Happy Administrative Professional’s Day! April 25, 2018

Yes, a big, special thank you, goes out to all of you!

Not just those “real” secretaries, in an office, but to all those behind the scenes!  And not just to those on this site, but to all of the administrators of all the blogs, Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram sites, and the rest of any social media I forgot?

As we all know, it’s big job taking care of a site on any type of social media.  You have to be careful what you post, making sure it is as accurate as possible, coming up with new things all of the time, hoping you get the latest and greatest news, so your site is read.  We can’t forget the writers of all sites, too!  🙂

Speaking of writers….once again, the Flight Crew site is in need of more writers!!  This seems to be an annual plea.  It does not have to be much, it can be easy and fun to do.  Don’t let the current writers intimidate you!  If you’ve got an idea, or want to write something, please comment on this post.  You can also send me a personal email at jvandela524@gmail.com.  

It is very sad, but Jane will be stepping down from writing, but let’s hope she still throws out an occasional article or two?  I guess you will be hearing more from me!  I don’t know what I will do without her.  Daniela P. is so wonderful at finding info and articles and Jane just whipped them right out.

We really don’t want to have to take the site down.  I am always so amazed at how many countries we touch – like where is Estonia, exactly??

You don’t have to be in the United States, you can be from anywhere, as Daniela is in Italy.  It is preferable that you read, write, speak English, but that is not a requirement, as long as you can translate your thoughts, feelings, other writings, etc. into English, like Daniela.

We can do just about anything on here, except direct translations from 1-flowersbooks.  I know many of you still want to read their original book, which is still in Italian, but I recall some Facebook sites getting in trouble for that, so we will not be doing that.

The picture of the flowers is what I gave to a few of the girls at the office.  I think the picture turned out really well and I love the accidental reflection of the one in the mirror!

Kelly, Pat, myself, and occasionally Myron and Marie, are our only real “almost” regular writers/contributors.  If you want to write something, we’ll give you access to the site and even let you push the button!  Lol!

No, we have no idea what the guys are really doing right now – we just wait to see what is posted from a few other sites and what comes through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  Of course, Daniela is a “little” closer to the action than us in the US!  🙂 

Are you planning another trip to Italy soon?  I know of a few people that are.  Let’s hear about it!  Take us with you – we want to live it through you!  Are there any other poets out there?  We want to hear from you, also!

Have a great day, Admins!!  We are sorely underappreciated!  Ever wonder why admins get a whole week and bosses, only one day?  Think about it!  🙂

Take it easy out there – I think Spring has finally sprung!


26 thoughts on “Happy Administrative Professional’s Day! April 25, 2018”

  1. I just have to say a big thank you Jana to you, Daniela, Kelly, Jane and for all those who have kept this site going for all of us Flight Crew Members. It is a wonderful place to share our love of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. I truly appreciate all the time and work you do to bring us all the latest news and information about Il Volo as well as so many interesting topics to discuss.

  2. Thank you, Jana, for all you do for this IL VOLO blog site. And thanks to all the other contributors too! Jana, I know how hard you work to keep things going along with working full-time. You do a great job!

    I think the flowers are very pretty and love those little “accidents” that happen in photos.

    I agree that it would be nice to have just a couple more contributors to help out. So for all the readers of these IL VOLO posts: Please don’t be afraid to give it a try. If I can do it, anyone can! 🙂 Just jott down a few of your thoughts about the guys and let us know how you feel. You might surprise yourself at how good you are!

    Also if you have any ideas for blog posts let us know. I’m not so good at coming up with ideas all the time but if I have something to research or a specific task I can be all over it! Each one of us have certain strengths and I’m sure together we can keep this fun blog up and running!

    Ciao all!

  3. JanaThank you and all the Angels of our Flight Crew. You guys work tirelessly to keep us in the loop. IL Volo is a class act and so are all of you. Jana, on a personal note many thanks for your reply to my ecard! God Bless you all.

  4. I really want to thank all the people behind this site, I think it is wonderful. Believe me , all your hard work is very, very appreciated. I read it all the time and it gives me great joy. It is great to hear from lovely people who share our love and passion for the gorgeous, skilled and talented gentlemen of Il Volo.
    I am just sorry that my abilities in the writing department are rubbish. If I could think of anything of interest I would have a go.
    Again thank you all, a million times.

  5. Sorry to see Jane step back from her contributions to the blog. Thanks for your hard work all these years.
    Jana I will send you ideas that you might want to use. I know there must be some talented writers in our group.

    1. Yes, Gina – those were great ideas. I hope to have some time this weekend to give some a go.

  6. Jana I e-mailed you some ideas for articles. I know there are some ladies that could
    do them. We need a variety of views and I am sure we have them in this diverse group.
    Right now I have some health issues in the family that need my attention.

  7. Jana, I hope you know how much we have appreciated your writing for this blog. You will be missed. I look forward to reading our site every day. I am getting settled into my new home so hang in with me.

    1. I do think you meant “Jane?” She loved writing for this blog, but it does tend to get overwhelming after a time….

      A new home, how exciting! 🙂 May Ignazio, Piero, and Gian bless your home, as Ignazio blessed mine!

  8. Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to producing this site. Jana, the photo is very handsome. The black, white and grey background is a nice ‘happenstance’ that contrasts with the colors, making those stand out. Yes; the reflection in the mirror also an unplanned, perfect detail for your striking picture. There are greeting card companies that would buy your picture. You may have a subconscious talent for photography. I’m very sorry that I still can not help out with anything substantial regarding production of this site; feeling a bit guilty about it, despite bonafide reasons. Will keep in mind your request for ideas. Many thanks for being here when I was looking around for information on IL Volo after initially coming across them on PBS. This has always been my favorite Il Volo site. Not trying to speak for others, but it wouldn’t disappoint me if you simply cannot post things on a daily basis anymore. Have been surprised that you all managed to do that, right along. It wouldn’t upset me one bit if you can’t post daily, or even frequently any longer. I totally ‘get it’ . Don’t want you producers to ever be under any stress because of it. (Just my personal input on the situation).

    1. Laura, no need to feel guilty! I was under a lot of stress and my desire for the site, was just not there. As mentioned, things are starting to get much better and my spirits are lifting. There are times when we really only post 3 or 4 times a week? 🙂 Ok, maybe no one noticed? lol! We were trying to make things stretch and if I felt something didn’t get enough attention, like this post, I left it up there for another day. So glad I did! 🙂

  9. Jana, the work on this site is challenging and Marie when she was here over a year ago, she said it was getting heavy for her.
    Unfortunately there are times when new news are few, like now, and we are all waiting for news and new videos or interviews, but everything is silent and the wait is long.
    But we are like a big family and we are here to help. There may be days of great posts and other lighter ones, but I think they will always be appreciated by the whole crew.
    You know, for my part, you have all my support, both moral and productive.

    1. As said before Daniela, you are a real blessing for us over in Italy!! But sometimes, they only tell us what they want us to know! 🙁

      I know they finished their album months ago now, can’t figure out what all the delays are for? Maybe they want to make sure they have enough in production?

      It’s hard to 2nd guess Sony?

  10. And even if there is a relatively quiet time, like the present, I think we all know they will eventually break through and razzle dazzle us with more handsome, first rate music, as they always have in the past. It’s probably just a matter of a short time. I look forward to this blog each and every day and appreciate every contribution made by all.

    1. Mark – it’s always so great to hear from the “guys” and I don’t mean the 3 handsome Italians!! But we do have “you” 3 guys that comment from time to time – you, Jim, I think from the east coast, and Vince from up above. I think there may be a few more out there, but they slip my mind. Grazie mille!

  11. Thank you to Jane and everyone who keeps The Flight Crew going. I look forward to reading the news you print and save it for the last when i’m going through emails so I can read it without anything else waiting for my attention. This IS a class act and I thank you for your efforts to that end.

    1. Thanks so much Jeanette! We love our fans on here, just as much as the guys love their fans. For, as we both know, without our fans, we wouldn’t exist! Grazie mille!

  12. Like Mark, Daniela and others wrote above, you all are like a big, extended family, with readers and commenters absolutely included; all are contributors; mutually appreciated and vitally important, necessary components of this superior production in support of Il Volo. 💞🎤🎵🎶 🎧🎼

    1. Yes, Laura, in fact, I pretty much responded just the same above to Jeanette! We all need each other, like the song “love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage; you can’t have one without the other!” 🙂

  13. Hi – I know I’m a bit late here, but I had a bit of a tummyache last night that lasted nearly 8 hours! Got my teeth cleaned and because of my broken leg and plates/screws, I have to “medicate” as the dentist refers, meaning taking amoxicillin before my appointment. Unfortunately, due to my stress, I lost my regular meds and had to take a stronger one I luckily had around. Bad thing is that I took it on an empty stomach, which I swear I had done before. About an hour or so later, my tummy felt like someone was sticking it with needles every so often, til nearly after midnight, when I finally gave up and had some milk. I ate dinner a few hours after taking the pill, but it didn’t seem to help any. The pains finally seemed to subside after the milk and about an hour or so later, but it was really uncomfortable and I was really, really, tired and cold.

    But I really thank all of you for your comments. It is a comfort to come to this site. I hope we can keep it going for as long as possible. Although this site is a bit unusual, as it is so contributory, I know we can’t expect everyone to send us stuff, etc. And it’s so true, we need people just to keep reading it!

    So, thank you to ALL of our readers and our contriibutors! It’s a symbiotic relationship – we need each other, just like the guys need each other (although of couse we all know they could do perfectly well on their own!)

    So, take care, my friends! Stay well, as much as is in your power!

    Believe me, I know who the “regulars” are and I automatically get concerned if I don’t see a comment or two from you in a while. I think, has something happened to them? Are they sick? Did they, you know – become another Ilvolo angel?

    So, I just want you to know, I do watch and care. There are several I haven’t seen post in a while, so I hope you are ok! I also LOVE it when I see new persons comment for the first time – it is so awesome! Yes, awesome, is my favorite word!

    About the flower, it was mostly a happy accident! I can’t tell you where the picture was taken, but I do agree that it turned out pretty “awesome!” LOL 🙂

    Take care for now and thanks for reading!


    1. Hi Jana, Sorry your going a bit of a rough patch. Sometimes antibiotics do more harm then good, it’s always a good idea to eat yogurt to replace the good bacteria amoxicillin takes away. One medication that as no bad side affects at all and is so good for your body and soul is what you already know. Seat back and listen to the magnificent sound of three Italian Angels, IL Volo is always there to give us joy and tons of Happiness! Be Well.

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