Smile! It’s “tax day” in the US!

Ok, many of us in the upper Midwest of the United States had a very wintery weekend with snow and ice storms and I’m sorry, but the East coast is going to get hit very soon! (if not already)  There have also been some other nasty “spring-like” weather with tornadoes and such.  I hope everyone was able to stay safe.

I thought we could all use a smile this morning, to help us forget about our taxes being due, unless you’ve already gotten your refund!  🙂  And to also help us forget, for at least a moment, what it has done, or is going to do outside your window today!

Grazie mille, Gian!  🙂  Buongiorno to you!

I think we all saw the video posted by Kelly where Ignazio was playing and singing one of the Pino Daniele songs.  Did anyone else notice the video where Piero was playing and you saw only his hand for about 10 seconds?  What he is playing is a little faster, but it’s the same song?  🙂  You can’t tell until about the very end of Ignazio’s, but if you find both of them, play them back a few times and you will hear it.  I saw it come through on Instagram and they weren’t too far away from each other, so I was able to replay them several times over until I was pretty sure!  Remember, they have the Pino tribute coming up in June and it looks like they are practicing!  Is Gian suddenly taking up guitar, too?



12 thoughts on “Smile! It’s “tax day” in the US!”

  1. Talking about weather we in Texas have to wear several outfits because one minute it is 40 (cold for us) and next it is 80. Windy the past few days.
    I miss the boys singing and wish their CD was here or they go and do a concert someplace. Wonder if they will go on tour promoting their new CD.

  2. Jana, definitely see the photo Gianluca puts the good mood, but by far I prefer his beautiful smile, I think Gian has a really disarming smile.
    As for the music played by Ignazio and Piero, I have to give you a disappointment, if the video is the one I attach to you (I would not want there was another one), the two music is very different.
    Ignazio plays a music by Pino Daniele.
    Piero plays post-war music, an old anti-fascist folk song, which has become the “song of resistance” associated with Italian partisans. His title is “O bella ciao”.

    1. You are right. The song Piero was playing is the theme song from a very popular tv serie from Spain, called La Casa de Papel. Here in Brazil it ‘s very popular too, and it seems to né in Italy also (La Casa Di Carta that he tagged on the post).

      1. Exact Claudia, I think PIero wanted to pay homage to this television series and to those who follow it.

    2. If you insist, but I will still swear those last several notes are the same – someone stole them from somewhere!

  3. Thankyou, Jana & Daniela ! Love Gian’s sexy photo showing his hard earned muscles!! He is such a sweetie! Got my taxes done a while ago, my son is an accountant & he has always done the taxes!! Even with the house sale I didn’t have to pay anything!! Good!! Still not feeling up to par so it would be great if the new album was released!! We would all feel happier!!!

    1. yes, I think this has been a rough several months/year for many of us!! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. Who is the one or company who cancels items that have beem posted for us to read? One minute it is there & now is gone. I was hoping tp read how the guys are doing. Even the songs the guys were playing are gone for me anyway. There is a caption video saying unavailable. Heavensake its only talking about the Il Volo boys & listening to their playing their songs. What is so bad about that.

    1. Loretta, sometimes it is a question of copyright or some other legal thing. I have discovered that some videos that say “unavailable” on the blog to us in Canada are only “unavailable” in the evening and that some of them work during the day!
      The ones on the blog last week about Michele’s book didn’t work at night but they worked for me during the day. See if that works for you.
      It makes no sense but that’s what happened!

    2. I’m so sorry Loretta!! We don’t put any blocks on this site…. hope you are able to access them!

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