~ Shakespeare Theater Award 2018 ~ by Daniela

Hello all…. I told Jane before she posted this that I wanted to add a few words….

Daniela, bless her heart, works tirelessly for us finding info and translating videos and appearances like this.  I will be honest and say, I don’t usually have time to read everything, but Jane sent this to me in hopes I had time to do it.  Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make it and sent it back to her.  Then, after sending it back to her, I had a chance to read it – below is my reaction…. Jana

OMG!! I seriously have tears in my eyes, so much so, that I can barely see straight enough to type! Those words from Ignazio, so honest, true, passionate. I just want to give him the biggest, greatest hug and kiss ever!! Ok, the tears are now running down my cheek…

It is true, he has suffered much for his young age. To think that people tell him he is a “fool?” I think, and hope, the better translation though is “the funny one?” 😊 I really hope the Americans don’t call him a fool? I always knew I liked him the best and the more I read about him and the beautiful words he says, the more sure I am. I know when I see him, I always say he is my favorite and I do think he really cares when he says “aww….” 😊 It is so sad though, we get such little time to talk to them at the meet/greets – we don’t have time to tell them how we really feel sometimes. He always seems to comment that people don’t get to “know him” for who he is. I’m sure there are MANY fans that would do anything to get to know him personally! I know I would!

Every time I’m feeling down in the dumps about the site, or the guys, or my life in its current state, I read something like this and the passion is once again renewed. I can’t fight the tears and emotions that are expressed. His honesty is so raw, so innocent and touches me right through the heart! Not sure about the other two, but I think he really expresses the humility the group always professes. He still doesn’t realize how awesome he really is. Maybe that is why he sings with such passion and vulnerability? I so feel him…. Here come the tears again! Maybe we really were connected in another lifetime?

This is so beautiful – enjoy!

On March 29, this announcement appeared:

All ready to welcome a great international artist to the Shakespeare Academy … today an artistic meeting with a surprise guest exclusively for our students. Stay tuned.

Yes, our Ignazio Boschetto received the SHAKESPEARE THEATER AWARD 2018 award.




The event was not at all publicized because it was reserved only for students of the theatrical academy of Palermo. An event that took place in a very informal way and where Ignazio was able to meet and give advice to young students.



These are some statements made by Ignazio.

“My goal is to make my art known, I want to get there in a healthy way, it’s all about consistency, there’s no right or wrong, then it’s important to enjoy what you have, but never be satisfied.

Sacrifices, I have made them and I will do it, but if you want something, if you choose it, you do it.”




“I still remember my first time on a stage, a country bullfight, I was excited because the audience had more than 250 people and – says Ignazio – I forgot the words of the song that I had to sing, I watched the floor all the time.

Now, I face the stage in a different way, I’m afraid afterwards, my hands and legs tremble at the finished show.”




“We are establishing a label of our own, we – continued Ignazio – we were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, I owe a lot to my parents who always believed in me, but never forced me to a life that maybe I did not want .

To be able to feel good, you must always treasure the people who love you.”



The afternoon with the students of the Shakespeare Theater Academy in Palermo was very pleasant, alternating with questions to which Ignazio always answered with sincerity and simplicity. There were musical moments, especially duets and choral moments.



In this video, Ignazio gives advice to emerging artistic talents.



“We are in Sicily, in Palermo, and I wanted to send a message to all the Sicilians in particular to the guys like me, who are chasing their dream, in all fields, singing, acting, dancing, even in the working career.

We live in a land that is Sicily, one of the most beautiful lands in the world, a very rich territory, unfortunately maybe the management is not the best, but we can make this country with our art, something beautiful.

I, in my small (way), with Piero, my travel companion, we are trying with our art, and I want to entice everyone to produce, do a lot for this land and above all give a smile and maybe a better day to those who listen, or who sees you.

So a big hug and hope to see you soon in some concert.”

In this other video, Ignazio talks about his physical appearance.


“I was 120 kg. in practice I was an arancino al ragù, with meat, now I’m with pistachio, with the tip (the arancini with meat sauce are round, those with pistachio, pointy).

Not everyone is lucky enough to be thin (and he jokes with the boy at the piano).

I know people, but also I personally, there was a period that I did not accept myself, let’s say you’re in the eye of the storm, they see you all, so to feel better, you look in the mirror, and then I’m always been very self-critical, and so many times I have suffered from this. The best was when we had to go get some clothes, and then, we went to Armani’s shop and the clothes were too small, we looked in the big sizes and those were too big.

So in practice I was almost alone in my underwear and socks. But then all started from a fever, I began to lose weight, I liked it, and then lost 35 kg all at once.

However, in 2018 women like a little bacon, so I do not have to lose weight anymore, I’m joking.

Even today, however, I do not like myself, because we are a bit ‘all like that, we never like each other, but this is a stimulus to do something, like the gym, which in a year I went at least 5 times. (everyone laughs)

They (referring to the public) did not understand one thing in training, it is important to rest, to me, like to rest the muscles, and then be more active. (laughs)

In the last video, the merits and defects of IL VOLO are asked to Ignazio.



You can not describe a person on television because you do not know him.

Speaking of Gianluca, which may be the one for which the girls are more crazy, he is handsome. During interviews, it may seem like the most haughty one, the one that attracts the most attention,

He may seem the most haughty, the one who keeps his distance, but it is not always easy to be yourself in front of the camera.

However he really is the best person in the world, and I would like a 10 percent of his determination, because when he wants to do something and thinks it’s the best thing for him, he’s determined, very determined.




Piero, on the other hand, is fiscal (physical), he is very strict with himself, he has a passion for opera, he is studying to improve his lyrical technique, and he goes back and forth from Bologna because there, we have the teacher. He too is very determined and knows what he wants to do, he wants to do the classic opera and I often tell him that I can one day be in the front row listening to an entire opera where you play the tenor part.




And then there’s me, I’m the fool (the funny one) of the situation, and I tell you the truth, sometimes I suffered from this.

It’s bad when at the end of the concerts, they come to greet you and say: you are the one with the lyric voice (to Piero), you are the one with the romantic voice (to Gianluca) and you are the fool. At the beginning I suffered a bit of this, but I have always tried to give my best, and in the end I managed to change a bit, the idea to people.

I am a person who has no filters, for me cameras or not, I am always the same.

(intervenes Tony Colapinto) Not only cameras or not, but that there are 5000 people in the theater or three at home, for him it is the same.

I was in Taormina during a concert, there were many foreigners, very many, from anywhere in the world, from Australia, from Russia, from Brazil, from America, people who laughed, even if they did not understand, what  he had said, or at least I suppose.

Ignazio = Then to me, I do not like to talk about myself, in the end, I let people judge and that’s it, I do not talk anymore.




Really nice, this speech by Ignazio all the ART TEATRO of Palermo, I liked how it was held, as a chat with friends.

And you, what do you think?

Well, Flight Crew fans, my reaction is above, let’s hear yours!  – Jana




This person was present at the event and took a selfie with Ignazio and then posted it with this dedication:

“Great person, great humility that for a boy of his age is rare, a beautiful example for all young people …

I wish you the best Ignazio Boschetto Il Volo ”






Credit to all owners of videos and photos.



84 thoughts on “~ Shakespeare Theater Award 2018 ~ by Daniela”

  1. As far as I’m concerned, all three members of Il Volo can do no wrong. They are three voices and one soul, like Gianluca said once, and they each have their own personalities, their own backgrounds, their own interests. They are all simply great. Congratulations to Ignazio for winning the Shakespeare Theatre Award. He is a fantastic musician and talented singer. He is good looking, fun, joyful, and an inspiration. I’m so glad they are sharing their talents, their stories, their personalities with the world and that they appeared in my lifetime so I have the opportunity to enjoy them. They are incomparable as a group and incomparable as individuals.

    1. You said Martha very well, they are incomparable as a group and incomparable as individuals.
      I agree with you!

  2. Another great post from Daniela, Jane and Jana.
    My dear Ignazio, you have the most wonderful qualities that anyone could wish for in an individual. You are a kind,sweet, humble,gentle human being
    who is one of the most talented people in this world(along with your brothers)
    I think that if people called you a fool, they were using the old English terminology which is “court jester”
    I don’t think they meant someone who is foolish. Along with all the qualities I mentioned above, you are the one who makes us laugh. Everyone loves someone who has a sense of humor.
    We all love you Ignazio for who you are.💕

    1. Jill, glad you liked the post.
      Ignazio is really a boy with a big heart of gold.
      I believe that from the way he expresses himself, Ignazio, “fool” word, he intends it more as a buffoon, as a clown, however, even if said in a good tone, he has certainly wounded him, poor Ignazio.

  3. Oh Jill, you said it all. I hope he understands what a great thing it is to be called “the funny one (the fool)” It means that besides all of the wonderful qualities he possesses, as Jill described, he has an amazing sense of humor. What better talent to have in his chosen business?
    I understand what he means by saying people don’t really know him. However, I think he has allowed us, who have followed him and really paid attention, on nearly a daily basis, to know him quite well. I certainly know him and the other two better than some of my friends. I think that is why I (we) can love him (them) with all our hearts. It is what brings us joy, pride and readily to tears with him and what he says and does.
    I love you “fool” and will til the end of my days.

    1. Dear Marie, it is always a pleasure to see your comment, but I understand what I have to do, if I do not see you for a while, I publish something of Ignazio …… and here is Marie ready to confirm his love for him !!!
      Ignazio said that now women like men with bacon ??? Ok, Ignazio, but do not overdo it!

      Seriously, you saw Marie, what a great man our Ignazio!

  4. Oh how beautiful is this man……Ignazio,is No Fool. His voice is amazing. Everyone has a gift, His is to make a smile, to elevate the mind and heart with his voice and his great big heart. Ignazio so handsome, I love this man. He would be the type of man I would want in my life. Gianlucca and Piero are beautiful too in a different way. Be who you are if you want to be a fool then be the best you can be,,,,you are no fool, funny but not foolish.i Love Ignazio, always remember La Vita e Bella, just like Ignazio. Life is beautiful because Ignazio is that way.❤️♥️💕❤️♥️💕❤️♥️💕🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶

    1. Rose Marie Lomonte, I believe that Ignazio is a great artist, but knowing how to make people smile makes him even bigger.
      Nice what you wrote: Life is beautiful because Ignazio is that way.

  5. Daniela, Thank you again,
    I have loved Ignazio from the first time I saw him. All three boys caught my heart but most of all, Ignazio. He seemed to be the most vulnerable. After reading their book I realized the difficulties he and his family had to deal with in his young life , all while pursuing his love of music. God blessed Ignazio with a wonderful sense of humor and a love of life. He definitely is a ray of sunshine in my life. Everyday! I dont have the gift of words as some others who post here do, but I know in my heart he is truly a special human being. By the way, Gianluca gave me the biggest, warmest hug the first time I met him, and Piero thanked me profusely, even came after me, to thank me again for a momento I had given him that reminded him of Pavarotti. Love those young men!!!

    1. Yes, RoseMarie, that book was written with great truth and humility by the boys and has laid bare their lives as children and in the case of Ignazio, certainly was not very happy, but he was able to grasp all the little positive moments and make them treasure.

    2. I envy that you have met these young men. I only recently heard them the first time. I found Il Divo and while listening to a mix I first heard Il Volo, Il Mondo. Of course the video was older and Ignazio younger but he captured my attention immediately. His smile is infectious; who can be sad watching him sing. He appears to revel with joy when he sings. Among the group their individual voices are recognizable and the high tenor range he possesses will cause me to look back at the screen. Piero has a depth to his tenor voice that is rare, I recognized the same in the late Carlos Marin. It’s a special quality not found in every generation. I can’t leave out a comment about Gianluca, he is the foundation vocalist. When he digs deeply into his operatic style the hair on my neck stands up. I love his singing of Granada and Nesson Dorma. When the three voices are together I’ve been known to swoon. That’s American for faint. I feel good when I play a mix of them or one that picks up Il Divo as well. Since my favorite rock band is U2, I was amazed to hear them sing Beautiful Day. In the 70’s I was all about Queen so that they are including some Freddie moments I know they understand the importance of Freddie and Queen to music in general. There is nothing I can say that could be construed as negative about Il Volo. Everything I read is very positive. They took the higher road to stardom. No drugs, drunken brawls or the like for them. They seem to have kept their heads about them. Not one appears to be more popular than the others. We each have our favorites but no part is better without the others.
      Now a question. In America when we see a cross we think Protestant. When the cross shows the crucified Christ we think Catholic. Both Piero and Ignazio wear plain crosses. Does that mean something different in Italy?
      I hope I can listen to the young men every day of my life…that makes it The Best Day of my Life!❤️😊

      1. Hi Muriel, I’m so glad you joined us and I’m doubly happy to learn that you like what we publish but even more that you admire Il Volo, which you came to through listening to the good Il Divo!! Were you aware of the mutual respect that existed between Il Volo and Il Divo, especially with the late Carlos Marin? Here’s a proof:

        You say you loved Queen (me too a lot), have you ever heard Il Volo’s version of Somebody To Love?? Here it is…..

        I must tell you that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are not transgressive, they do not offend, they do not use or extol drugs, they are good altruistic guys and very close to their families, they also try to be a “model” for young people, and I must say that in this they are admirable.
        Their voices are unique and recognizable, no one is better than the other, together they are the best, they say they are three leaders. There is a lot of respect between them.

        I am Italian and I can tell you that the distinction you wrote about the cross and the cross with Christ does not exist for us, the cross, with or without Christ, means being Catholic.

        I hope you will continue to follow this site, there is a lot to look through!! Anyway welcome!!

  6. Love is not a word I through out carelessly. When I first saw & heard Il Volo I was enthralled by their voices & you Ignazio are the beautiful young man who stood out. At 16 or so you boys were so cute with amazing voices & who I listen to daily. At the last concert I was at I asked if I could speak to Ignazio & you came over & of course we spoke for a short while & I was in heaven. Ignazio you are a beautiful young man with a voice you can be proud of & a caring manner I love. You are the one I watch constantly when you boys are singing & I listen for your sense of humour. At a concert years ago you even came off the stage to ask if I got home OK the day before when I saw you in Toronto, I had been at both concerts.
    I wish I was your age Ignazio for you are my heartthrob who is constantly in my thoughts & prayers. I pray every day that life is good to you & that you are successful at everything you do & try for. I hope again I can talk to you at the next concert here in Toronto then I will be in 7th heaven. Love you always Ignazio.

    1. Yes Loretta, their humanity is truly unique.
      Few artists worry about their fans, like them.
      When you explain to people who do not know them, this quality of theirs, they do not believe that these guys are really like that, that there are no artifices.
      Instead it’s all true, who knows them, knows it.

  7. Thank you, Daniela. Beautiful post! Every time I read about Ignazio I just love him all the more. So down to earth, kind and genuine. No matter where the road to success takes these three young men…they remain true to who they are. (Jane)

    1. Jane, I must always thank you for the effort you put into correcting and posting what I write.

      At my first concert, I did not know the boys well yet, but when I heard them singing live, there were no doubts: they are immense, and Ignazio has made even more breach in the heart.

  8. Thank you Jane & Jana for posting about Ignazio I truly love reading or hearing anything about Ignazio. As old as I may be I still have love in my heart & I am directing it now & again to Ignazio.

  9. Thanks also Daniela for posting about Ignazio also I love listening to his singing or reading or hearing anything about him. Am I enthrauled yes always where he is concerned.

    1. Loretta, I’m glad you liked the post. It is no secret that Ignazio is your favorite, you have good taste.

  10. I Loved Ignazio from the first Video in 2009. He brought out my grandmotherly protective feelings.

    1. Gina, I loved Ignazio from the first time I saw him in concert.
      These guys awaken our feelings of grandmothers, mothers, sisters. They melt our hearts.

  11. Don’t know if our boys read any of this blog so hope they do because I am sending congradulations to Ignazio on receiving the Shakespeare Theatre award for 2018. You will always receive what you are aiming for. Lots of love from Loretta from Toronto

    1. Loretta, I do not have a direct channel with Ignazio, but I must tell you that I will make sure that this complete post of your nice comments, go up to him, at least I try.

  12. Ignazio has no idea of the emotional impact he has on his audience. He puts so much life and energy into the entire performance and he gives us his heart as he sings. He has a wonderful voice and his personality makes us smile. That is of incredible value in a world where there is often little to smile about. He deserves the Shakespeare Theater Award over and over again! May Ignazio soon learn to value himself in a right perspective. My life, for one, would be so much poorer without having discovered Ignazio and Il Volo. My tears are flowing also.
    Thank you Daniela for this article.

    1. Thanks to you Jeanette for the beautiful words you wrote.
      You’re right, it’s nice to smile in a world where there is often little to smile, and in this Ignatius is a teacher.
      I’m sorry, Jeanette, I did not want to make you cry, but maybe they’re tears of joy!

    2. So, true, Jeanette!
      When I was able to bring my sister and parents to their concert in California (Mountain Winery, 2014), my sister fell in love with them, in part because they are funny and personable!

      My life has been completely uplifted with IL VOLO since Christmas time in 2011. I cannot imagine life without them and all of you!

      Loving appreciation,

  13. Thank you Daniela and Jana for posting this beautiful article. Ignazio, I have loved you and your Il Volo brothers since I first heard you sing in 2009. My heart was caught by your obvious love of singing, your sense of humor, and your glorious voice. Be assured that those of us in the US do not consider you a “fool”. I am waiting- impatiently, I must admit – for your next concert tour. – Allene

    1. Thanks to you Allene for the compliments.
      You know I’ve said several times that I’ve been following the guys since 2015 and when I hear someone, who follows them from the beginning …… how many beautiful things I’ve missed.
      We are all waiting impatiently for their next concert.

  14. I have not had the pleasure or privilege of seeing a live concert as i live in South Africa but have been following these three absolutely delightful young men since TLUC. I like what I see and hear and in my heart wish them each and everyone of them G-ds richest blessings. Xxx

    1. Hi Eileen, I think it’s the first time that I respond to your comment and I’m happy.
      Believe me, I knew them through various videos or TV, but when I heard them live in concert, it was a marvel. If you like them in video, live they are 1000 times better!

  15. Dear Daniela and company, what a wonderful post, full of heart for an immensely talented, generous and kind young man, who is full of heart himself. How anyone could look at him and refer to him as a fool, or any similar term, would make my chest hurt! He voice is also my favorite of the three and, no I won’t say who is second or third,-it doesn’t really matter because they are all tremendous young men, each in their own special way. May their collective talents never wane! It would be a tremendous loss to us all, if they did. Marchio

    1. Dear Mark, it does not matter who the second or third is, because they are all rare pearls, both as artists and as men.
      I’m glad you liked the post, you know here in Italy this award has not been much publicized and the presence of Ignatius at the Academy of Palermo, but I thought that Ignazio gave some great advice to guys who have more or less the his age.

  16. Thanks Daniela with your wonderful insight on Ignazio. The photo and videos are great. This is a man that knows who he is and knows where he’s going. His boyhood humor is a testimony of his love for is fans. Daniela you energized the Flight Crew base, you ended the winter and brought the promise of spring back to all of us. Beside being a wonderful human being, Ignazio singing with his brother is spectacular. They love and respect each other. Ignazio solo performances leave you speechless.He can go from Opera and then to Broadway in a heart beat. And never misses a beat.

    1. Vincent, thank you very much for the compliments, you are very kind.
      I think these guys are very special, but many times episodes like this of the Shakespeare Prize are not valued by the media, but I think they serve to make people understand the deep nature of these guys.
      As artists are then priceless and versatile, they can interpret everything, and I believe that with the new CD there will be a new demonstration.

  17. I have been anxiously waiting for some news re=Il Volo. Glad to see Ignazio has another award. I am sure he deserves it. Like many talented people he has some reservations about himself. Perhaps that’s what makes him special. So be it. I have been watching videos of Ignazio since he was a child ” The street light gang” among others. I to watched videos back in 2009 TLUC. Loved his singing, although I do not know the words to the songs in English. Ignazio, if you have “warts” (imperfections), I love you just the same. Add another Gr-mom to the list. I said from the start of Il Volo, you are platinum as far as I am concerned.

    1. Sheila, I think you said well, the reservations that Ignazio has, especially on himself, make it even more special.
      I also believe that the list of grandmothers, is really very long !!

  18. Ignazio, Congratuations on receiving the Shakespeare Threatre Award.
    I have loved and admired you and your beautiful talent from the first
    time I heard Il Volo sing. You are so special Ignazio, keep singing, you
    bring so much happiness to your fans and to these students, an
    unforgettable moment for them…..You give a smile, a boost to all who
    hear you or better still get to attend a live concert……You have the
    amazing sense of humor gift to make people smile and laugh and love.
    You really are a gifted artist that can bring with your words and your
    voice joy and happiness to your listeners……I send all my love and
    admiration to you from Oklahoma. Yes, you are amazing.

  19. Thank you Jana, Daniela, Marie, Loretta and others for the sweet words you
    shared with the Flight Crew. I get tears too.

    1. Grazie mille Gale, you must know that it is very easy to write sweet things with these guys because, they themselves are sweet, we do nothing but notice it, day after day.

  20. Daniela, Jana, Jane…
    What a beautiful experience listening, most especially with the English translation! Thank you So Much!

    I love all 3 of our guys, each in a special way.

    And I feel deeply Ignazio’s authenticity~ his humor and silliness, his honest feelings, his glorious voice, and his powerful presence. I totally understand your tears, Jana!

    I will share something now that I only told 1 friend before. In the 2016 Las Vegas concert, I was blessed to be in the 2nd row, and there was a moment when I felt Ignazio looking deeply into my eyes while he was singing. At the end of the song, I raised my hands in a “Namasté” or “praying hands” sign to Ignazio. 🙏 It means the Light in me honors the Light in you.
    I was astounded when Ignazio did Namasté back to me! A few days after the concert, I found that moment on youtube! Wow!

    Then, at the Meet and Greet, I had the most phenomenal experience of being engulfed in Ignazio’s hug~ no sense of space or time. Not even excitement, just the deepest, most peaceful, real presence. My Meet & Greet photo shows how spaced out I was thru the experience. Actually, all night.

    Later Divine Grace angels told me a portal of Love opened to the planet. Doesn’t that happen at every IL VOLO concert?! 💕

    Ignazio, tremendous congratulations for your award! Thank you for your wonder-full, delightful, silly, expressive self and your powerful, deeply expressive voice! Truly, your authenticity shines IL VOLO Love around the globe!

    I will never forget that Portal of Love on March 25, 2016! 💗
    Jeanine DuBois

      1. Janine, what a wonderful experience, and thank you for telling all of us.
        What a wonder that your gesture was immediately understood and answered by Ignazio (who has a great sensitivity) and how nice that you could find the special moment on you tube !!
        And what about Ignazio’s embrace, there are no words, only smiles!

      2. Thank you so much, Daniela!

        I feel grateful for your warm response to me and to all of us! That takes a lot of time, yet probably much more time to share your wonderful translations!

        Your heart is beautiful and your contributions are so appreciated!

        Loving gratitude from Jeanine

      3. Wow, Jeanine, although it doesn’t surprise me that those experiences happened with you. Pretty awesome ! (I’ll have to see if I can find that YT moment). Thanks, Jeanine! ☮+♡

      4. Say, Jeanine! Before I finally get off here tonight, was just thinking about your special moment with Igny in Las Vegas last year. That led me to suddenly remember something very nice that happened to a dear, long-time friend of mine in the northern Mid-west. i had told him about Il Volo and he took my advice and bought tickets for his sister and himself for the Il Volo concert in Minneapolis, Mn. last year, or the year before. They had seats which happened to place them right in front of Gianluca, in this case. At times he still raves about that concert. He also had mentioned something that happened to him which sounds somewhat similar to your wonderful experience with Igny during a concert. He told me how at one point, he had closed his eyes and was just kind of swaying with the music. When he eventually opened his eyes, he was surprised to see dear Gian standing on-stage directly in front of him, warmly smiling while looking straight at my friend ! It made my friend feel good that Gianluca saw the enjoyment that he was obviously deriving from their music and singing. 🙂 ♡

      5. Laura, it would be great if you could find the moment of Jeanine. If you succeed in intent, pass it to me too, thank you.

      6. Daniela and Jeanine, I think I may have found the moment on YT. Would it be this one: IL VOLO IN LAS VEGAS – POLI ARIAS ( MAR 26, 2017 by Poli Arias). It’s near the end of the video when the concert was over. The guys are leaving the stage and they are moving down the line of people up in front, bending down and touching hands. You can see Ignazio stand back up and make the Namaste gesture. The camera cuts away a second later, unfortunately, but enough was captured to see him return that beautiful gesture. 🙏🏽 ♡

      7. Thanks Laura, too bad that the camera has moved immediately, but we realize what Ignazio was doing. Thanks again, I like reading about these little but big gestures of the guys.

      8. Hey, Laura and Daniela,
        Thanks so much for your lovely follow-up communications! (I’ve been dealing with construction at my home and then with an injury, which healed very rapidly thanks to prayer, remedies, and TAT®.)

        So now here’s the link to the video I found after the 2017 Vegas concert. Ignazio did Namasté back to me at 1:02 into this clip, at the end of Ignazio singing Tonight.
        And actually, at 0:52 Ignazio does a funny proud gesture that my husband (who died 19 years ago) used to do. I had never seen anyone else do it, and when I saw it, I felt like Bill was participating from beyond the veil.
        And how precious that Joanie Greenspan took the video! (I have a special place in my heart for Joanie.)

        If you would like to see the collage I made with Ignazio’s Namasté, a photo with Joanie and Anna, and me spaced out with the guys, you can email me from my website. 😊

        Truly, Daniela, this shows yet another light into Ignazio!
        Love & joyful gratitude from Jeanine

      9. Oh that is so strange… It’s the right link but playing the wrong song. Let me try it again:
        Ignazio did Namasté back to me at 1:02 into this clip
        Il Volo in Las Vegas – Tonight and ‘O Surdato ‘nnammurato
        at the end of Ignazio singing Tonight.
        Sure was nice watching them sing Nessun Dorma, too! 😊

        Thanks for all your efforts, Laura! I guess Ignazio did Namasté (praying hands) at the end of the concert, too! (I was on the other side of the stage, so that was to someone else!)

        It appears the moments Ignazio looked into my eyes were 0:26-0:30 and around 1:09+ on
        Tonight – YouTube

        What a beautiful story you shared, Laura, about your long time friend’s experience with Gianluca looking at him drinking in the beauty of the music! It’s amazing how deeply inside us it goes when we experience even a moment of any of the guys looking in our eyes as they sing!

        I hope these links work!
        Love to you, Laura and Daniela!💕

      10. Oh for goodness sake! Nessun Dorma again!

        Ok… at youtube.com search for

        Il Volo in Las Vegas – Tonight and ‘O Surdato ‘nnammurato
        by Joanie Greenspan 3:54 minutes length
        Ignazio’s Namasté at 1:02

        And if you want, search youtube.com for
        IL VOLO – Tonight published by Jon Las Vegas
        2:45 / 2:44 length
        moments Ignazio looked into my eyes 0:26-0:30 and around 1:09+ on

        I feel embarrassed with so many comments on this, but after you made such an effort, Laura, I think you’ll find these clips more satisfying (as they’re not cut off).

        It’s such a treat to revisit these videos and such powerful memories!

        Love and delight, 💕😊

      11. Jeanine, do not worry if you have repeatedly put the videos or you have made many comments, this site is also good for this, to exchange opinions and even if we are wrong to post, it does not matter. I was pleased to see those very beautiful videos filmed by Joanie.
        I will try on you tube the video you have indicated to me.

      12. Jeanine, I found it, here it is your special moment.
        Really exciting, just Ignazio ends Tonight.

      13. Somehow you got it to work, Daniela! Thanks so much for sharing! I hope Laura discovers it here, too, after all her efforts.

        Wishing you joyous spring to the magnificent tunes of IL VOLO! 💗
        Love from Jeanine 😊

    1. Hi Jeanine! Please don’t feel embarrassed about the number of comments it took; I think it’s a hoot !! — and something that would probably happen to me, too, — if I could do it ! 😂😄 I found the video you recommended and it’s definitely “more satisfying”, all right! Thanks for the link. I can’t use my personal email for seeing your collage; am so sorry. I’d also have liked to see you “spaced out with the guys”( LOL) ! Maybe your thought is right that Bill inspired Igny to make the same gesture that he (Bill) used — just for you to know he was there with you. (He probably was)! Love how the guys were clowning around with each other during the concert. Glad to see they still do that despite the more formal singing in last year’s concerts. Thanks again, dear Jeanine! “Namaste!” 🙏🏽♡ 🌈

  21. That was great! Thanks Jane, Marie,and Jane. I think all three boys are great in their own way. I fell in love with them first time I say them on Jay Leno. I would love to read their book, but I don’t speak Italian ☹️. Can’t wait for their new album to come out and hope they make it to St Louis soon.

    1. Liz, still little and the single should come out, they said the album later, within 1 month.
      We are all impatient to hear what they will sing!

      1. RoseMarie, la première e stata spostata a ottobre. Hanno mandato la candidatura anche a Cannes, speriamo che venga accettato. 😊

      2. RoseMarie, la première e stata spostata a ottobre. Hanno mandato la candidatura anche a Cannes, speriamo che venga accettato.

  22. Wow! Where do I start! This is such a great post……thanks Jane, Daniela and Jana! You are priceless to the Flight Crew! I don’t know how I can even add anything to the comments already here. All I can say is that we all know how talented, good and kind all three of our guys are. I have tried and tried to single out just one of them above all the rest. Even though I am partial to Gianluca I still so love qualities in Piero and Ignazio. Maybe if they could all be rolled up into one?……now that would be something, wouldn’t it? LOL As far as Ignazio being called the fool….that hurts me just to read/hear it. Maybe people might have meant that he wasn’t taking everything as serious as the other two were? You know they always considered Gianluca the serious one. I’ve seen him elbow Ignazio or say something to him when he gets a bit too enthusiastic on stage. But I find that goofiness very endearing in Ignazio and I hope that never goes away! and……Where’s that new CD? LOL

    1. Pat, thank you very much for the compliments !!
      Today I tried to send Ignazio the link to this post because I would like him to read all the beautiful comments of affection addressed to him. I will warn you, if the message has arrived to Ignazio.
      Guess where I go tomorrow ?? Only for three days, Rome !!
      I knew that the cd of the single, did not go out yesterday, I said in yesterday’s post, but I know from reliable sources, that in a very short time we’ll hear it.

      1. Oh Daniela! How I wish I was already in Rome waiting for you! I hope that Ignazio reads this post and realizes how much we all care about him. Only two days after I leave Rome in July the guys will sing at the Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival on July 31. Maybe they will be in Rome right before that? I would absolutely die if I encountered them on the streets of Rome the week I am there. I am still hoping there might be a chance for us to meet! Baci!

      2. Pat, sono sul treno per Roma e non ho traduttore.
        Ti assicuro che se incontrerai i ragazzi a Roma non morirai ma salterai dalla gioia ( e te lo auguro). 😊

      3. Jill, sarebbe stato bellissimo incontrarci a Roma.
        Idealmente, con il pensiero vi porto tutti con me. 😍

      4. Sicuramente salterò di gioia! e sono felice che tu pensi a tutti noi mentre viaggi a Roma! Stai prendendo il treno! Mi è piaciuto guidare sul treno per Chicago per vedere i nostri ragazzi per la prima volta lo scorso marzo. Fai un buon viaggio! 🙂

      5. Grazie mille Pat, meno di due ore e siamo a Roma 😊 ora siamo a Firenze.

  23. What wonderful accolades are written here to Ignazio. He truly is a very special young man. A few years ago, Il Volo was invited to sing at the National Italian American Foundation ‘s 40th anniversary held at the Washington Marriott in D.C. When I realized that my daughter was also attending an Italian Conference in the same hotel , my radar went up. I said to her to be on the lookout for the guys. You might see them in the lobby!! Well I get a call from her excitingly saying to check my email and there is a picture of my Carla between Pireo and Ignazio! Apparently, Johnluca was not around. They were so gracious and Pireo took the selfie. Of course now, when the conversation involves Il Volo, my daughter says “Oh that Ignazio ” meaning no slight against Pireo but there is just something about him . Thanks to all for this posting and congragulations Ignazio on your Shakespeare Theatre award!

    1. Annette, and easy to write nice comments to these guys.
      But what luck your daughter to intercept Ignazio and Piero at the Mariott Hotel, I like these casual encounters, in these we see the true kind nature of the boys.

      1. Daniela, Thank you for posting the video up above with Jeanine’s special Ignazio moments; so kind of you once again, Daniela. I found the one that Jeanine linked to, as well ! Really enjoyed seeing it all. 🙂

  24. Oh my goodness! I for one of many have never thought of Ignazio as just the funny one! He’s so much more than that! When I met them I was struck speechless! Ignazio was the last to hug me and by that time I had recovered somewhat! But the only thing I said to him was ,”thank you for Tonight and Memories! If you’ve see our M and G pictures, you’ve seen me hanging on to his hand! Who could not love this guy? <3 <3 <3 Thanks everyone for this post!

  25. Oh, and I just had to look this up and quote:

    “The fool is a very important character in a Shakespeare play as he fulfils two important functions:

    He has licence to SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER with no holds barred – in a context where no-one else dare do that, for fear of their lives – and he acts like the chorus in Greek drama – commenting on the characters and the action for the benefit of the audience.
    He is usually the WISEST character in the play. The other characters refer to him as ‘the fool’ and we usually know him as ‘the jester.’ He does not normally have a dramatic role but some fools do.”

    Thanks to

    I’ve definitely seen Ignazio and all our guys speak truth, such as regarding Venezuela.

    And what is wiser than having the heart and courage to be oneself whether alone, with one other, or thousands of others?

    Ignazio, the only fool that describes you is Shakespeare’s wise, powerful fool.

    Love and awe,

  26. I agree that whomever used the word ‘fool’ or ‘foolish’ meant “the funny one.” In English, at any rate, ‘fool’ and ‘foolish’ having a different and negative meaning. No English-speaking person would tell Ignazio that he is “a FOOL,” unless they are deliberately being ‘troll-ish’ creeps. 🙂 I do understand how well-meaning people might describe him as “the funny one’ in their ’10 seconds’ of allotted meeting & greeting moments with him. Problem is that being a singer, he’d, naturally, hope to hear from those individuals that they like his singing,too ! 🙂 Jana, I don’t know if you’ll see this at this late date, but I just wanted to suggest a website you might like that is about reincarnation by Carol Bowman (@carolbowman.com). I went looking around with you in mind. Hope you don’t mind! 🙂 She happens to be a counselor, therapist and author with an M.S. Degree and specializes in “Past Life Therapy.” I just thought you might enjoy perusing her website’s forums (“The Reincarnation Forum” ) — on-going since 1997. One of her forums being this one: “Carol Bowman’s Past Life Forum — Recognizing Someone Famous As A Soul You Met In A Past Life.” 🙂 I read that she’s pretty well-known, apparently, in that field of research and study. She usually focuses her practice, which is in Pennsylvania, on children who are having problems which may stem from possible past life traumas and memories. I read that she’s also been a guest on several American television and radio programs. She’s also described on Wikipedia. If you care to check it out, Jana, you might feel better just by simply knowing that you have a lot of company ! 🙂 Due to your disarmingly charming frankness, I am influenced to dare to confess that I have occasionally, since early childhood, been very drawn to several, certain famous men — usually, but not always, British and much older than me, but unfortunately, ‘deceased’ ! 😂😄 If reincarnation and large ‘soul groups’ turn out to be facts, then most people have a lot to look forward to someday. So, take heart: whoever you love and miss eventually will just come ’round again — here and ‘over there’. Like the brass ring on the old Merry-Go-Round rides; Even if one missed catching it, it’s still there — and will just be comin’ ’round again …. 💞

    1. Hi Donna, I know none of us think that Ugnazio is a fool. I really believe it was the translation app that caused that word to be used. I have used google translate and a few other apps and I have to proofread before I post. It happens frequently that what is meant is not what it translates to.

  27. How anyone could call Ignacio a fool is beyond me, he is not , for some he makes life worth living to just hear him. I do not even see the funny nor the ‘edge’ he is too me a soft, gentle and caring person. My sincere hope that when il volo goes its separate ways that Ignacio and Piero stay together and don’t forget the senior citizens of the world who hopefully have acquired some wisdom along the way for so many of us love you. Your voices make all those I’ve liked thru out my years become not at all of the supreme quality that yours are.

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