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  1. Kelly, I had not heard this. Thanks for the update. Joan, my sister lives in California and like you is familiar with earthquakes. I can’t imagine living with that familiarity. Marie and I were in Italy in Oct. 2016 and had just left the area that was hit with a quake. Very scary for me/us!

  2. It is true Kelly, two days ago there were many earthquakes in Italy felt in the following regions:
    Marche, Molise, Lazio, Umbria, Sicily (Messina) and also in Campania on Vesuvius.
    Of course they were light shocks and that did not cause victims and only a few damages, certainly they are not comparable to the earthquake of 2016 but to these shocks, even if mild, you never get used to it.
    We hope the shocks have exhausted their activity with these events.
    Thank you for this thought.

    1. oh, i had not known about this recent new earthquakes and aftershocks. thank you for info

  3. Hello ladies! Yes, I hadn’t heard about them either, until Kelly texted me! Was busy working all day! 🙂 I think last week, even Michigan felt a tremor that originated in Canada somewhere. I was taking my usual nap around 7:30p or so when it hit. But I remember a few “shockers” many, many years ago. Two or three. It really is kind of freaky when you are not used to it! Both happened while I was at work. In Detroit, we can often feel the ones that are near the fault in the Ohio valley.

    How is it the guys seem to escape them all the time? Weren’t Piero and Ignazio out of Sicily?

    Have a good weekend all and stay in the doorways! 🙂 Supposed to be a cooler weekend here, but Monday and after, should be in the 70s! Finally!! A very long await for spring here in Michigan – yikes, next week is May already!


  4. There’s some good websites on current and recent earthquake and volcanic activity around the globe. Mama Earth has sure been rockin’ and a rollin’ these last couple of years, especially shakin’ that beautiful, mountainous ‘spine’ of hers. That one you mentioned, Daniela, that was recorded on Vesuvius could get y’all jumpin’, you know? Holy Smokes! Jana reports that one was felt there in Michigan recently, originating across the border in Canada of all places. I think that was in the Ontario or Toronto region. Keep the seat-belts fastened, Italia.

  5. Thanks girls for the updates on earthquakes. Didn’t hear anythng about Canada. Hope the guys are safe even though they are use to the quakes. Stay safe everyone & Il Volo. Prayers for everyone from GOD who looks after us always,

  6. Anyone heard what the guys are doing or performing or relaxing etc?
    This is not an afterthought I reiterat this loudly please do not cancel this site it is the best on the planet & so personal. I know Kelly, Marie, Daniela & others have worked hard on this site from the beginning. If I can help in anyway just tell me what to do. I might have something to contribuite.

    1. Hi Loretta
      If you are a member of Il Volo official fan club,you should have received an email from the fan club giving you directions to be able to see them on Facebook(www.facebook.com/Red Ronnie/
      Or go to(www.Roxybar.tv)
      This event will happen on May 3rd 10pm to 2am Italian time.I believe Italy is 9 hours ahead of you.
      This is a tv show, and I would think it would be a perfect time for them to announce when their album or single will be released.

  7. Penina,where in Canada do you and Loretta live?
    I was thinking you lived in Vancouver.
    Anyway there are several sites that you can google to find the time difference between Italy and Canadian cities.

    1. No Jill, we’re in the greater Toronto area. I am in Toronto proper, Loretta is in a commuter suburb on the outskirts.

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