~ GIANLUCA E L’ ABRUZZO ~ by Daniela

While we all await the release of the new single, Gianluca managed to spend a beautiful day in the mountains in Fara San Martino, in his beautiful Abruzzo.


We all know the deep affection that Gianluca nourishes towards the territory that gave him his origins.


Gianluca writes:

“Immersed in nature, we rediscover our deepest self.”


Gianluca is very proud of being from Abruzzo and does not miss an opportunity to remember this.

Piero and Ignazio often tease Gianluca because he always names Abruzzo, poor man, will feel in the minority against two Sicilians!


Gianluca has sent us very beautiful images of this place.

The town of Fara San Martino is known above all because it is one of the world capitals of pasta. Pasta De Cecco is produced here.


And to finish the day, a visit to a museum.


Very well, Gianluca, thanks to your testimonies, Abruzzo has become more and more known all over the world!



Credit to all owners of video and photos.

29 thoughts on “~ GIANLUCA E L’ ABRUZZO ~ by Daniela”

  1. Thank you so much Daniela for showing us the beautiful pictures.
    I paused at the third photo, sensing that I have been to this place with the arches and doorway. Maybe, in another lifetime.
    It certainly stirred up some emotions in me.

    1. Jill, maybe it’s true, who knows.
      Those walls must have seen so many stories, my heart is tightened by seeing the abandonment.

    1. Loretta, I’ve never seen Abruzzo, but I must say that I’m thinking of going to see it.
      But you, have you read my answer to your comment at the bottom of the post of the Torpedine’s book launch?

  2. sorry – those pics scared me . I’ll take the almost flat lands of Northeast Ohio to live on.

    1. In fact, Rosemarie, a little bit of fear, inspires me, if I have to take a walk of leisure, I will not go into those throats that are so steep.
      But I must say that they have a charm.

      1. thanks Daniela – but at my age [75 1/2 ] I’m not so ” fleet of foot ” anymore so I have to ” play it safe”. Maybe in my next life ….

  3. Thanks Daniela. These photos are beautiful! I do not think I personally know any young men in their early twenties that exhibit the same sincere love and passion for the part of the world they are from! We all know Italy has a beauty all it’s own, but these three were obviously raised to value and cherish the wonders of the world they were born and raised in. (Jane)

    1. Jane, the affection that Gianluca publicly shows for his land is truly admirable.
      I repeat, I do not know the abruzzo, but I must say that the praises that always Gianluca decant, made me want to go see it.
      However I would say that all three of our boys have an absolute love for their land, but to talk about Sicily is easy, because almost everyone knows that island, but Abruzzo is not really known and Gianluca really strives to do it know everyone.

  4. Thank you for sharing these photos of the beautiful Abruzzo landscape. You can feel the beauty and the fresh air. Now we know why Gianlucca loves this land. Plus the Sicilian artistry Ignazio and Piero have given us with their pictures. Beautiful people beautiful places. Grazie Mille.

    1. I also looking at these photos I thought of pure air and fresh water.
      Abruzzo and Sicily have such different realities, both a special charm. Have you had the chance to see them Rose Marie?

  5. Daniela I went back to see what I had done against you which was unintentional & I apologize. When I make a comment usually there is no response from anyone. Unfortunately there is nothing else I can think of that can make you feel better.

    1. Loretta do not worry, you did not do anything, in fact you’re always very kind.
      So did you read my message?

  6. Daniela of course we are friends whether on face book & by letters in person. I am honoured of your caring & I look forward to your posts here or by mail & I am envious of the relationship you have with our precious guys. I don’t usually see comments in my face book so will look for them here or elsewhere, facebook etc.
    Seeing it is April here the weather is pretty good so if it keeps moderately good maybe the guys will start touring & make their way to Canada. So we can all do a jig here as well as Italy & anywhere else they head for. One thing I am happy for I presume they have been resting & partying so they will be rested for the grueling touring daily.
    Hope everyone is getting ready for summer, I know I am looking for summer warmer weather. Keep safe Daniela, Marie. Kelly & all.

  7. Daniela I want to reiterate again I do accept you as my friend & I am honoured that you want to be friends with me. So looking forward to you meeting up with the Il Volo boys again & hoping they have news about any concerts.

    1. Loretta, I asked you the friendship on facebook, if you want, on this page we keep in touch, you have to enter into your page and confirm the friendship.

  8. Daniela I am in the middle of moving in with my son for the time being please keep in touch with me on this site which is easier for me right now because my son has his computer on all the time so packing can smooth out for me right now. Moving is no fun.

    1. Do not worry, we are always in touch here.
      When you have finished the move, you will be ok, you will confirm the friendship on facebook.
      Good move !!

    2. Hello Loretta, I am happy to hear that you are going to be with your son…Please give him a hug and a kiss from me… I moved as well and am no longer living in Las Vegas… I now live in Michigan… I bought a house here and my daughter and I moved here to be close to family… Maybe someday we can meet again… You never know when Il Volo will bring us together again…

  9. Once again you have touched my heart with with these pictures which show wonders of Abruzzo… Gianluca is so proud of his countryside… I have been to Abruzzo… Not here where Gianluca is hiking and seeing the wonders that surround him… But to Roseto a beautiful little town that is at the bottom of the hillside and meets the Adriatic sea…What a lovey setting, and if you are on the beach and you away from the sea you can see on the very top of that hill Montepagano… A beautiful little hamlet overlooking Roseto and the Adriatic Sea… No wonder Gianluca shouts from his hilltop the beauty of Abruzzo… Thank you Daniela for bringing the beautiful memory of to me today…

    1. Dear Jeannette, I was hoping you would see the post and I knew you would like it.
      I have never seen Abruzzo but I must tell you that Gianluca is inviting me a lot, with his beautiful words of affection for his land and the wonderful images he shoots.

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