ROMA, The Eternal City ~ by Daniela

In Italy on April 25th it’s a holiday. Liberation is celebrated, so my husband and I left for a short holiday, four days in Rome.

Piazza San Pietro - Vatican City
Piazza San Pietro – Vatican City

These days I saw fabulous things, indeed re-seen, because I’ve been in Rome many times, but every time, I discover something new that I like and that fascinates me.

The weather was magnificent, in fact I would say almost summer, but without being suffocating. Beautiful days, with a sky of an intense blue.

I returned home on the evening of April 25 and scrolling through Facebook to see if there were any news, I had the great surprise to see some beautiful photos of Rome, posted by the Ginoble family.

I had them at hand, we saw the same places on the same day and we did not meet ????


Instead it was just like that, but let’s start from the beginning.

Since April 25th is a national holiday we included a visit to the Altar of the Fatherland, where our President of the Republic would present the laurel wreath to the “unknown soldier”.

And here’s what Ercole Ginoble has posted, the ceremony at the Altar of the Fatherland.

Altare della Patria - Victor Emmanuel Monument
Planes fly over the Altare della Patria – Victor Emmanuel Monument

But I was there too, here are pictures with the police in full uniform who are preparing for the tribute to the president.

Victor Emmanuel PoliceVictor Emmanuel Police 2

Daniela at Tomb of Unknown Soldier
Daniela at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Then I went to see the beautiful Trevi Fountain, magnificent, so white, so full of people.

But what do I see? Also Mrs. Lenora Ginoble has posted the photo of the Trevi Fountain.

I was there too!!! But we have not seen each other.

Lenora Ginoble post of Trevi Fountain

And here’s my picture.

Daniela at Trevi Fountain

Continuing on Via Condotti, we arrive at Piazza di Spagna, beautiful in these days, because the steps of Trinitร  dei Monti are literally covered with azaleas.

Once again, Mrs. Ginoble posted a beautiful picture.

Lenora Ginoble post of Piazza di Spanga

Really nice with the fountain of Barcaccia in the foreground …….. but once again I was there too !!!

Daniela at Spanish Steps

And what do I find out? Ernesto was there too with some friends.

Ernesto Ginoble at Spanish Steps

What a misfortune, I did not see any of them …….. but I saw a beautiful city, so I’m so happy.

I do not know what the Ginoble family has done yet, but I have continued my nice ride.

The Temple of Fortuna Virilis.

Daniela at Temple of Fortune Virile
The Temple of Fortuna Virilis is one of the best preserved of all Roman temples.

The Colosseo.ย Really mammoth.

Daniela at Colosseum

The Mouth of Truth ….. it did not bite my hand !!

Daniela at Mouth of Truth

Wherever we turned, there was something to admire.

Then the beautiful Vatican Museums and its masterpiece: The Sistine Chapel.

Sistine Chapel
The Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel

Ok, I admit, I was sorry not to meet the Ginoble family, but then I realized that Gianluca was not with them, and thank goodness, I raised my spirits.

I confirm, for those who have not yet seen Rome, it is full of beautiful treasures and monuments.

Of course, as promised, I thought a lot about the whole crew while I was in Rome. Yes Jill, you’re right it would have been great to be able to meet all of you in Rome.

Hello Rome, we will definitely be back again …… but how many of you were in Rome?


Credit is given to Daniela and the Ginoble family for all photos.


35 thoughts on “ROMA, The Eternal City ~ by Daniela”

  1. Thank you for these beautiful scenes — including Daniela! Perfect weather for sight-seeing in Rome; nice! I enjoy that you are enjoying life, Daniela. Looking at these is made special because of that. Would just love to be able to see such ancient, historic things in person. Love the azaleas on “The Spanish Steps” and the planes flying in formation with their patriotic colored contrails Glad you found out that Gianluca wasn’t there, after all. Isn’t it funny how you and his family were like just ‘one step ahead’ of each other at the same sites! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Daniela, did you ever see the (about 1951) movie, “Roman Holiday” with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck? When that film was being made, G.Peck and A. Hepburn were at “The Mouth Of Truth” and he stuck his hand in it and panicked. She ‘freaked out’ / screamed. The director and G. Peck planned it as a practical joke so that it would really scare her. Her wild reaction in that scene was real. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜„ (I think I may have found that moment between Jeanine and Ignazio which made her day, on YouTube, Daniela. I put that info. for you on the same ( “Shakespeare Theater Award – 2018”) post. Meanwhile, keep on having fun whenever you can and know how we probably all envy your access to physical, Italian history; the exciting possibility of encountering one or more of Il Volo; — and easy access to healthful, authentic, Italian food! ๐Ÿ˜‹

    1. Laura, really thank you for including me in the beautiful scenes of Rome.
      I have to say that I saw Piazza di Spagna several times but the steps of Trinitร  dei Monti was the first time I saw it full of azaleas and it’s really beautiful.
      Of course I saw that beautiful film in b / w VACANZE ROMANE, unforgettable film, very strong, the scene of the hand in the Mouth of Truth, it is precisely where I put my hand, and that’s why I wrote that ” I told the truth”, because the legend says that if you do not tell the truth the Mouth eats your hand, just like in Vacanze Romane.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the dive into Italian history. Of course, if I also met the Ginoble it would have been the top.
      I must tell you, however, that I have also been at the home of a dear friend known only thanks to Piero Ignazio and Gianluca, this is the power of IL VOLO.
      I go to see the moment of Jeanine, thank you for finding it !!

      1. You’re very welcome, Daniela. Look at how you thought to post a great picture from that scene at the Mouth Of Truth! Brilliant! Glad that you “told the truth” when you stuck your hand in there lol ! Never did see the movie, “Pretty Woman”, but saw the scene with her now-famous reaction. Figured that was a true surprise for her and that the inspiration or idea for it probably came from the “Roman Holiday” film. If I understand you correctly, Daniela, you now have in your life a person who has become a dear friend, thanks to the existence of IL VOLO. Indeed, it’s a marvelous thing. I wonder if you located the 2017 Vegas concert video and if you spotted that split-second at the tail-end of the video in which you can see Ignazio with his hands in the “Namaste” gesture to someone unseen in the audience. The only way we’ll know if that was Jeanine on that side of the audience is if you or I remember to ask her next time she comments here. I had looked at one other 2017 Las Vegas concert video, but the footage didn’t include that moment. Too bad it was so brief, but maybe there’s another video with longer footage of that moment. Will check again later to see if I can find any more. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

      2. Yes, Laura, see that Jeanine replied under your video to the comment on Ignazio’s post and the Shakespeare award. However, I managed to identify the moment you were saying, but Jeanine says that there is a video of Joanie taken very closely.

        I’m glad you enjoyed the photo of VACANZE ROMANE.
        What about the new movie writers? Very smart to take from the past !!

        Yes, in Rome, my husband and I were having dinner at the home of a friend known only thanks to IL VOLO. Is not all this nice?

      3. ๐Ÿ˜˜Thank you kindly, Daniela, for posting the videos, here and on the “Shakespeare Award — 2018 ” post, containing Jeanine’s happy ‘Igny moments’ at the Las Vegas concert last year. I located that other video she mentioned with the closer footage. Enjoyed them all ! ๐Ÿ˜„ (It really is wonderful how IL VOLO sparked a special friendship in your and your husband’s lives — and you were to find yourselves sitting down to dinner in your friend’s home in Roma)! ๐Ÿ’

    2. Thank you Laura for the interesting information about Audrey’s reaction in the movie at the Mouth of Truth. I didn’t know that Gregory had planned that surprise! ๐Ÿ™‚ It reminds me too of the scene in Pretty Woman when Richard Gere is showing Julia Roberts the very expensive necklace that he got on loan for her to wear for their evening out. When he was holding the box Julia approached and was just about to touch the necklace when his thumb from behind snapped the lid shut! She reacted with a loud laugh because she also didn’t know that was coming! It was a very cute scene.

      1. Thank you, Pat. I never did see “Pretty Woman”, but saw a clip of J. Robert’s surprised reaction. it did appear genuine, not acting. i agree that it is very cute and has become the most popular ‘memorable moment’ of that film. Inserting a moment of sudden and unexpected reality into a fictional story in films always has great appeal. Happily, it has not been over-used. The idea to catch her off-guard and other aspects of the story-line came directly from the older “Roman Holiday” movie, not that it would matter to most film-goers! Contemporary, popular films, just like the riffs heard in more recent, contemporary popular music, ‘borrows’ a lot from the past. Most young viewers and listeners don’t know that, so to them it’s all brand new and ‘original,’ of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Beautiful post, Daniela and pitterpat! The beauty of Rome/Italy is amazing. So happy for you, Daniela and Beppe, to be able to enjoy your holiday this way! And the azaleas…just glorious! (Jane)

      1. You guessed Jill, we went by train. We left at 05.30 and at 09.15 we were in Rome, rested and fit.

    1. Absolutely beautiful Rome, at least 15 years that I did not return, but every time I am amazed at the greatness of the ancient Romans. The azaleas give an extremely gentle touch to the beautiful staircase. Beppe and I have walked a lot, tired but happy.

  3. Hi Daniela. Loved seeing those photos of Rome. Truly a beautiful and historic city. We were lucky enough to spend 3 weeks in Italy last May, 2017.
    We began in Rome for week and saw all the things you posted, except the Trevi Fountain. We started walking there from the Spanish steps and walked the wrong direction! Finally we figured out we were a bit lost and gave up trying to find it. But something to save for the next time. But oddly enough I think the Ginobles were in Rome at that time too because there were some photos from Ercole. But alas we never were at the same place
    at the same time. After Rome we visited Pisa, Luca, Florence, Verona and Venice. Hard to say which was my favorite because Italy is so beautiful. Lucky you to have it all close st hand. Thanks for all you do to bring Italy to us!

    1. Mamma mia, Janet, you have seen so many things in Italy. I’ve never seen Lucca, but everyone tells me it’s very beautiful.
      In Florence we will go soon, we already wanted to go tomorrow but then we thought that there are too many people, he thinks that in Venice they have put some turnstiles to limit people.
      Florence has always been in my heart, but the most beautiful moment has certainly been The Magic Night in Piazza S. Croce.

      1. I was just listening to a report on public radio here about turnstiles in Venice. The locals are not too happy about this apparently. I am happy we saw Venice last Year before this began. My son-in-laws family comes from Lucca and we had to see the city. Beautiful, walkable and historic, the same as Pisa and Verona. Of course Il Volo concert in the Arena really made this city magic for us. Hoping for Brescia next year!

  4. Thank you Daniella for sharing your beautiful trip to Rome. My husband and I have been fortunate to have visited Rome a number of times, but it has been a few years since our last visit. There is so much to see, as you know, that one visit isn’t nearly enough time to take in all of the many breathtaking ancient sights and scenery. Your trip brought back fond memories for me. ๐ŸŒน

    1. Annette, I’m happy to have brought back memories of the moment that I think I understood were very beautiful.
      You’re right there is so much to see, you have to come back.

    1. Thanks Jeanette, Rome is beautiful, wherever you photograph there is something beautiful to shoot!

  5. Daniela, greetings! So lucky you were to have a little vacation in Roma! I am very envious because I have been there once and once is not enough of the Eternal City!. It was lovely to see the photos of Trevi Fountain.. When I was there in 2003 the fountain was closed for repairs and with no water inside it just is not the same. I hope this was not a bad omen that I might never return to Italia ๐Ÿ™ I loved the most my time in the Vatican. I remember being in the Sistine Chapel and the noise would get louder and louder and the guard would yell Silenzio! Silenzio! then the crowd would quiet down but soon begin to get louder again…. I want to go back to Roma again. Indeed I want to see all of Italia! Thank you for this trip you shared with us!

    1. Hi Connie, I’m very glad you enjoyed the photos of Rome. You’re right, Fontana di Trevi without water is not the same.
      We had a whole day at the Vatican, the morning dedicated to the basilica inside and on the dome, from midday to the Vatican museums. We love the Vatican museums, we made the journey twice, one whole and then at the end we redid the short one, so we got to see twice the beautiful Sistine Chapel, wonderful …… we heard twice the guard say SILENCE and then he saw me with my cell phone turned on and told me to turn it off and put it away, but I managed to make that picture.
      The photo I attach to you is made in the Vatican Museums, in front of the copy of Michelangelo’s Pietร .

  6. Thank you Daniela for sharing your holiday in Roma, the Eternal City. We were there for only two days four years ago and we were able to see some of the beautiful places in your photos. It was September and the weather was very good also. What a coincidence that you were at so many of the same places as the Ginoble Family and on the same day! Even though it would have been wonderful to see them with Gianluca, it would also have been lovely to see his family. You are fortunate to be able to visit Rome as often as you have and to enjoy all its beautiful treasures! I hope that my husband and I will have the opportunity to return again to Italy and also spend more time in Rome.

    1. Margaret, I hope so much that you and your husband have the possibility to return to Rome, two days are very few but if well organized, you can see many things, because everywhere you turn there are things to admire.
      In these 4 days we walked a lot, we did not come back for lunch and dinner so as not to waste time, and I assure you that we still have to see many things.

  7. Thanks Daniela for the guided tour! Loved all the pictures, both yours and Mrs. Ginobles. It would have been such a treat for you to meet up with them, even without Gianluca there. Maybe next time!

    1. Yes, Laura, I would have liked to meet them, but perhaps it was better not to know that there were also them, in those moments, because I would not have appreciated my visit to the city, always looking with my eyes if I met them. There were so many people that even with an appointment it would have been impossible to see each other. Of course, if fortunately I had come across, I would not have lost that moment and now, I would have shown you my picture in their company.

  8. Nice to see that you, a local Italian, is quite happy to visit that beautiful city along with thousands of tourists crowding the streets and statues wherever you go. I was also in Rome at the end of April, eight years ago. I will never forget the magnificence of the Sistine Chapel, what you see in there is absolutely amazingly beautiful!!!! The only statue that I missed was ‘David”, because the queue was just too long for my husband and me.

    1. Ineke, this time the Sistine Chapel, we saw it twice, at the first there was so many people that we could not enjoy the show, and then, at the end of the tour, instead of going out, we redid the short tour to go immediately to the Sistine Chapel. The second time we found a space, just where I took the picture (which does not do justice to the colors).
      But you talk about the “David”, are not you wrong? The David is in Florence.

  9. Thank you Daniela for sharing your time in Rome with us and the pictures too… They are just beautiful and it brought back so many memories for me… I have been to Rome twice and each time I found new places to visit and enjoy for Rome has so much history and beauty that you cannot see it all in one visit.. Thank you for sharing the Beauty of Rome with us…

    1. Rome certainly has its timeless charm, Jeannette.
      I am happy to have brought back to you, many good memories.

  10. OMG! more lovely pics, and your amazing story!
    and yes, i have seen that movie of audrey hepburn in Rome, online.
    Grazie, Daniela, for more lovely, utterly lovely pics of Rome with clear blue skies… and the story of the almost-brush with the Ginobles…..

    1. Thanks to you Cynthia, you’re always kind. You saw Rome, it’s like taking a dip in your past.

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