Tomorrow might be the Day!! The new Single is Released?Friday, April 20, 2018

Here is a little poem I wrote in anticipation of the new single, hopefully being released on Friday, April 20, 2018!  Enjoy!

fri 8The New Single!

We wait and we wait and we wait!

For that all-important date!

We first heard it was February,

Now, April 20th could be the day?


What will it be?

Rap, hip-hop, or R&B?

It doesn’t matter, it is our guys!

The Estefan’s produced it; they are wise!


They’ve worked long and hard;

It’s no-holds-barred.

This is their passion,

It’s always in fashion!


Some anticipate the worst,

But a new-found energy may burst!

Alive with excitement,

Surprises and wonderment!


The new album is expected the end of May,

Per somebody, they say?

We will wait and wait and wait,

For that all-important date!



16 thoughts on “Tomorrow might be the Day!! The new Single is Released?Friday, April 20, 2018”

  1. Love your poems. You put our feelings into words. I am pretty excited to hear this new single and the cd that will follow. I am sure I will love it because I know they can sing anything !

  2. Jana, what a beautiful poem, you really have a poetic vein in you.
    As for the publication of the single, in some interviews Torpedine did not assure the date …… we hope it will be confirmed.

    1. I know on the mundialofficial, they had things on Instagram, saying they were waiting for tomorrow as well? We will see!

  3. Very sweet! You do have a way with poetry! Agree with Gina…too long without hearing the boys! 🙂 (Jane)

  4. Thanks Jana. A new CD will make even all this snow bearable! Can’t wait to hear our boys sing something new! -Allene

    1. Yes, I feel so sorry for you guys in MN!! We got really lucky here in Detroit and that last storm they were predicting went south! 🙂

  5. You know, I don’t remember exactly if they were promoting the new single of Grande Amore coming out – we were all so desperate for anything new from the guys back then, as it had been nearly 2 years since they had released anything new. What I do remember is sitting in my boss’s office (he was not there), just accidentally looking at Instagram and remember seeing bits and pieces of the video come through. I remember being totally amazed and in awe of the 3 of them in the various movie scenes. I remember feeling like we all needed a cold shower, after we watched the video part of where Ignazio and the girl acted out the clay making session from Ghost. We couldn’t get enough of it!!

    I also remember when L’more si Muove came out. I was lying in bed, I think it was a Sunday perhaps and the video clips were all over Instagram. I remember listening to it a few times and thinking, hmm…. it’s ok, I kind of like it. Then, of course, after the CD came out and the more I listened, the more I loved it.

    We all await to see what happens tomorrow and the next month or so.

    I saw a post on Instagram from lIvoloMiami that was asking Michele and the guys for an answer on when the single/album was coming out. I thought that was interesting, I wonder if she got an answer? Someone else also commented about it not being very promoted – ah, our friends at Sony again!

  6. Love your poem, Jana, and hoping hoping for that single tomorrow!

    Makes me think about the title of an IL VOLO song “Non farmi aspettare”, which actually means “don’t make me wait”.
    OK, I’ll wait, if I have to! 😊

    It will be delicious whenever it arrives!

    IL VOLO Love to all,
    Jeanine (DuBois)

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