~The Road of a Success~ by Daniela

This post is dedicated to all those who have not followed IL VOLO from the beginning (including me), but certainly will be a welcome review for those, however, followed  Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca since 2009.


Mamma Mia!!! They were really small, almost do not know each other, how much sweetness, three children.


In this video we are in December 2010, a Sunday television program called “Domenica In”.

I had never really seen this, a participation in the PEQUENOS GIGANTES program, in Mexico.

Really sweet with these little children.


Same year 2011 but Italy, still guests at “DOMENICA IN”, tribute to Ennio Morricone.

Year 2012, our little treasures, are growing, notable transformation of Ignazio.

Here they are in Pietralcina, at the charity event UNA VOCE PER PADRE PIO.

Same year 2012 still a charity event, this time in France: TELETHON.


Year 2013, for the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Year 2014 in Moscow, in concert with Toto Cutugno.


Same year 2014 Arena di Verona, in duet with Anastacia.

We have reached the year 2015, Sanremo and the victory, and immediately after the Italian tour. This video was filmed in Naples during the rehearsals of the concert in Piazza Plebiscito. Impressive to see the people present at the rehearsals and who will remain until evening under a scorching sun.

The boys almost can not try, but the affection of the public is really beautiful,an incredible chorus of voices.

Of course they have come a long way in singing, in life and in our hearts!



Credit to all owners of videos and photos.

36 thoughts on “~The Road of a Success~ by Daniela”

  1. What fun this post is to watch them grow from adorable young boys to gorgeous amazing men. I fell in love with Il Volo in 2013 and they have been such a joy to my life I’m lucky I found them. They are the best there is.

    1. Luckylady, you said two very real things:
      they became wonderful men,
      they are the best there are.

  2. thank you thank you Daniela. I have recently moved into a Sr. facility and out of fouch. I now have my internet set up. I watched the vidios and my heart jumped. I have been with the boys since the beginning . They will be with me until the end of my life. They are a joy beyond words.

    1. With your link you will not miss any video or comment anymore.
      They give joy and serenity!
      Glad you liked Joan.

    2. Dear Joan, I trust you won’t mind my adding that I’m quite sure that they will still be with you and you with them (all who love them) even beyond this life. Blessings to you, Joan.💛

  3. What a wonderful re-cap of the boys. I listen to them every day (since discovering them in Detroit) and am always amazed at how talented they are–the voices, the languages, the personalities–what a package. They are the best. There isn’t a lot of news about them lately and I am really enjoying your posts. Thank you so much.

    1. Lynn, unfortunately, there are no news that we rejoice and so we re-discover small things that have escaped us.
      Lean days, but good news will come soon.
      I’m glad you like posts!

  4. Thank you Daniela for this video of the past and present.
    I have been with them since 2013 and they are still NEW
    to me. I see and hear new things from them on a daily
    basis. No day is complete without hearing from our
    IL VOLO men. Each talented singer gets better every
    day, I so love their voices. Is there any better, of course not.
    Once you’ve heard them you are drawn in to keep wanting
    more. There is no such thing as getting enough. And yes
    Joan, they are joy beyond words. IL VOLO IL VOLO

    1. Gale, we all love their voices, and I assure you, there is nothing better than them.
      We all tried the same thing listening to them the first time, the feeling of wanting to listen to them more and more. IL VOLO FOREVER

  5. Thank you Daniella for your detective work in digging up these videos! Some of the early TV shows I have not seen before.What a wonderful trip down the “road to success!” The guys are a delight at any age!

    1. Absolutely true Penina, the boys are a delight for all ages.
      I looked for videos that were not American, thinking that maybe you had not seen them.

  6. Joan, you are so right when you say they will be with you – and me – until the end of your (my) life. What a wonderful experience it has been to watch our boys and their voices mature into such fine, handsome young men with glorious voices. But, Piero, I still miss the red glasses! – Allene

    1. Allene, we must really find a way to tell Piero that we want to see every now and then, those famous red glasses. Delicious!

  7. Thank you Daniela, these videos were wonderful to see on my return home from hospital and re-hab. I have followed them since 2010 and marvel each day how they have grown in every part of their lives. From the chubby cheeks of Ignazio, to the red glasses and unruly hair of Piero, and to the sexy eyes and boyish looks of Gianluca. They have such confidence now and their voices grow with every song they sing. I love their latest Perfect Symphony by Ed Sheeran sung as Il Volo and solos by Gianluca and Ignazio.I am so looking forward to the new CD and their new style but will always enjoy listening to the early songs that we enjoyed as they grew up from young boys.

    1. Marion, this new record is just making us sigh. We all really want to hear it.
      I hope your rehabilitation goes on well, listen to a lot of Il Volo music and you’ll see that you’ll get better sooner.

  8. Hi Daniela. I loved this blast from the past. I have followed them since 2011 and loved seeing them grow up. Thanks for the fun post

  9. Thank you Daniela! Great post. I have been watching them from almost the beginning and love seeing the older videos and photos from the early days. They are and always will be the very best! (Jane)

    1. Yes, Jane they are the best and …….. what about the shining friendships that because of them were born ???

  10. Thanks Daniela for these wonderful photos and videos. I have seen a few but not all of the ones you posted and they are singing some of my favorite songs. Of course everything they sing becomes my favorite! I started following Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca after their first PBS special in 2011 and it has been such a gift and a blessing to see them through the years. They bring such joy and are a true gift from God!

    1. Margaret, I have to say I was hoping to find some videos you did not see, and apparently I did.
      I believe that there are many others to be discovered, because these guys, even if very young, have already done many things.

  11. Thanks Daniela for a wonderful Now and Then look back. Your videos and photo are 👍 great. They are basketful of musicial treasures. They are fun guys that keeps us smiling. When singing as one they are unbeatable. Daniela I enjoyed your post very much. So many great songs, I enjoyed them all. I particularly love Ennio Morricone’s Theme song from “Once upon a time in America”. Beautifully done with lots of emotion.

    1. Thanks Vincent for the compliments, glad you like the post.
      What about Morricone’s song? Simply fantastic, of an extreme sweetness and also the words are very touching.

  12. Hello everyone, I’m in Rome until Wednesday and I do not have the pc with me, so I do not use the translator, I read you with pleasure, but I will be able to respond to my return home.

  13. Daniela and Marie, thank you so much for keeping up with the videos, pictures and translations. Hope you will be able to continue with Share the Love. So aptly named.

    1. I like this expression, but of course we will co-create Sheila, for your pleasure and for the whole crew. Thank you.

  14. Daniela and Jane…thank you so much for this marvelous recap! I first saw them on PBS on the Detroit dvd! Don’t even remember what yearvthatvwas, but it was love at first sight and sound! I had not seen the first 3 videos in this post…again, grazie! Can hardly wait for the new CD, but wish it was a DVD! They look as good as they sound. Love from Texas…..grandot !!! <3 <3 <3

    1. Hi Dorothy from Texas, I was hoping that some of these videos would be new to you, and I hope to find others that you have not seen yet.
      Greetings from Italy

  15. Thank you, Daniela and Jane for this great treat. Yes, Daniela! It’s definitely a great example of a perfect, “small” blessing that arose out of the “lean days” here, as you aptly put it. I miss Piero’s red glasses, too ( and beardless face !). 🙂 Had never seen these Italian sourced videos and pictures; thank you for them! Don’t they look cute in their white hats — and Ignazio’s ‘tummy’ before he shot up like a beanstalk, seemingly over-night. (He exuded that irresistibly huggable ‘Teddy Bear’ quality and ‘energy’ even back in 2009, bless his ever-lovin’ heart.🐻🐼🐨

    1. Yes, Laura, in these “days of thin” it’s nice to re-discover things that are actually old but can be unpublished.
      I have already said that we will do a petition to ask Piero to wear his old red glasses sometimes !!
      I love faces without beards too

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