The Life of Gian


Gian has always been a fan of using social media, and he has certainly mastered the art of doing so.  His pictures always look so inviting, and one immediately wishes that they could go to wherever he is…or maybe that’s just me…  😉  Anyway, its his turn for me to highlight favorites from his account as reshared by another.

~~ Kelly


Who doesn’t love pictures of him with his beautiful mom and brother?


Speaking of brothers, there is way too much handsomeness between these two…

Most of us would sing along with Gian anytime!

But if he’s not careful, I’m sure one of the top modeling agencies will be itching to snatch him up in no time…

Hmmm…Gian with a guitar?  I could probably get behind that…  😀


3 thoughts on “The Life of Gian”

  1. Gianluca won my heart the first time I saw him. Not only is he very handsome but he also has a beautiful and tender heart.

  2. Gianluca certainly has a precious soul. And a voice that could outsing the angels. How lucky we are to have him in our lives.

  3. Nah; it’s definitely not just you, Kelly ! Aren’t these perfect ! Thanks, kind Kelly (and the other Il Volo therapists) for sharing these favorites of your mighty handsome Gian, his likewise beauteous brother, Ernie, and Mama. Yes; Gianluca is a master of the media, alright! 😍

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