Eye Spy…Ignazio



While Piero and Gianluca are old pros at using their social media platforms, Ignazio generally chooses to keep a lower profile.  So, I don’t know about you, but when I see him several times in one week, I take notice.  🙂  Here are a few of my favs recently.

~~ Kelly

*Do you have a caption for this photo?*

*Happy Wedding Day!!*


And of course, I love hearing him alone at the piano … in a moment of quiet…

13 thoughts on “Eye Spy…Ignazio”

  1. It is incredible that so talened, handsome, successflul, funny man who is so loved could still be the least bit insecure. He has got to know how much we all are so grateful to him for the way he shares his great talents and sweet, wonderful personality with us.

  2. IN that wedding picture I see Ignazio, Nina and Mama Caterina… where is Papa Vito? I also have to wonder if Ignazio sang at the wedding… I hope he did!

      1. Ahhh there ya go! I bet he did!. Trouble is we just don’t see him very much like we see the other two papas

      2. Sometimes he’s come on tour–I’ve seen him a few times at M & Gs. He stays in the background very quietly.

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