have signed the books to those who were there to buy them.
Here are some photos:
Also on television we talked about the event, here are the videos of Canale 5
And this is the video of LA VITA IN DIRETTA.
Of course there was also the dear friend Bartoletti, who commented like this.
“The book, although very frank and even harsh in certain passages-truth, has a great merit: that of devolving to full benefit the proceeds of sales in favor of an association, the “Face 3D” aimed at research for the reconstruction of face (and as they also say of the smile) for those who have lost, starting with children disfigured by wars.”
Recall that the book is published by Pendragon.
All the proceeds from the sale of the books will go to charity to the Maxillo facial pediatric surgery.
And now attention to this photo, there are Gianluca, Piero (Ignazio, behind) and Red Ronnie, a well-known Italian television presenter and music critic.
I translate the comment of Red Ronnie under the picture.
Yesterday I had my first close encounter with Volo and Michele Torpedine and they told me about their next revolutionary record of April 20th, all Latin music.”
You got it right??? 20 APRIL.
I hoped until the last moment to be present at this event as I wanted to meet Michele Torpedine, Ercole Ginoble, Marino Bartoletti and review our beloved Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, but unfortunately for work problems I could not go. A dear friend who was present has bought the book for me and has it signed.
Here is the photo of my book autographed by Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca and Torpedine.
I’m so happy, thanks Marina my friend.
What should we say to Michele Torpedine?   Congratulations on your new work and congratulations to the guys for having been the inspiration for your new rebirth.
Today Michele Torpedine from the facebook page LA TORPEDINERIA wrote these thanks:
“Thanks to all the friends and journalists who attended the Press Conference yesterday and came to say hello at the time of signing-copies.
A special thanks to all those who are reading RICOMINCIO DAI TRE and who are sending me their most incredible appreciations.
The book is already available in all bookshops.”
Credit to all owners of videos and photos.

27 thoughts on “The Launch of the book…Ricomincio Dai Tre, by Daniela”

  1. Thank you Daniela and Jane for all the photos and videos. It was great to see the guys so relaxed. I was going to see if Amazon had the book and then I realized it is only in Italian. Think of how much more money Michele could give the charity if it were translated to English.

    1. Jill, in an interview, Michele Torpedine said he had several requests to translate the book into English and he intends to do it soon.

  2. Daniela, this is a wonderful post. I feel like I’ve been to the party with all the beautiful photos and videos. I am elated to hear that Michele will put the book out in English as well!!! Yeah!!! Thanks Daniela for your great in-depth coverage of this event! (Jane)

    1. Every day there are interviews of newspapers and videos. Everyone is talking about the book.
      As there is also a beneficial aspect, I hope that it is so successful.

  3. Many thanks for the accumulation of photos and videos. The inclusion of your English translated summaries showing the meaning, is very welcome and also so much appreciated.

  4. Daniela, How blessed are we, that on this planet of ours with its some 7 billion people, there are these 4 souls who have come together to give us so much joy and happiness. Truly a miracle. I am thrilled to be learning so much about Michele that I didn’t know. He has been a great mentor to our boys. They are in good hands.

    1. RoseMarie, I must say that you’re right, thanks to this book I’m discovering so many things about Michele that I would not have thought. I understand now the boys’ attachment to him.
      Will you also buy the English version?
      I’m sure of it, and you’ll have to sign both!

  5. I agree with Mary that I feel as though I had been to the signing. The comments, translations, video clips and the pictures were great! Thank you so much for the excellent work.

    1. Thanks to you Jeanette, I have to say that there was a lot of material on the subject and it seemed to me to be there, also I had two friends present, one is the one who has the photo with Ignazio (blessed her) and both continued to send me messages.
      But I had to be there, too bad !!

  6. Daniela – and no one mentioned your very own signed copy of the book? How awesome is that!! 🙂 Loved all the pictures, too! Great it will be in English, also! We are so lucky we have you over there! 🙂 Makes me chuckle how you can “almost” make out their signatures. Remember when you could actually read them? ha, ha! 🙂 Great job!

    1. Thanks Jana. Yes my friend Marina was very kind to buy me and get me to sign the book. It ‘s also thanks to her that I had the first edition of the book, she came and brought me all the photocopied book, because here it was no longer traceable, so I could translate the page on Il Volo.
      What about the other friend of mine, Silvia, who touched the belly of Ignatius while doing the photo? He said it was “soft”, tremendous Silvia.

  7. Grazie mille Daniela, for sharing this event with us and translating. It made me feel like I was there too! 🙂

    1. Pat, I had to be there. I hoped until 14:00, Bologna is 1 hour and a half train from Brescia, but unfortunately the work commitments have not let me go, hopefully the next meeting.

  8. What a treasure you have with that signed copy of this wonderful book. I loved all the pictures and the description of everything that happened with the boys and their mentor. The boys are well looked after was such a man in their lives. I love that the book is so truthful. When you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything-like when you tell a lie. We have all been so blessed to watch these boys evolve. Every day they make my life better. Thank you for sharing so much. Hugs to everyone, Victoria

    1. Hi Victoria, I was hoping you would comment.
      Yes, I must say that this presentation of the book was very nice, even if they told me that there was very little space in the bookstore and almost no one managed to make a word with the boys, there was too much confusion, maybe they did not expect so successful.
      If you missed the various posts of these days, you must absolutely go back to that dated April 05, the title was “The Flight in your life”, read it!

  9. Daniela, We are so very lucky to have you there to get first hand what is going on. I hope the English version of the book will be out soon. Hugs to you.

    1. Thanks Joan for the nice words. I hope for you too, that the book will soon be published in English.

  10. Thanks so much Daniela for all the photos, videos and information on the launching of Mr. Torpedine’s book. It sounds very interesting and I too hope we will be able to get an English version. I’m sorry you were not able to attend but it was kind of your friend to get a copy for you and to have it signed.

    1. Margaret, in the book there are really very beautiful things related to our boys, not so beautiful instead for other artists.
      Do you believe me if I tell you that I have not yet had my copy of the book in my hands? For now I only have the photo, I will soon meet with my friend to whom I will always be grateful.

  11. Hi Daniela I so hope I can get a copy of the book & I hope Canada has it in English keeping my fingers crossed. Daniela you are a fantastic woman so dedicated, thank you for we are the beneficiaries of your caring posts, we are the ones who are blessed to have you taking care pf us. how lucky are we.

    1. Hi Loretta, but you never look at your facebook page? I asked you for friendship more than a week ago and you do not answer me.

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